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Residential & Commercial Feng Shui Analysis (Combined FS Theories & Zi Wei Feng Shui)

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Life Is Simple & Let Focus On Important Things In Life !!!

Feng Shui is not about superstition and religion.

Nor is it about putting ‘good luck’ objects e.g. crystals, animals, gods around your home or workplace. Many people are manipulated by commercial FS masters and gifts shop selling ornaments, jade, rituals, blessings,etc...

If you wish to further enhance your luck and environment that you live in, please inform me and I will advise you accordingly. I only use traditional Feng Shui techniques & I will not be involved in any religions or cults rituals/chanting.

Q & A:

Q1) I have amulets already, why need good FS ???

The Environment we live or work in will influence 30-40% Of Our Body Energy And Aura* affecting our luck, health, relationships, family harmony and other events happening to us.

Note - I do not wish my users to be cheated or scammed to buy factory made fengshui ornamentals and charms. I do not sell or advise any such items for Feng Shui nor Life Enhancements !!!

Recent Feng Shui Audit Completed -

5 Rooms HDB Unit @ Rivervale Walk

The Hillier @ Hill View Rise

Park Vale @ 4B Park Vale

will be updating...

Good Feng Shui can create a harmonic environment for you and your family, allowing all to flourish in different aspects of life including happiness, career, academic, health and romance etc.

The Concept Of Heaven, Earth, & Man (天,地,人)

Heaven (Luck)
Luck, the fortune or chance happening and occurring beyond one’s control, follows a cycle. Riding on the crest of the luck cycle and avoiding the pits of poor luck can make a whole world of difference.

In feng shui, we believe in doing the right things at the right time 

Earth (Environment)
The places where we live and work are where we spend most of our time, making these spaces essential to our daily well-being and success in life. By using Feng Shui, I can recreate the right Environment to help you express your talents, boost opportunities and make sure that harmony is achieved through its settings

Defined by unique traits and diverse behaviours, Personality is what sets us as distinct individuals. It is also the catalyst of our decisions and actions, which will ultimately determine our success or failure.

"Many of us did not realise the importance of good Feng Shui, Some are mislead or confuse what are the actual usages and usefulness of Feng Shui.

In Short, Feng Shui is Environmental Science and nothing magical but is beneficial to everyone to enhance their destiny to the fullest.

(1) Feng Shui Audit & Analysis - Please Provide The Following Information For My Analysis

a) Floor Plans & Exact Address of your premises

b) Exact Date & Time, Country Of Birth of the family member(s) staying in the premise

Please Email To

c) Arrangement Of Appointment For 30-60min on site audit is required.


Required Information:

(a) Chinese zodiac of all family members staying in the premises (Birth Dates)

(b) Floor Plan

(c) Site plan with North & South indicator

(d) Preferred month for shifting

Updated Nov 2016

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