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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Useful Tips - Ebook: Law Of Karma By LP Jarun

This Ebook *Law Of Karma* have been shared to all my users since 2014, however not many of my users have fully read and understand the important focus and the way of life. I estimated 1 in 1000 of my users had read through...

I have extracted important points that LP Jarun have mentioned in his book *Law Of Karma* and hopefully you all will read through the summarised points and understand fully and make changes to yourself.

LIfe Is Simple !!! Being Ignorance Can Bring You Nowhere. Close Users Told Me No Point To Teach & Guide Ignorance People...I Still Trying Hard...

Today, Please Stop All Your Complaints, Blaming On Others, Harming, EVil Deeds, Disrespectful Acts, And Please Show Simple Courtesy & Manners.

You Will Get All The Bad Things Back If You Do Not Control & Stop It, Not Next Life !!! But You Will Start To See The Negative Impacts In This Life.

Please Spent 10mins To Read Through Below...

Thank You Very Much.Good Luck.

May All Gain Wisdom & Make Sense Soon.

Sean Lim

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Extracts From Book 3 *Law Of Karma* - Full Article Link:

What is the meaning of “Law of Karma”? This law means pushing. Karma means intended deed or doing. The deed is different in each case of for each person. Pushing towards a good direction is for good deed. Vice versa, pushing towards a bad direction is for bad things we have done.

This Law of Karma is the law of nature. When you press something down, it will push back up. If we receive good training and are moral, the good deed will push towards wholesomeness and wisdom. On the other hand, if we do not behave properly because of an ill-trained mind, it will push towards a bad side and press down until you cannot come back to the surface.

Some people do not pay attention to merit and demerit. They want to have a long life, a fair complexion, good health and a successful business. However, they have never performed good deeds to deserve a long life. Instead, they behave badly. They kill animals and make them suffer. They are full of jealousy, revengefulness and malice. I am sure they will die at a young age.

Monks teach us that it is very difficult to be born as a human, and more difficult to be born beautiful. You must have “nana”, wisdom and knowledge that were accumulated from past births. You must have the virtues of man, that is, morality and the Five Precepts in order to be born with good looks. Some did not maintain all Five Precepts, they were born ugly and handicapped or blind or deaf or retarded. Some become paralyzed when they get old. Some were generous and made a lot of donations in their past birth. In this birth, they were born in a wealthy family. However, they also killed animals in their past birth. Their health is bad and they have to go to hospital very often. Money cannot help much. Some did not build up the base of wisdom. Even though they were born rich, they are not smart. They could not finish a graduate degree. This is because they did not accumulate enough merit in their past birth.

Many people like to visit fortune tellers. A fortune teller may tell someone that they will be first in their examination. But they fail in the examination. The fortune teller may tell someone that they will fail the examination. It turns out that they place first because they had been diligent and studied hard for the examination. We must make merit for ourselves. Do not wait for your horoscope to bring good fortune. We cannot be lucky from doing nothing. Everything comes from our actions. This is the Law of Karma. To build up goodness, you should keep the precepts, have concentration and develop wisdom. Make it arise in your mind. You will be fortunate and successful. Good and concentrated people are diligent and have wisdom. A wise person has a very sharp and effective mind. The sharpness consists of these three characteristics:

First is the sharpness inside the mind. It does not show, but it can be revealed when there is a real need.

Second is continuous improvement. We go on correcting our flaws.

Third is the need for emphasis. To make sure everything is in its proper place. We have the three complete characteristics, that is, sila, samadhi and panna (morality, concentration and wisdom).

A person who observes the precepts (or sila) can be compared to an architect who designs the foundation and concept of a building so that people will like it. A person who has concentration can be compared to an engineer who knows how to weigh and measure. In this case, it helps us know the status of people’s mind. We know how to deal with people who have different kinds of mind status. We know the right timing and moment to behave properly. We know the difference between merit and demerit, good and bad, advantages and disadvantages. Engineers know the properties of things and can make a proper choice. Wisdom can be compared to a constructor who starts building at once. Therefore, whoever has the quality of an architect, an engineer and a constructor all in one person can survive safely. Some people behaved well and had wisdom in their past birth. For this birth, they can be prosperous, even though they were born poor. Eventually, they will be successful, or be a minister even, because they have wisdom. There are many kinds of humans: cheap and expensive, good and bad, real and unreal. For example, there is real gold and galvanized gold plate. There are many deceptive people, but hardly any good people. It is difficult to find very good and moral people, whom we can obviously see. Therefore, we must be patient and practice very hard.

It is also important that we should not make merit at the wrong place, to the wrong kind of people and at the wrong time. For example, doing something when the time is not proper. It is not the proper time to speak, but you do it. This is damaging.

The wise teach us that we do not have to keep a record when we give something to others, but we have to remember when others give us something. We must remember even it is just one glass of water and be grateful for it.

When we make merit and do not want anything in return, it will eventually come back to us. Wealth, success and prosperity will come to you. Whatever we want to do, we will be successful. We will have good and happy surroundings. There will be no quarrel among us. This may be difficult for some to do because it is against their habits. They look good physically but not their habits. Some understand or believe that people are alike. That is not true. We are different from each other because of the Law of Karma.

We dress differently because we have different taste. It is unpleasant to use things that are not of our taste. If we get used to doing something, and then we have to do something else, we will not be able to do it. This is normal because the Law of Karma differentiates all beings.

Where does the Law of Karma come from? I have reviewed it and want to explain it to you. We can understand this from acknowledging, such as “perceiving”, “knowing”, “thinking”, “understanding”, and realizing our defilements. Whether you are clever and foolish, you can realize this fact because it is up to the six sense-fields, that is, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the tongue, the body and the mind. Cleverness and wisdom depends on eyes and ears. Can you acknowledge continuously? No, you cannot if you do not know what you are acknowledging and do not have real understanding.

The second precept prohibits us from stealing or taking others’ belongings. Some people commit killing and stealing. They steal money and take everything they can. They accumulate bad habits. One example is a rich man who picked up everything he could from the houses of others when he visited them. Even though he had a lot of money, he stole from others who were poor. Like a computer, the Law of Karma will tell us that this person will be robbed whenever he has money or his house will be burnt down. I have warned some people, and I have never been wrong about it.

The third precept prohibits us from sexual misconduct. If we meditate and know what that in a past birth we had ever been bad by committing adultery, when there are several thoughts for this kind of event. In the birth we suffer because of an unhappy family life. Our husbands change and become someone else. Wives commit adultery. The family breaks apart because of fighting. Your spouse becomes your rival. You have to divorce even though you have children. You will be separated. This happens because of our past actions. In several past births, a certain man was very bad. He raped women and made their lives miserable. In this birth, he was born as a female and become a prostitute and died from venereal disease. There are some true cases that I have noted.

The fourth precept prohibits us from telling lies. This precept includes improper speech, such as talking non-sense and using bad words. All this bad speech clings to the consciousness to the next birth. It is sure that someone will cheat you out of your money or property. Who did this thing to you? They are your relatives or friends who will do the work according to the Law of Karma. You must not try to recover those things that are taken from you. You have cheated others in the past.

The fifth precept prohibits us from drinking alcohol and using addicting substances. If you meditate, you can recall whether you took those substances in your pass birth. If you use to violate this percept in the past, and did it on a regular basis, I guarantee that you do not have to study anything because you are not able to. You will be retarded or will not be able to finish even secondary school. This is true.

It is very difficult to persuade someone to make merit. I think the reason is because the person does not have virtue and is not endowed with the merits of past deeds. Do not blame them because they do not have virtue. You cannot ask them to practice vipassana meditation and they cannot meditate.

Some make a lot of money but cannot save any. There is always some cause for spending their money. This is because they have not paid their karmic debt. They constantly have to pay a debt and so can save nothing. Do not be sorry. There is no need to visit a fortuneteller. We can take charge of our lives by maintaining mindfulness. Even though the mind is as quick as a monkey, we have Dhamma in our hearts. We are sincere, good, friendly and respectable. This is the effect of the virtue that makes our hearts at peace and in serenity. It comes form our good deeds. People who do not have virtue cannot do this because it takes a lot of effort to do good deeds. To be good, you must be able to withstand hardship and be self-control. If you cannot be self-control, you cannot be successful no matter where you are. Even though you are ordained, you cannot be a good monk or nun.

You cannot be good if you cannot be self-control. You let yourself float along with the wind and the tide. You have done everything that satisfies yourself for a long time. Therefore, you cannot get good results. This is what I mean.

Please remember the Law of Karma. Whatever you do, please do it earnestly. You will get real and fruitful results according to the Law of Karma...

"We must make merit for ourselves.  Do not wait for your horoscope to bring good fortune.  We cannot be lucky from doing nothing.  Everything comes from our actions.  This is the Law of Karma."

Many Users Do Not Have Access To Java Enabled Browser, Please use the links below to download the PDF files for reading on your mobile phone.

Book 1:

Book 2:

Book 3:

Book 4:

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