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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Powerful "5 in 1" Magical Takrut Of Golden Lotus (Dot Mai Thong)

Infused With 5 Great Magical Enhancements Into One Single Takrut~ Maha Saney + Maha Metta + Maha Niyom + Ka Kai + Klaew Kard (5 In 1)

This Special Takrut Is Well Known For Decades in Thailand, Popular & Famous For It’s Effectiveness in Attraction & Charm (Maha Saney & Metta)

Last Piece Available~ 1st Come 1st Served

Size: 0.5 cm wide x 4 cm Height

Small Size

Can Wear Below Waist (In Pocket/Bag)

Famous Story About Takrut Dot Mai Thong In Thailand:
"One day, a guy dropped this Takrut Dot Mai Thong and he did not realize. A lady saw the takrut on the floor and she approached the owner and wish to return the Takrut to him. In the end, the lady fall in love with the owner of the Takrut Dot Mai Thong" Told by one of my Thai Friend

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Enhances Your Loving-Kindness, Attraction & Charm (Maha Saney & Metta) To The Next Level
  • Be More Charismatic; Improves Your Persuasion, Influencing & Convincing Power
  • Boosting Your Businesses/Sales Luck (Ka Kai) Greatly
  • Protection against Dangers & Negative Energies (Klaew Kard)
Maker Of Item:
LP Poon, Wat Ban Pan

Hand-Written Magical Yantra On Takrut Sheet

LP Poon is the present 7th Chief Monk of Wat Ban Pen. Venerable LP Thong Poon is also Amphur Sena Ayuddhaya, a Buddhist’s Monk District Officer of Sena, Ayuddhaya, Ven. LP supervise 37 Wat or temples in the district of Sena, Ayuddhaya.

Luang Poh’s Buddhist name is Phrakkru Suwannsilanukoon but popularly known as LP Thong Poon. He enters novicehood at age of 17 and subsequently at the age of 20 enters monkhood. He has been practising since then till present. He has learned under many great Teachers like Luang Poh Sawat, Luang Poh Mi of Wat ManVichai and Luang Poh Vik Boon Wat Kratongthong. He learn the art of making holy water from Luang Poh Pring. Luang Poh Thong Poon received the knowledge and katha to make the ever famous Takrut Dot Mai Thong (Golden Lotus) from Luang Poh Sanan of Wat Saotongthong.

Though Luang Poh Thong Poon has admitted himself that he is skillful and famous for making Takrut Dot Mai Thong only, yet many of his diciples have requested Venerable LP Thong Poon to make other amulets. Now Venerable LP’s schedule is very tight because he is always invited to attend ‘pok sek’ or blessing amulet ceremonies both grand or small occasions.

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