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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Super Seven Natural Crystal (Melody's Stone) Pendant In 925k Silver Frame #1

Super Seven retains the properties of all the stones in the combination of amethyst, smokey quartz, clear quartz, rutile, geothite, lepidochrosite and cacoxenite, even if the piece does not visibly show all 7 minerals.

1 Pcs Available.

Size: 1.8 cm Wide x 2.8 cm Height

Super Seven is very good in stimulating the body's natural healing system, supports the skin and bone, enhances overall well-being.

Also known as Melody's Stone, it is one of the few stones that retain their energy and clarity and never needs cleansing or energising. 

General Enhancements (High Vibration* Crystal):

Consists of 7 minerals - Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Quartz
  • Possesses & magnifies attributes of all 7 minerals
  • Stimulates energy flow & brings body into balance
  • Activates wisdom and strengthens intuition
  • Provides inner strength to cope with difficult situations
  • A powerful healing stone
Further Information:
Hardness: 7
Chakra: All

Super Seven is also known as Sacred Seven and Melody's Stone. The stones contain Amethyst, Clear Quartz. Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite. This stone is powerful stone for healing your mind and and spirit. The stone is noted for both having seven component minerals and for being particularly well suited to aligning and clearing all seven Chakras. 

Super 7 Crystals (Super Seven), also known as Sacred Seven and Melody Stone, is quartz comprised of 7 different mineral inclusions that synergistically create a healing frequency far greater than the sum of the parts. 

Super 7 Healing Crystals are supposed to represent the universal brother and sisterhood of humanity. Although all of the 7 minerals it contains are not always visible (sometimes they’re just small particles), a piece of Super 7 still retains all of the properties of its combined components: Amethyst – Clear Quartz – Smoky Quartz – Cacoxenite – Rutile – Geothite – Lepidocrocit

This is part of what makes Super 7 Healing Crystals so powerful. It is also one of the few stones that retains all of the energy and healing properties of each mineral and it never needs cleaning or energizing. Super Seven is excellent for healing, balancing and energizing all 7 Chakras

Together, these 7 energies embrace to create a resonate frequency that facilitates spiritual growth on all levels of being. Super 7 Crystals provide an access corridor to the subconscious mind to re-remember why you are here, what your role is, and how you can live that purpose to its highest degree

These crystals take you directly to any core belief systems that have been created in this lifetime (or possibly other incarnations) to identify what maybe holding you back from fully embracing your life purpose, and most importantly how to transform this pain into a higher frequency to facilitate growth

One of the best ways to use a Super Seven stone is to meditate with it or keep it close to you for extended periods of time. If you do, you may find that its energy will have a beneficial result on many levels of personal healing and that it is energetically stimulating. By sleeping with one of these stones under your pillow, you may wake up feeling a deep sense of peace, harmony and contentment. 

Following are some of their metaphysical properties of the stones, whose energies are included within Super Seven Crystals -
  • Amethyst Crystals embody the violet flame, and use this strong power for healing on all levels. It is a crystal with a vibration that is highly useful to assist meditation... as it will calm the emotions. For meditation it is the premier stone to use. Like many other quartz crystals it will quieten the mind allowing you to more easily make contact with spirit. It also carries a strong vibration for psychic protection.
  • Clear Quartz works on all levels of the body and within all chakras. They are powerful for practically any metaphysical activity, as they increase both body energy and thoughts. These crystals bring clarity to your communication and have a positive effect on all chakras, as they protect the aura and expand the human energy field. This is one of the preeminent quartz crystals... which is why it is used for quartz crystal healing as it is such a strong amplifier of energy.
  • Lepidocrocite is a strong stone for emotional healing... and assists you to experience Divine love. It makes a strong connection with the energy of the thymus chakra. It releases fear and can open the heart chakra and heal romantic relationships through its loving energy. It surrounds you in a bubble of light, that provides psychic protection and is a strong barrier against negativity.
  • Smokey Quartz is one of the premier grounding stones, and it's vibration works by moving down from the base chakra through the earth star chakra to ground you to Mother Gaia. As it is one of the quartz crystals, it has a strong ability to amplify energy... including its own. It is a strong psychic protection stone, that will both protect you from negativity, and transmute the energy by grounding it back down into the earth.
  • Rutile is a quite extraordinary stone that acts like an antennae to the Divine mind. It aids you to tune into others and understand their intentions. It has strong amplification qualities... and so is powerful to magnify the qualities of other stones that it is included within.
  • Goethite is a stone that aids you to make a deep connection with the earth. It aids earth healing... and is known as a stone that is the repository of earth history. This is a strong stone to aid you to heal past life problems by allowing access to relevant memories stored within your genetic material. It is a stone that you may use to make your intentions become reality... and it aids the healing of personal grief.
  • Cacoxenite in Quartz or in Amethyst came to the notice of humanity as an ascension stone. They are powerful for spiritual awakening as they raise your vibration and work powerfully through the crown chakra and third eye chakra.
They will aid you to bring your solar plexus chakra... the seat of your will... into alignment with your divine purpose for being here. They also aid you to eliminate psychic cords or negative attachments that have kept you tied to outdated feelings and relationships. They enhance positive feelings and the enhancement of new ideas and ideals for humanity.

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