Consultancy & Advisory Program

Powerful Amulets & Charms: Our Life Consultancy Program To Help Thousands Of Members In Singapore & Worldwide Since 2013.


5 Steps To Change Your Life !!! We Listen. We Care. We Understand.

NOTE TO NON SINGAPORE USERS - COVID-19 has resulted in significant disruption in international airfreight movements. All international shipments will be significantly delayed.

We seek your understanding during this difficult time globally.

To unlock your true potential, aiding you to make the right decisions and excel in your life journey - Be it for career, academic, romance, health or wealth. We will help you to make the most out of every situation.

Step 1 - Please Kindly Submit The Following Information For Comprehensive Advisory:

Fill in via google form @

1. Your Full Name (English/Chinese/Etc) & Religion (If Any)

2. Gender & Sexual Orientation (If LGBT)

3. Western Calendar Birth Date & Time Range As Below (Skip the time if you do not know the timing):

4. Country Of Born

5. Address & Contact Info (Strictly For Oversea Users)

6. Real Issues/Needs/Problems/Intentions/Purposes:

Examples as below -
  • My Career – Rapid promotion & better pay
  • My Popularity - Win support from benefactors
  • My Business - Multiply sales & proļ¬ts
  • My Investments/Windfall - High & consistent returns
  • My Health - Improve health & longevity
  • My Family - Enjoy blissful relationships
  • My Romance - Find true love
  • My Studies - Achieve academic excellence
7. New User Or User Already Wearing Amulets: If Wearing, Please Briefly Highlight To Me What Items You Have Or Take A Photograph Of Your Current Items.

8. Food Diet - Vegetarian Or Non-Vegetarian

For Submission Of Your Personal Information : Simply WhatsApp/SMS +65 90254185 Or Email @

All information provided will be kept confidential.

Step 2 - Payment Via Singapore/Malaysia Bank Transfer Or PayPal Secured Payment

1. Upon receiving your personal information, I will reply to you and confirm whether is your case is accepted.

2. One set of magick amulets & charms will be advised for you based on your case and please state your budget range if any - Basic amulet From $300 onwards each.

3. Make your payment and sent in the reference number of transactions if any. (Please keep it for reference)

4. Upon payment confirmation, you will receive an email on the set of advised amulets that you will be using and the specific instructions for praying/usages.

5. We only provide positive energy empowered amulets and items for your well-being. (No negative energised amulets)

Step 3 - Processing & Shipping

1. Once your payment is received, the magick amulets will be processed for encasement if needed and you will receive updates once your amulets are ready for shipping or collection in Singapore Or Penang, Malaysia.

2. All detailed instructions and prayers will be provided.

3. Please provide your mailing name and residential address with postal/zip code. 

Step 4 - Receiving Your Advised Magick Amulets

1. Upon receiving the magick amulets, please follow the provided instructions for daily usages and prayers.

2. For all further questions, please contact me again.

Step 5 - Your Life Enhancements & Positive Changes

1. From 2-3 weeks onwards, you will start to experience changes in your life.

2. Sensitive users will feel vibration, heat or slight giddiness when praying or wearing the magic amulets.

Additional Notes: 

I need your real personal info to advise you on the essential amulets and items to use based on your current issues and problems you facing if I can assist you.I do not have or sell one-size fits all solutions - Every magic remedy will be prescribed in accordance to my member's situation, needs, and profile.

All magick items and amulets will be worshipped before passing to my members worldwide.

Failure to provide the above info: I will reject any request for advisory and enquiry. Please do not contact me. The analysis of what items to use is done by me specifically for you, and upon you understanding all terms and policies stated.

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