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Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Powerful Magic Monk Alms Bowl With Images Of Lord Buddha (Infused With High Tier Magic Subject)

Super Rare & High End Item: Infused With High Tier Magic Subjects*

Holy Water Cleansing. Making Merits. Power Up Of Your Current Magic Amulets

*Especially For Good People To Use Powerful & Positive Magic Items To Enhance Their Life*

1 Piece Available For Pre-Ordering Only !!! Very High End Magic Item*

Size: 7 x 10 cm

Good Size For Everybody

Place At Your Altar Or Clean Table At Home/Office/Shop

100% Holy & Positive Magic Item

No Offerings/Joss Sticks Needed (Optional)

How To Use The Magic Alms Bowl ?

1) Making Of Special Holy Water:

Instructions - Fill up with clean water into the alms bowl and chant the Special Buddha mantra and pray to Lord Buddha, Dharma, Sangha and All Magic Teachers to bless the water to be Holy Water.

Special Functions & Purposes:
For bathing & drinking to wash out negative power, black magic, evil and misfortune. When your body's negative and bad things are washed out of body, good luck and fortune will come to your life.

Can use Holy Water to sprinkle on car or vehicles for safely.

Sprinkle the Holy Water at your home or accommodation for being peaceful & happy.

Sprinkle products/stocks for good sales or whatever wishes you want.

2) Use To Make Merits As Offerings To Monks:

Special Instructions - If you want to make merit but you are not convenient to go temple. Then, you can place the money into the bowl like as you already make merit by putting food offerings in 8 daily Buddhist monk's alms bowls. When you have a chance go to the temple, you can take money inside the bowl to donate for monk's use. This is a convenient way to make merit that will help you and expand your life to be longer for devotees that are not accessible to Buddhist Temples. 

3) Use To Keep Magic Amulets & Increase The Magic Power Of Holy Amulets:

Special Instructions - Suitable for the owner to keep and store all your Buddha amulet because this magic alms bowl will increase the power and positive energy of all the magic amulets inside.

(Note - Negative/Spirits are not allowed.)

Inside The Alms Bowl

Composition Of Holy Materials:

Made from the same holy metal alloy used to make the statue of Lord Buddha in temple, inside the Alms bowl is coated with thick layers of holy candle wax which passed through many auspicious ceremonies.

Specially Added With 3 types of powerful holy powder consisted of:

1) The Diamond Shield's Holy Powder

This type of holy powders is the old powders made by guru monks from previous generation and was inherited to help people

2) Holy Powders Of Lord Tao Wes Su Wan

This holy powders is very effective for magic energy of clearing black magic/spells and negative things out of our body.

Lord Tao Wes Su Wan is the King Of All Demons, one of the bodyguard of Buddha and Guardian of Buddhist Temple In Thailand.

3) Holy White Powders Of Truth

This holy powders is made from great magic subjects which can change bad thing to be good thing and can bless normal water to be holy water for clearing bad thing out of body by bathing and drinking.

Most importantly, this magic subject can be used to upgrade & support your destiny of a person to be superior level. Clearing your body to be clean & fresh, clear bad thing, bad magic, bad luck, clear the thing that make your life getting down.

General Enhancements, Enhancements & Usages:
  • Very Powerful Detoxify* Magic Subject To Cleanse Your Bad Luck, Negative Energies & Cast Away Evil Spirits
  • Quick Boosting Of Your Luck To The Peak Of Your Destiny ; Change Bad To Good Luck
  • Boosting Of Businesses/Sales Greatly e.g. Products, Stocks,etc
  • Special Holy Wish Fulfilling Magic Subject For Praying Of Your Wishes And Be Granted/Helped
  • For Making Merits & Offerings To Monks (At Your Convenience)
  • For Re-Empowering & Boosting Up The Power Of Your Magic Amulets & Crystals (Increase The Positive Energy)
  • Changing Bad Location/House Into Liveable Area With Good & Positive Energy
and many many more usages...

Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

Good Luck & Thank You Very Much.

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