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Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Super Rich Magic Amulets Collection - Empowered For Good Fortune, Windfall & Career Progression

"Please Start To Prepare Yourself For Year 2018 !!!

Don't be worry, if you experiencing bad lucks or obstacles during this last few months of 2017 - very common to feel luck changing and adjustments to the next new year luck.

Successful people prepare and anticipate for changes in their luck/upcoming obstacles"

Back By Popular Demand - Strictly For Serious Members Who Missed Previously !!! Life Is Simple

For True Believers Who Seek New Sources Of Positive Energy To Improve Their Life - 5 + 1 Types Of Magic Amulets For Pre-Ordering, Please State The Version You Need.

All Funds Will Be Returned If Out Of Stock. 1st Come 1st Served. Thanks.

The New Collection Of Magic Amulets For Good Fortune, Windfall & Career Progression

With Ton Of Tested & Proven Experiences & Testimonials From Old Versions Using The Similar Wealthy Luck Magic Subjects !!!

Overflowing With New Opportunities & Wealthy Luck

5 Special Types Of Magic Amulets For You To Receive & Attract All Goods, Money, Clients, Customers, Lotteries, Luck, Prevent Unnecessary Outflow Of Money (Retain Your Wealth Luck)

Notes To You:

You Can Combine All 5 Types Of Special Magic Amulets To Fully Enhance Their Wealth & Money Luck. (All 5 Magic Can Be Combined)

All 5 Version Of Wealthy Luck Magic Amulets Are Soaked In Holy Water For A Very Long Period Of Time, So The Colour Of Every Piece Will Be Different. However You Can Polish If You Wish To Make It Shiny & New*

Size Of Each Amulet: 0.5 x 2 cm (Very Small Size)

How To Use The Magic Amulet ???

For Reference Only - Casing Not Inclusive

You can order all versions of magic amulets and request to encase in single casing with additional costs.

Or 1 Amulet In 1 Casing

Or Tie All Amulets Using A Rope For Wearing As Belt

  • Specific Mantra For Each Version Of Amulet Will Be Provided To Wearer For Prayers (Optional For Chanting)
  • All Version Of Magic Amulets Can Be Wear Below Or Around Waist Level (In Pocket/Bag/Wallet) Everyday Or Put In Your Cashier/Safe/Incense Pot

Version 1) Magic Symbols From *Magic Book - Goddess Of Wealth*

"Never Ending Flow Of Money, Treasures & Opportunities Coming From All Directions"

Version 2) Magic Symbols Of Clearing Poverty & Financial Burdens (Debt Free Magic)

The Magic Book Stated That "Whoever carry this magic amulet will always have Wealth Luck and Money on hand. If you don’t have money, you will have. If you already have money, you will have more and more."

Version 3) Magic Symbols Of *Fate & Destiny Of Millionaire* Passed Down From Previous Generation Guru Monks

The Magic Book Stated That "Whoever Who Pray With This Millionaire Magic Amulet Everyday & Offer To Temple/Monks Frequently Will Become A Millionaire & Everything In Your Life Will Be Successful & All Wishes Will Come True."

Version 4) Magic Symbols *Theft Of Luck* (Come With 4 Unique Mantra)

1) Mantra for Luck Replenishment/Transfer & Overcoming Obstacles: Pray for luck over your competitors (Suppress Them)

2) Mantra for Getting Lottery Luck: Pray 3 days before the lottery opening date

3) Mantra for Blessing Money (Notes) before buying lottery: Bless the money that you will use to buy lottery - 9 days before use that money to buy lottery

4) Mantra for Wealth & Money: Pray to improve overall luck & well being to the best of your life daily

Version 5) Magic Symbols Of *Infinity Wealth, Success & Progression*

In this old magic spell book stated that the great power - “ Poor person will become a Millionaire, Millionaire will become a Baron , Baron will become a King, King will become an Emperor. Whoever don’t have money, will have more & more money."

Version 6) The Super Rich Magic Rainbow Ball Amulet

Made With Many Old Holy Powders Used In Previous Wealthy & Windfall Luck Magic Amulets

Every Piece Is Hand-made With Different Tones Of Colours*

Size: Around 1 cm, Small Size For Easy Wearing

Empowered With Special Millionaire incantation For Very Long Period Before Released To Help Worshipers To Be Super Lucky & Rich !!!

Just Wear The Magic Ball Amulet With Faith Everyday, Hold & Pray Your Wishes For Windfall, Wealthy Luck Or Career Prospects,etc

Best To Wear Together With The Super Rich Millionaire Magic Symbols -

General Enhancements, Effects & Usages:
  • Superb Wealth Fetching, Windfall/Gambling/Investment & Sales/Business Luck ; Overcome Your Debts and Financial Obstacles
  • Helps Wearer to prevent Unexpected*** Financial Losses - Prevents outflow of wealth unnecessarily & retain your money
  • Helps Career Progression in Corporate ladder & Gain Recognition in different aspects of life
  • Boosting Your Luck Greatly; Change Bad To Good Luck; Be Successful In Life
  • Enhances Your Charisma & Improves Of Your Benefactor Luck & New Opportunities Coming Into Your Life
and many many more...

Especially For Those:
  • For improving businesses, increasing sales and attracting more customers
  • To use the ability to develop new avenues of wealth growth, this takrut boost the likelihood of windfall luck (Lotteries/Investments)
  • Wearer in very bad state (Business Failure, Unemployed, In Huge Debts to repay and etc.)
Composition Of Holy Materials:
Every Piece Is Made From Holy Brass Alloy & Scriptures Melted Together Soaked In Holy Water For Empowerment Ceremonies

Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

Good Luck !!! Thanks

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