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Friday, 5 April 2019

Powerful Invisible Bodyguard Magic Amulet - White & Red Colour Magical Thread (2nd Batch)

Powerful Invisible Bodyguard Magic Amulets Proven Among Our Users Worldwide !!! Tons Of Experiences & Feedback.

Our User Saw Magic Light Orbs Captured By Her Home CCTV System - Ideal For Users To Wear For Great Blessings & Protection !!!

Last 1 Pair !!! Subject To Availability. Beware Of Mass Production - Agents' Batches

Size: 1.3 wide x 2 height cm - Small Size

All Materials Used In Making Of Amulets Are Holy Metals

100% Holy & Positive Magic Energies Infused.

No Offerings Required

Can Wear Below Waist (In Pocket/Bag)

Best To Wear In A Pair Of Red & White Color Pants !!!

Feel The Difference With The Genuine 2nd Batch Of Bodyguard Magic Amulets Created & Released By Temple !!!

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide !!!

and many many more...

Note: Holy Oil May Look Greyish Color On White Color*

For Reference - Our Bodyguard Magic Amulets In Casing

Our User Pasted Gold Foils On The Pants (Not Inclusive)

Combined With Mini Phra Ngan Amulet

The Background Information Of Bodyguard Amulet 

For Reference Purpose Only

" In ancient times, the HPY was used as an extra soldier to help to fight battles with, and is a invisible accomplice to stand by your side and help you win all of your struggles and challenges. "

Red clothes are for protection empowered the red HPY with mind waves to hypnotize the enemy into seeing you in an illusory manner, for example, seeing you coming with many companions instead of alone, or seeing you looking larger or fiercer.

White clothes were empowered with mind waves to increase your sales power and business success. Easy attraction of customers, and will generate friendliness towards the wearer.

Magnified View Of The Item:

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Powerful Bodyguard* Magic Subjects - Use For Extreme Protection from evil, black magic & enemy ; Evade From Dangers
  • Enhance Your Businesses/Sales and Career Progression Luck
  • Improves Your Metta (Charisma, Loving-Kindness & Ren Yuan)
  • Attract important people of higher power to your life (Benefactor Luck)
  • Prevent Backstabbers & Nasty people from harming you
  • Look after your assets e.g. house, car, etc

Hon pa yon Featured In Thai Amulets Magazine Discussing The Effectiveness:

Composition Of Holy Materials:
  • Made from sacred Holy Samlit materials (Mixed Holy Metallic Alloy)
  • Bound with magic White/Red Thread with special soaked Magic Oil 
  • Futhermore,108 Yant scripted on sheet materials before melting altogether

Experience The Magical Power Of Our Magic Amulets & Charms Today.

Your Absolute Satisfaction Is Guaranteed !!! Highest Quality !!!

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