Superb Golden Holy Symbols Scroll Amulet - Very Rare 100 Years Holy Scriptures

Especially For You To Boost Wealth Luck, Businesses & Sales Improvements, Charisma , Overcome Obstacles, Authority & Protection ( A...

Very Old Wax "LUST FOR LOVE" Amulet - LGBT & UNISEX

Legendary "Lust For Love" Old WaxYou Can Use This Powerful Old Love Wax Spell To Fix & Overcome Your Complicated Problems & Issues In Love, Charm, Relationship Or Marriage From Today !!

" Turbo Charge Your Charm & Attractiveness" & "I Noticed when I carry the wax...a lot of men staring at me" - From Our Member's below to find out.

"This tin of magic wax can be use for attracting clients, superiors, and lovers, and to draw people's attention and invoke their compassion to assist you and be helpful to you (to induce preference in the hearts of those who you approach)."

Note - You can carry this special old wax everyday for best effects (Do not need to open)

Many Members Worldwide Are Able To Experience The Difference In Energy Base Even With Many Other Charm Amulets !!!

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide From The Legendary Old LUST FOR LOVE ATTRACTION WAX !!!

and many many more...

Basic Info:

Size: 2.5 x 2.5 cm - Small Size For Compact Carry.

You Can Wear Below Waist Level (In Bag/Pocket)

Suitable For Unisex/LGBT

Warning To All Users:

" Don't use on Targets who already married because this amulet is very powerful even married person can leave their lover to be with you " 

"For Ladies' Wearer - Please take note that it may attract more than 1 suitors & choose your partner wisely before commiting (Tested & Proven Cases again & again)" 

How To Use The Special Wax?

1) Chant the Special Mantra provided & carry this wax below waist (in pocket/bag) daily to pray for your wishes (The Power is More Than Enough For Boosting Of Your Attractiveness & Charm And Wish Praying)

2) This wax can also be use to apply/touch targets for Serious Cases including Facing serious family problems e.g. Partner have extra-marital affairs ; Reduce serious quarrels and conflicts with your partner everyday; Want to settle down with specific target/partner - get married soon, and etc..

" This Magic Old Wax will bring immense success and the power to enchant and convince others to follow your suggestions - This will induce a powerful Maha Saney effect that will seduce and enchant the listener to follow your instructions, believe in you, and help you when requesting assistance, and be filled with admiration for you.

The great power can turn the situation around, changing those who were Once Your Enemy, to become your Friends, and, in the case of the Opposite Sex (or Same sex) to fall in Love with You. "


Our Members Cased Up The Metallic Case For Easy Carrying (Not Inclusive)

General Enhancements, Effects & Usages:
  • Boost Of Your Charisma, Charm and Attraction & Charisma
  • Increase your Sex Appeal (In Need of Sexual Arousement Charming and Socialising)
  • Purest Magic Spells For Love & Charming Related Wishes

Tailored For Users: 
  • To Be Mr & Mrs Popular !!! Be Attractive and Charming (Super Likeable By Everyone)
  • Single, always not a WINNER in LOVE LIFE and wish to attract a SOUL MATE 
  • To Charm back your Ex-Lovers 
  • Enhance your current relationship for those who always had ISSUES with their lovers or problematic relationships; To Mend broken marriages or relationships
  • In Customer Service/Sales/Business Owners to handle NASTY Clients or Built Rapport** fast (Turn Enemies To Friends)
  • For Businesses/Sales Applications/Networking

Composition Of Materials:
  • Mixture of many concentrated old wax inherited from Previous Generation's Guru Masters - Gold Color Wax, Black Color Wax & White Color Wax
  • The special wax case are made of special alloy of holy metals
  • Silver Color Yin Ku Amulet Inside

All general enhancements & effects are a basic guide for users to understand the general usages and energy base of each item.

I would like to re-emphasis all different magic amulets/charms/wax are made with different magic subjects and ingredients producing different level of energy to help the wearer to achieve their goals or needs in life.

For Example - Buddha XXX amulet contain different energy base as Buddha XYZ, although both have the same common name or category. Common mistake is to believe all amulets with same common name contain the same energy for enhancements.

Please use all my magic amulets for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet to harm others.

Experience The Magical Power Of Our Magic Amulets & Charms Today.

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Empowered Incense Holy Powders - Overcome Karmic Obstacles For Smoke/Incense Offering Ritual

Our Empowered Karmic Holy Powders contain Great Power to perfect your accumulation of merit and wisdom.

BEST OF VERY OLD METHOD OF OFFERING Ritual For Our Members !! Tested & Proven Method By Our Members Worldwide, Join Our Blessed Members For A Better Future !!

Do you know ?? Many members do not understand nor wish to understand that your magick amulets will not work properly or help you in long run if you do not accumulate enough merits & wisdom.

Exclusively for our members' pre-ordering only - Current waiting time: 2 month !

Note - All Formula From Old Tibetan/Indian Buddhism Scriptures !!! Our Karmic Powders is not associated to any Thai magic or any “make money incense” from Thailand.

Our Empowered "Reduce & Overcome Karmic Obstacles & Negative Impacts" Incense Powder is Blessed & Empowered By Many Gurus/Monks For 10 days & 10 nights.

When Should You Worship ???

You should practice the "Incense/Smoke Offering" when you moving into a new house, or suffer any form of disaster, disease, unruly kids, lack of harmony in the family, love relationship problems, trouble on the job, poor mental condition, or a wish to run away from misfortune, and have the desire to be good or better, or confess sins and pray for fortune, wisdom, etc.

Power & Energies infused in our karmic incense powder are very powerful and amazing !!! "Members who are sensitive in energy can feel vibration/energies emitting from the holy powders !!!"

Consists of valuable nectar pills & herbs, which when offered, helps to liberate all beings, reduce hatred and increase compassion.

Must Use For Members Who Are Having Karmically-related illness/sickness, bad love relationship problems & recurring obstacles in life e.g. bad or no career luck or business failure issues for many years.

Sharing Photos Of Our Worldwide Members' Karmic Incense Offerings:

Dragon Clouds During Outdoor Incense Offering

Orbs During Outdoor Incense Offering

Tested & Proven Feedbacks & Experiences Worldwide:

Accumulate Merits Using Our Empowered Karmic Powders Will Not Cause Any Harms To You - All Your Merits Will Be Spread & Transferred To Your Karmic Creditors !!!

and many more...

Smoke/Incense Offering will benefit not only ones self, but also others and bring boundless merits. This holy incense powders consists of many holy materials including medicine herbs, nectar pills from various gurus, precious relics, pearls, and many other holy mass.

Lighting this incense powder can aid in accumulation of merits and wisdom, enhance your route to enlightenment, improve health, increase longevity, protect you from demons and spirits.

Also help to reduce your karmic negative impacts & overcoming karmic obstacles.

This special mixture of incense powder & herbs is made with pure and natural ingredients and is 100% chemical free

Size: around 160+ grams each pack~ 1 to 1.5 months usage for everyday offering

How To Use Our Empowered Incense Powder For Offering To Buddha, Gods, Karmic Creditors & Your Amulets/Magic Oil/Wax ???

Step 1. Prepare a metallic pot for burning and put some incense powders into the pot

Step 2. Start to burn the incense powders

Step 3. Chant the mantra and pray to offer

All Mantra and instruction will be provided in detail for best offering

Questions & Answers (FAQs) for our range of Empowered Karmic Powders -

Question 1. What is empowered ? and what is differences from normal market incense ?

Answer - Empowered equal to blessings/empowerment by gurus. You can feel the energies for those who are sensitive in energies.

Differences ? - Our Empowered Karmic Powders are made using 100% natural herbs, relics, spices following ancient procedures stated in old scriptures.

Once you opened the pack and smell...the herbs' concentration of our holy karmic powders is so much different  compared to normal incense.

Question 2) How long I need to use ? Can I stop after I feel better ? Any Target ?

Answer - Incense offering is a known and holy method for Accumulation Of Merits in the quickest mean. We need to have strong faith and worship daily to accumulate and transfer merits to all guests* for our long term well being in this life and next* life.

Just like eating food you want to stop eating ???

The ideal cycles for practising incense offerings is 10,000 cycles.

Question 3 - Can I give my friend some powders or sticks to worship ?

Answer - No need ! Do not waste your resources to give them 1-2 sticks to people who are just testing* or trying their luck or ad-hoc worshipping. In order to see real improvements and results in doing offerings, you need to have strong faith and belief and worship with the full mantra and follow the instructions accordingly.

Question 4 - Why The Empowered Karmic Powders burned faster than normal rate ?

(Example - Same amount of powders burn normally burn for 20 mins, today burn for 5-10 mins)

Answer - The number of karmic creditors & guests who are presence during the offerings is more than usual. Please do not worry that the guests will harm you as they will not do any harm to us.

(E.g. During Chinese Lunar 7th month Or At A New Environment like Graveyard)

Question 5 - What do I need to do if the powders burn very fast ?

Answer - You can add more Karmic Incense Powders to offer to the guests* and chant the mantra more repetition.

Question 6 - Why I dream of people chasing me ? or some spirits ? or feel giddy or chilling or presence of other beings ?

Answer - After worshipping the karmic offerings ritual, you may have spiritually connections with your karmic creditors in dreams or other forms.

Do not worry or feel scared about such dreams as those INVISIBLE karmic creditors are always there* and following us everyday. The reason for appearing in your dream mainly is to ask you to spread the merits/food/etc accumulated in Karmic incense/smoke offerings to them.

You can increase the "dosage or frequency or duration" of the Karmic incense powders offerings. After a few sessions, the giddiness or dreams will be gone.

Question 7 - What do I mean by Karmic Cycles?

Answer - They are those recurrent moments or events or patterns in life that just will not go away, that until you get some perspective on what you are doing in this human existence, you have no consciousness of them, but when you get distance from the mind and a distance and perspective on how you live your life you start to see patterns. An easy way to explain it is if you think of a woman who has been beaten in a relationship. Her karmic cycle would be to go back to the man and it happen again. If she had the strength to leave him, she may find herself in another violent relationship. Simplistic but effective example.

Question 8 - Why my karmic empowered incense powders will stop* burning halfway or unable to light up in a "NEW" pot or bowl?

Answer - We need ensure the pot is dry and you can put some old incense ashes or sand in a "NEW" pot to ensure smooth burning of the powders. The incense powders stop burning is not a bad sign for you, so do not panic and start to worry.

Question 9 - How do I practise incense offering ritual if my family members do not like the scent or smoke?

Answer - We do not wish to create any unhappiness or harms to our family members or other living beings. Firstly, our karmic empowered powders is made of 100% natural herbs & materials and it will not cause any health issues.

Secondly, a simple method for sincere member who really wish to accumulate merits and spread to our karmic creditors and other beings - You can practise incense offering at your window's ledge or near window and use a fan to blow all smoke outdoor and this method is ideal as all merits will be spread to beings outside of our house.

Question 10 - What essential equipments do you need for Karmic Incense Offering ?

Below is a list of equipments:

  • 108 Chanting Beads
  • A simple metallic bowl OR basic incense bowl/holder
  • Windproof lighter
  • Fan (To blow the smoke out from your house)
  • A small glass of water (To offer to all guests)

Question 11 - Why am i "condemned" to be unable to obtain real advices/teachings/amulets/methods to improve my luck and destiny ? Is there a remedy ?

Answer - I have met many people who have been misled by various sources. For examples: monks, white/black robe masters, fortune tellers and etc.

Common complaints from many people - "I had been visiting my fortune teller on yearly basis for consultancy and he never* mention anything that I will be in troubles this year."

This group of people will be going in circles* and some people will never or after many years to discover that they are wasting their time...some spend hundreds of dollars on fake amulets and centipede pearls and some spend up to $20,000 for jadeites pieces during their serious downturn period...

Answer - This is mainly due to lack of both merits and wisdom.

We can increase our merits by doing good to help others and all beings, so you will be increasingly more karmically deserving of good practices and teachings.

If you start to follow and practise correctly from now, our Karmic incense offerings is one of the best method to accumulate merits and spread to our karmic creditors & all other beings.

Question 12 - Can I do incense/smoke offering outdoor ? e.g. corridor or special bin to burn joss papers

Answer - Yes, you can practise your incense offering outside your house or any public places that are suitable.

It will take only around 15-20 mins everyday for full 108 times prayers for each offering, but you will accumulate great merits and spreading to your karmic creditors & all beings on daily basis.

In Singapore, our members can practise incense offerings at the special bin for burning joss papers at your housing estate.


You can also use disposable aluminium container to burn our karmic powders for offerings outdoor.

Question 13 - Will burning karmic incense powders attract ghosts ???

"I am so worry and scared of spirits and I do not want them to come my house."

Answer - When we are lack of wisdom, we will be frightened by the name "spirits or ghosts" and many religion scams started from ghosts or black magic spells. Wandering spirits (ghosts) and our karmic creditors are always around us everyday...24/7.

By offering our empowered KARMIC Incense Powders to all beings and chanting prescribed mantras, you will help them in providing foods, water, medicines and etc to all guests*.

You will accumulate great merits by helping them everyday for every sessions. Our goal here is to help all beings with a compassion heart.

Question 14 - Do I throw away the old ash and put new Karmic powder in or can just pour the new Karmic powders on top for new offering session ???

Answer - You can keep the old ashes and pour new Karmic powders on top for subsequent sessions of offering. The old ashes will also smoothen the burning process of new Karmic powders.

Question 15 - I have been burning high* grade agarwood/sandalwood joss sticks/incense powders for many years, my parents/masters/temple ask me to pray my wishes for money and good luck...etc. Now you tell me to follow your offering instructions plus chanting mantra and use EMPOWERED KARMIC POWDERS...You tell me not to pray your wishes and be compassionate...ARE YOU SURE ???

Answer - As mentioned in information, Incense/smoke offerings is one of the ancient practises from Tibetan Buddhism, monks of all ages practise this holy offering everyday. Our offering's instructions are learned from various guru monks and simplified to encourage all people to practise daily in the shortest time frame required. I will not debate what are right or wrong...

Our Special "Karmic/Pure Wisdom Offering Powders And Goddess Of Love Incenses" contain empowered* relics powders, herbs and spices that are prescribed from ancient recipe. There are significant differences in term of energy level if you compared to incenses in the market. Please kindly read our members' experiences and feedbacks to understand what are the differences...

We need wisdom and merits to learn and progress through our spiritual journey, some take years or many reincarnations to learn, understand and progress...some never progress at all. I am constantly learning from different school of thoughts and religions through the years, from Theravada Buddhism to Tibetan Buddhism and Ancient Chinese Methodologies & Famous Books e.g. BOOK OF CHANGE - YI JING (I Ching), is really your affinity whether to progress or not to progress...I will try my best to pass my knowledge to all members.

Question 16 - Is empowered Karmic Powders or our Goddess Of Love empowered incense sticks from Thai magic ?

Answer - Our empowered incenses are made up of rare woods, relics and herbs following instructions extracted from Tibetan/Ancient Buddhism's scriptures and NOT from Thai magic.

However after our worldwide members' success stories in using empowered karmic powders, I saw young master in Thailand are coming up with their own type of "money making incense"...

Empowered Incense Offering is not magic spell !!! You can read in our pages for more info about this method.

Many Scams In Thailand !! Beware !! As a frequent traveller to Thailand, I can conclude that majority of "masters or monks" in Thailand are making use of monk robes or rather Buddhism to cheat devotees in donations or selling amulets for a profitable business model. Many years back, I have foreign friends who are cheated and bought many fake amulets from young masters. These foreign friends thought* man in monk robe will not cheat or tell lies to them.

Question 17 - Can I use Karmic Powders to purifying the negative karma of abortion/miscarriage/etc?

Answer - Firstly, you must be apologetic to all your aborted child and love them. Many people are scared of spirits/ghosts and they freak out if you tell them the truth of aborted child or etc - Both parents are liable for causing the death of your child.

All aborted children are unable to move on (Rebirth) and they will be staying with their parents until then. Normally, the daughter will be with the father and son will be with their mother...After years after abortion or miscarriage, most of the parents will experience health issues, career, money issues or frequent accidents...etc.

During your Karmic Offering, you can visualise food, clothes, sweets and toys to them everyday and transfer your merits to them. You can give them a name and anything you deemed reasonable for a children to have.

Please seek for their forgiveness in causing their death daily so they will not be revengeful, receive the merits and learn the Buddhism mantra you chanted and be compassionate daily together.

Question 18 - After I practise empowered KARMIC incense offerings, I feel healthier and less prone to fall sick e.g. flu. Is this related to our offering practise ?

Answer - Firstly, when we practise karmic incense offerings consistently to our karmic creditors and other beings, we will reduce negative energies around us progressively.

Secondly, our karmic incense powders is made of many rare herbs and relics powders which have medical benefits to us when inhaled and it also help to cleanse our house from negativity.

So you all will feel healthier or more focus/peaceful after you started this practise.

*Note - Some members also feel chest aches after first few sessions, so far the aching will disappear after a while. You can discuss with me if you have any doubts.

Question 19 - Can I worship to Yearly Grand Duke (Tai Sui/拜太歲) using our Empowered Karmic Powders ?

Answer - For members whose Chinese Zodiac required to pray to Grand Duke (Tai Sui) this year, you can use our Karmic Powders to offer Grand Duke (Tai Sui) at home to reduce your negative impacts or some said bad lucks for this year.

How to offer to Grand Duke (Tai Sui/拜太歲) ?

If you are 30 years old this year (Chinese Lunar Calendar), please practise at least 30 times of karmic offerings to Yearly Grand Duke (Tai Sui).

Can I help my family members to offer to Grand Duke if their zodiac offend Grand Duke (犯太歲) this year ?

Yes, you can offer for your family members or invite them to join you during your Karmic offering sessions.

Question 20 - Why same set of magick amulets help me so little compared the other members who are using the same set of amulets ??

Or After feeling the magic effects, after a while no more effects ?

Answer - Every individual's destiny and accumulated merits/wisdom from past lives are different. I studied our large pool of members worldwide since 2013 and in order to achieve positive and stable improvements in your life-> Please practise Karmic Empowered Incense Offering everyday to accumulate your merits and wisdom.

A SIMPLE example to you - Any High Power magick amulets will be of little effects to you, in the event you are shortage of merits.

So overcome your karmic obstacles today, life is simple. Progress and worship with faith and compassionate heart.

Why do you want to repeat and repeat the same obstacles or problems every few years ? Move forward and don't waste your life.

Good Luck to all blessed members who are already worshipping. You are all on the right track.

General Effects & Usages:

This special empowered incense powders will help one with the following magical effects/benefits when lighted everyday:

1. Increases your attractiveness to the opposite sex; Get ride of bad lovers or romances problems

2. Heightens your love blossom luck and increases the chance of a good marriage

3. Be super likeable and loveable by everyone; Gains popularity among your peers and gets doted by elderly

4. Adds sweetness to a relationship and helps dissolve the concern of extramarital affairs or get ride of third parties 

5. Aids in connecting with your children and parents/children-in-law (Improve relationship with your mother/father-in-law)

6. Enhances your work, career, job progression and ultimately your wealth luck

7. Increases your business network and brings your public relations contacts closer to you

8. Increase your communication and convincing power

9. Enhances a supervisor’s leadership skills, and helps increase your subordinates’ efficiency

10. Increases the chance of promotion at your workplace and gets the acknowledgement from your boss. Improve Superior-Subordinate Relationships and reduce conflicts wit your boss.

11. Helps you to relax and soothe your mind. Calm and reduce your stress. (Can be used by people who have stress or anxiety disorder)

Background Of Incense/Smoke Offering -

The Smoke Offering" is also known as "The Pure Offering". It was developed in the period of Sakyamunni, and was introduced by Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) to Tibet. At that time, The Smoke Offering got rid of many different kinds of evil. The Smoke Offering helped Buddhism prosper, so the people were able to live happily and healthily.

The fundamental principle of Vajrayana practice is to integrate compassion (Karuna) and enlightened wisdom (Paramita) in order to liberate all sentient beings from suffering. Every Dharma practice in Vajrayana always follows these two principles.

The "Smoke Offering" was also introduced based on the above teaching. The basic essential spiritual power of The Smoke Offering is based on the Dharma prayers' truly pure heart of compassion. Then extend the true heart of the prayers, to realize the suffering and needs of the sentient beings from the Six Realms who would like to demolish all of their sins. Also, to help liberate the bardos (those souls who are shapes of an inter-median state) depart from this world and be re-born in The Pure Land, or as a higher level being in order to reach enlightenment.

As a result of very strong vows of compassion from the contributors of the offering and the dharma prayers, all of the Buddhas, Bodhisattva, Dharma protectors, Gods, and attained beings around the whole universe will automatically bless, support, protect and help you.

Benefits Of Incense/Smoke Offering - 

Incense-smoke is not only an offering of fragrant smell but it forms a medium for visualization of a much greater and multifarious offering. The incense and other substance to be burnt are first purified through a deep meditative dissolution into the state of Emptiness. Then, the billows of smoke, which illusorily arise from the expanse of Emptiness, are transformed through a meditative projection into immeasurable clouds of wonderful items of offering.

The clouds of offering are then multiplied to cover the entire universe and presented to the various objects of veneration and offering.

Buddhist literature classifies the recipients of the offering into 4 categories of guests:

1. The enlightened beings such as the Buddhas who are objects of veneration.

2. The celestial deities such as the Dharma Protectors who possess noble qualities.

3. The Sentient Beings of six realms, who are suffering in the cycle of existence and thus worthy of compassion.

4. The Evil Spirits who cause harm to people in order to repay the negative karmic debt accumulated in the previous lifetimes.

The incense smoke is visualized as innumerable kinds of congenial items of enjoyment and presented to these recipients in whatever forms and shapes they wish to have. The offering of incense-smoke is thus an exercise of charity and meditative visualization.

Incense as a fumigant

Incense-burning is also a very well known technique of fumigation. The incense sticks and powder contains herbal ingredients that have fumigating qualities. In addition to the power of the substances, the smoke is invested with blessings of meditative visualization and powerful mantras. Incense smoke is then used by religious people to cense holy objects, pacify spirits, to treat ill persons and to purify negativities. It is for this reason, the Bhutanese word for censing, sang, also connotes cleansing and purification. Incense is also used to placate malicious spirits and assuage the wishes of various deities.

Incense as a therapy

Composed of a wide range of herbal ingredients, incense also has a powerful therapeutic value. It can be used in aroma-therapy to relax the body and calm the mind. It helps nourish and stabilize the psycho-somatic composition of the human being. The aroma of the incense stimulates the senses to unlock the energy channels, mobilize vital air, and release internal bliss.

Wikipedia Info On Offerings (Buddhism) -

Chinese Information On 烟供 -烟供

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