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Friday, 1 July 2016

Special Phra Buddha Magic Amulet - Your Essence Of Life

Your Essence Of Life

Think Good Thoughts, Say Nice Things, Do Good For Others. Life Will Change For The Better

Especially For All True Believers !!! Don't Miss

For Pre-Ordering Only - Subject To Availability

Note: All Pre-Ordering Items Are For Serious Users Who Seeking Higher Level Of Energy For Life Enhancements. Users Who Feel That Their Life Is Already Good Enough, You Do Not Need To Join Us.

Why Do I Always Recommend Buddha images amulets To My Users ?
  • The energies infused in the amulets are often very smooth and positive, and can help us to improve our life progressively.
  • By wearing Buddha everyday, most of us will remember his teachings to do more goods and help people that require our help.
  • A must to wear for Protection Blessing - Many users are worry of their safety in term of Physical protection against dangers & against negativity (black magic or evil spirits)
and many many more goods..

The Legendary Magic Subjects For Its Power To Reflect & Reverse Incoming Danger and Dark influences, as well as assist in improving & Support Karma, Good Luck and Prosperity.

Notes: All Items Are With Different Shades Of Rainbow Aura

Version 1 - Fusion Of Old Holy Bronze Alloy & Magic Symbols Scriptures

Size: 2 x 3 cm

Small Size For Easy Wearing Everyday

Back Of Amulet

For Reference Purposes - Encased In Waterproof Case

The Magic Of "Reflect and Send back" - Any ill wishers who try to harm the wearer will find the energy is reflected back to its sender, sending it back from whence it came.

Front Of Amulet

Version 2 - Fusion Of Old Holy Bronze Alloy & Magic Symbols Scriptures + Special Gemstones Including Lek Lai

Size: 1.8 cm x 2.5 cm

Version 3 - Fusion Of Old Holy Bronze Alloy & Magic Symbols Scriptures + Special Gemstones

Back Of Amulet - Random Rainbow Colors

For Reference Purposes - Encased In Waterproof Case

Version 4 - Fusion Of Gold + Mercury Alloy + Magic Symbols Scriptures + Special Gemstones

2 Size: Normal - 0.5 x 0.9 cm; Small - 0.3 x 0.6 cm

Composition Of Holy Materials:

Special Lek Lai & Other Rare Gemstones Added In The Making Of This Batch Of Buddha Amulets

Dragon Gemstones

3) Mercury Mixed With Holy Metallic Alloys

and many many more holy mass

How To Use ???

Special Buddha Mantra Will Be Provided To You

Must Wear Above Waist Level Or Worship At Home/Office/Shop/Car

Please Take Note - User Need To Follow The Buddha 5 Precepts When Wearing This Batch Of Magic Amulets: (Remove During Drinking)

Especially For Users Who Always Complain Or Feel Negative Energies, Evil Spirits & Seeking Extreme Protection Against Black Magic*

At Siam Gallery, “We believe in sourcing the best, so you don’t have to worry. We only provide magic amulets we’re proud of”.

Our User Reviews For Your Reference - Tested & Proven Results & Experiences Worldwide Using Similar Magic Subjects Of Phra Buddha

Just Received The Same Day & Feel The Difference

Enhanced In Australia

Found His Lost Amulet After Wearing This Buddha* Amulet

Wish Granted !!!

Enhanced User From Switzerland

and many many more...

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boosting Your Good Luck; Change Bad to Good Luck (Luck Replenishment Magic)
  • Boosting Your Wealth Fetching, Money, Windfall, Sales, Business Luck Greatly
  • Holy & Positive Energy To Calm User & Boost Confidence Level
  • Attract Benefactors & New Opportunities To The Wearer
  • Overcoming Your Obstacles/Hiccups In Life; Smooth Sailing Luck
  • Special Protection Magic Subject against dangers, negative energy & black magic (Reflect/Reverse Back All Negativity If Any)
and many many more...

Good Luck & Thank You Very Much !!!

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