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Empowering Lives With Magical Energy Since 2013

You can surpass your own limitations and problems to achieve your goals and take control of your life !!!

Today, Start Focusing On Things That Really Matter To You In Life~ Real Enhancements For True Believers Of Change*

Your Life Is Not A Joke !!!

About Us:

Based In Singapore, We provide professional advice to our Users in Singapore and Worldwide since 2013 to provide genuine Magic Artefacts, Charms, and Thai Buddhist Amulets for our Users' enhancements and needs to promote their overall well being in life.

Your life is not a joke to me and only you can help yourself. I alway believe in helping all my believers with due diligence and advise with logical methods.

My role is to advise all Sincere & Serious users with our knowledge to help all users to excel in life and overcome your issues and problems.

* Please take note: We do not have any eBay shop account !!! *

We do not promote any religion groups or cults or masters nor encourage my users to join any. *Over the years, there are many sellers selling questionable or fakes amulets and charms. Please beware of such sellers !!!

Regarding Our Quality Control, We reject 95% of the market's amulets and charms because there is a great quality difference between our expectation of real magic items with energy and items simply for commercial purposes.

Stage 1 - All magic amulets and charms must be genuine and real* checked

Stage 2 - Follow by checking of the energy infused in the amulets

Stage 3 - Proper Advisory to my users to enhance their needs & solve their problems


Some Examples - Financial Difficulties , Debts, Love, Relationship, Marriage, Careers, Businesses Issues, etc



Proper Prescription & Info will be advised to my users based on their situation and problems in life.

* I reserves my rights not to reply, advise or rent items to any person (new/old users) who do not wish to follow nor understand the terms stated. If your enquiries is not replied, please do not contact me anymore~

An Useful Article For All - Only We Can Help Ourselves:
Good Luck !!! All The Best To You

* By Owner Of Siam Gallery, +65 90254185 *

Note: Due To High Traffic & Enquiries Daily, I will only response to those real users with serious issues & problems in life. For general shoppers, please kindly do not message me, appreciated and thank you very much,

Shipping My Magic Amulets & Charms To Users Worldwide (Proof Of Shipment Overseas) -


  1. I am not running super market or 7-11 shop for magic items, Please mind your manners if you have needs or seeking help from me.
  2. I do not believe in online stories/myths/fairy tales of amulets; All my General Enhancements & Effects stated are general guidelines on how specific amulets help users for their needs/usages & Information stated are final* and users do not need repeatedly enquire if they do not believe in my advice. Please go to read the useful tips* page for free & important advice in life.
  3. I only wish to help & advise Users based on their serious needs or issues to solve, please kindly do not ask me to agree to your likings if the items are not for your needs. (Note - Shoppers, please look for other general amulet sellers).
  4. Unacceptable Requests Or Needs for including harming people, doing black magics on targets, cheating others will not be entertained (Pls kindly look for other sources).
  5. Those dealers trying to cheat & scam users when they are depressed or troubled, please do not disturb all can continue your bad deeds..History Will Judge...
  6. I do not wish to comment on items/amulets from other sources, please START AFRESH if you wish to use my items. (Note: Please Do Not Sent Me Any Images From Other Sources)
  7. I do not wish to serve Problematic/Trouble-makers (NEW/OLD) that repeatedly message me for advice or to enquire amulets and disappeared. You will be blacklisted without notice. (Please Respect Yourself, Please Look For Other Sources!!!)~
  8. I do not operate Help Desk, Social Help Hotline Nor Temples, small issues arises during your daily life is common & will not be entertained. Please only SMS/Whatsapp/Email me for genuine & serious problems (No Tele-Consultation)
  9. Illogical Questions Such As "Question on which items are most powerful? or are my items genuine/real?" I won't be answering this Frequently Asked Question. This question is not a question for me as I guess all are answered by my clients' Real Life Experiences & Testimonials. If you don't believe in my judgement & my items or you have no FAITH IN LIFE (IS YOUR LIFE NOT MINE), please do not disturb me !!!
  10. I do not served Users who are getting or wearing amulets due to UNTRUE myths/stories from forums/internet or some simply wish to get amulets just for the sake of getting without knowing the real usage of the items e.g. Fake Facebook advertisement on Phra Ngan/Mae Per & etc amulets, many have been cheated due to fake lottories winning tickets shown to lure the greedy users
  11. All Testimonials are *REFERENCE* that all my items are genuine, however I do not sell "feedback / testimonial / fairy tales". Please only msg me if you are really seeking genuine enhancements or solutions to your issues in life. (Note - All Enhancements, Experiences & Results Varies Among Individuals, I do not advise my users to follow testimonials without knowing what their real needs & issues in life.)
  12. All my items in the gallery can be wore together with any geninue holy amulets, items or crystals
  13. All pricing quoted are NETT, unless bulk orders e.g. same items for 10 pieces above
  14. All magic amulets, charms and wax items come with Proper Instructions (SOP) prescribed (Desktop Via Email Or Mobile Version Via Whatsapp). Please Take Note - Please keep the copies for your daily prayers, We will NOT RESENT the instructions or mantra after 14 days of collection/shipment for your amulets. All re-sending/re-advisory of instructions and mantra after 14 days will be chargeable at $88 each time. Upon payment, all instructions/mantra will be emailed to you within 24 hours/Same day. (All fees collected will be donated to charities)
  15. For my Users collecting their items from me in Singapore, we can arrange for 15 min guidance on how to use their items (if they are not clear about the SOP & have other questions regarding the use of my amulets)
  16. I am not obliged to offer Free Life Long Consultation* for your own personal problems/issues arises from daily life.
  17. All My Information published on my page are THE FINAL & MOST UPDATED INFO that my users need to know, any other irrelevant & repeated questions will not be entertained nor answered e.g. where do you get the items? - if you are here to seek for help & advices, please mind your questions asked. Only genuine & sincere users who have serious problems or needs in life will be served !!!
  18. I select and choose all my Magic Amulets & Items personally and strictly by Myself (Not Shipped From Suppliers*). I am not related to any dealers, temples nor masters.
  19. All Magic Amulets/Items are genuine and empowered with positive energies.
  20. All My Bank Accounts, Paypal Account & Mobile Numbers Provided & Published On Page Are 100% Registered & Endorsed In Singapore, You May Call Up The Respective Banks/Companies To Check My Records
  21. For Those Who Feel That You Are Here To *BUY* Amulets & Wish To Make A Big Fuss About It - Please Do Not Waste My Time.
  22. The Donation Links* on the side of the page are external*** charity organisations, feel free to help them. (I do not run charity events nor involved in any of such)
  23. Consultancy & Advisory Fees from $300 onward will be quoted* for people who repeated disappeared* after enquiry or or under the problematic users list. All Fees will be used to offset the final amount for their purchase of magic amulets, otherwise non-fundable if they disappeared again. (Including replying to all queries, re-advising all instructions, information and mantra,etc )
  24. For Previous Users who do not wish to follow my guidance, please do not contact me anymore.
  25. For Members' Pre-Ordering Or General Enquiries On Costs, I will not comment or give advices on the items. Users can purchase the magic amulets/items based on the final information stated.

My Promises To You:

  • I will provide Genuine Magic Items Empowered With Positive Energies & Proper Instructions will be provided upon rented of my items (Life Time Assurance For Genuine Items)
  • I Strive To Deliver The Best Quality & High Energy Magical Items To You
  • I will provide proper guidance & advises for your well being and long term enhancements in life

I won't stop you from getting amulets from Other Sources. I only provide Authentic Thai Amulets & Magical Items to help my users and not simply for business sake. Amulets collection is one of my hobby and I rent out amulets which i got from temples visiting & some amulets are from my own collection.

I do not entertain any nonsense including fake forums users trying to defame and will take all necessary actions against any harassment acts (Filing of Police Reports) or If you wish I can arrange to meet you at my lawyer's office.

I do not help people to verify the authenticity of any amulets (Even we have similar amulets on site for renting)

All testimonials are for Reference Purposes only and 100% screenshot-ed from my clients (All contact info are covered/cropped away to protect my Users to protect them and there are living human beings on Earth & I do not have time to DIY over 1000 testimonials)

To those who are Stalking my site and Users' Experiences for very long, stop wasting your own time. Our Life is short & We have better things to do in life.

Last Updated - March 2018

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