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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Special Wealthy Phra SangKaChai (富贵弥勒佛) BE2556 60th Year Batch

Phra Sangkachai is a very auspicious and positive amulet to increase merits, happiness, health and wealth. When regular prayers is made, should increase your luck and fortunes steadily and increasingly

60th Years Anniversary Batch

1 Pcs Ava

Lucky Kring* Ball Inside The Amulet* When Shake Can Hear The Sound~

Size: 2 Cm Wide x 2 Cm High~ Small

Must Wear Above Waist Level

1 Pcs Ava

Not Available !!! Fully Taken ~


Sangajayana is a main major symbol of wealth, fortune and flourish

Sangajayana is highly worshiped by Thai people as a greatest fortune monk equally to Sivali. His real name is MahaGajayana or Gajayana, but most people like to call him Sangajayana. Buddhistic legend says Gajayana was a very good looking monk and so similar to Lord Buddha that many people frequently misidentified him as the Lord.

Gajayana felt uncomfortable with that wrong identification. So he magically transfromed himself to be an ugly monk with a big potbelly, wishing to be looked ugly and different from the Lord. He was highly praised by people as a monk of humble consciousness with his high respect to the Lord. Then came the great fortune to Gajayana !!

People gathered to make merit by offering him a great deal of food and many other needed things for monkhood. Such the occurrence was called in Bali-Thai word as Mahalarp (great fortune).

Gajayana is one of the 80 greatest Arahants of Buddha time. He was ordained by Lord Buddha and also praised by the Lord as:

1) A greatest fortune monk equally to Arahant Sivali. In a long distance journey of Lord Buddha and a HIS big group of disciples if Sivali was busy for Dhamma teaching, Gajayana would be requested to go with the Lord for flourishing food stream for all monks.

2) A greatest wisdom monk who could brief Lord Buddha’s teachings for easy understanding.

3) A monk of most good-looking appearance, this is thus caused him transform- ing himself to become an ugly potbelly monk thereafter.

Arahant Gajayana was living his long life and passed away many years after Lord Buddha's passing.

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boost Your Wealth Fetching, Prosperity, Businesses & Gambling Luck Greatly
  • Improves Your Luck Greatly & Change Bad To Good Luck
  • Bring Happiness & Positive Energy to Users
  • Enhances Your Loving-kindness (Metta/Ren Yuan) & Charisma
  • Great power to fulfill the worshiper’s wishes
  • Protection against Negative Energy & Dangers

Maker Of Item:
LP Saithong, Wat Bot

Materials: Alpaca (brass, silver, nickel) ; Brass ; Copper

Thai wearing LP SAITHONG's Amulet survived SERIOUS CAR ACCIDENT !!!

LP passed away April 2014

The top 4 masters for Phra Phrom (4 face Buddha) amulets in Thailand today. LP SaiThong is a skilled guru monk. LP learnt magic from many senior guru monks. He makes amulets using his master’s process. For example Takrut which he is very famous for, he learnt how to make Takrut from LP Tiam. LP SaiThong is very careful with making Takrut. He does all procedures by himself. Holy water, he learnt it from LP Bo. He spells Katha to water until it boils! Rian Jak Pet (name of medal) is one of his famous amulets. He learnt it from LP See of Wat Sa Gae, Ayutthaya. This medal has strong power of wealth.

Siam Gallery’s Clients had wonderful experiences and Improvements in life after wearing our amulets. I hope you can be blessed by our amulets today.

What they told us …

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