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Monday, 21 August 2017

Powerful Maha Saney "Lust For Love" Batch - The Best Of Extreme Attraction, Charming & Love Magic Subjects

"Whole World Will Fall In Love With You" Quoted From My User Who Tried The Magical Power Of This Item

For True Believer Of Purest Love Magic - Lust or Addiction? 

The Previous Generation Magic Subjects For Extreme Attraction & Charming Magical Subjects Purely Focus on Love & Lust (Sexual) Desires

Note - High Energy Magical Item: Users May Feel Giddy Or Headache For The 1st Time (User will adapt to it after wearing for a while)

Normal Version

Size: 3.5 wide x 1 height cm

Small Size

Can Wear Along & Below Waist (In Pocket/Bag)

Suitable For Unisex/LGBT

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide:

Also Powerful For Same Sex Attraction*

Great Combination With Superb Results After Few Days Of Wearing Only~ Do Not Abuse The Magical Item For Long Term Well Being

Immediately Feeling The Flush Of Energy After Chanting For The 1st Time~

Whoever Wearing This Special Takrut Will Be Fulfilled With Extreme Attraction, Charm, Love & Boosting Of Sexual Appeal. (Secret Method To Be Provided To Owner Of This Item Only)

Rarely Made For Rent To Public Due To The Powerful Energy & Effectiveness (Note: Master Will Only Make This Powerful Takrut For Close Disciples) - Limited Pieces Made~ This Batch Of Takrut Was Kept In The Ceremony Room For Very Long Time And Master Re-Empowered For 7 days 7 nights In Mystical Magic Bowl Before Released

* Special Version Added With Super Powerful Salika Magic Symbols & Lust Powders Inside

Warning To All Users:

" Don't use on Targets who already married because this amulet is very powerful even married person can leave their lover to be with you "

Procedure - How To Use ???

Write the Targets' name* you wish to be with on a small piece of paper and then put inside the Takrut to make that person always Miss You & Love You easily (Esp. For Sexual Desire/Purest Love)

Special Combination*** When user wear this Special Takrut together with Phra Ngan Series - the power from both of Phra Ngan and Takrut will be combined to the highest level for great charm & attraction (Maha Saney) >>> Link To Phra Ngan >>> (Separate Item)

True & Real Case Studies (Proven Results From Disciples - Translated From Thai) :

"One of the disciple who studied magic subjects for a long time until he became Casanova asked why master did not teach him this subject, as the others magic subjects will be unnecessary for him because if he use this powerful magic subject, he can get the targets he want easily without much efforts"

"Case 1: After User chanted the Katha, the person he liked send a message to him said that "long time never talk to you, i miss you" Randomly after Mia for long time"

"Case 2: User's husband suddenly treat her differently with care & concern (Feeling In Love Again). They stay together for more than 10 years and the husband had no feeling with her. The sudden change of attitude just happened when she wear this special takrut"

"Case 3: Since this user wear this special Takrut and Phra ngan, many guys came into her life and some of the suiters cannot resist & like her so much..."

General Enhancements, Effects & Usages:
  • Extreme Enhancements In Charisma (Ren Yuan/Loving-Kindness), Attraction ,Charm, Lust & Boosting your Sex Appeal (Maha Saney)
  • Pray For Your Wishes For Love, Charming & Convincing/Influencing Aspects
  • Sharpen Your Communication Power - Convincing & Influence (Enhance power of captivation and persuasion, ultimately resulting in better social and business relationships)
and many many more...

Suitable For You:
  • Generation of fame and popularity and enhancement of relationship luck - Those who desires to be seen for their hard work
  • ideal for Business/Sales negotiation & networking
  • Igniting sparks of new love and romance for singles. It will bring about peach blossom luck for all.
  • who is attached and is waiting for marriage proposal.
  • A single to create popularity, attractiveness and fame. (be mr/ms popular in social circle)
  • Adding back a high dose of love back into an existing relationship. (Broken or problematic relationship)
  • To combat hostility, gossips, disputes, conflicts, lawsuits and quarrels in your family, office and social circle.
  • To improves human interaction and inter-relationships: You can carry this magic amulet to anywhere you encounter problems, to make those who are angry with you change their minds towards you and have affection for you.
Hand-written Yants Of Lust (Sexual* Magic Subjects) on Old Lead Foils

Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

Your Absolute Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!!! Highest Quality!!!

Siam Gallery’s Clients experienced Remarkable Improvements in life after trusting Siam Gallery. In life, we meet people that have evil intentions when we faced downturns or heart broken, despite not helping us they choose to cheat our money to purchase their amulets that will HARM us or are simply FAKES. Don’t be fooled by & waste your money on those questionable amulets…

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