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Powerful Amulets, Magic Amulets, Charms, Talisman & Love Wax Guides, Restrictions, Rules, News - Singapore, Malaysia & Worldwide Users Must Read

Powerful Amulets & Magical Charms: Guides & Restrictions When Wearing? DOS AND DON'TS ? FAQS ?

Amulets for Wealth, Health, Good Luck, Love, and Happiness. All of our Magic Amulets are guaranteed Authentic, from Guru Masters. – Magic Amulets, Buddhist Amulet – Magic Charms, Talismans and Bucha Statues.

For all new users who like to research online about magic amulets/charms & Thai artefacts, "Master Google/Facebook is not everything" - Please spent 5-10 mins to read through this page.

" Important Notice - Please Bear In Mind, A Man In Monk Robe Or Self Declared White/Back Robe Master Or Disciples Can Also Sell Fake Amulets Or Remakes"

Read sample news @

Notes To You: Understanding that real enhancements & refinement also requires your inputs to achieve what you want in life.

In Our Gallery, We Covered All Aspects In Life - Magical Effects & Enhancements including Love, Attraction, Sex Appeal, Wealth, Good Luck, Loving-Kindness/Charm/Charisma, Prevent Backstabbers In Life, Protection Against Dangers

What is Amulet ???

Wikipedia information @

Browse For Different Category Of Magic Amulets:

Beware of Fake Masters & Their Marketing Gimmicks Of Making Their Amulets/Rituals!!! ( Don't Follow The Crowd To Worship These Masters, Many Singapore Dealers Invite them for PROFITS ONLY & don't care about their customers' well being)

Evil Dealers/Shops Bring In Masters For Profits Are Very Common In Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong And China Nowadays...

Sample of some nonsense amulets chanted on females' body and etc...Please Beware of such Masters and shop's OWNERS linked to such things...

Last 2 Years In Singapore Community Advertised In Facebook, Forums & etc, Even Ex-Convict For Raping Cases And Conning Huge Sums In Thailand Is Worshiped Like Guru Magic Master...Many Singaporean paying hundreds of dollar and even some are quoted up to few thousands for doing rituals for Love, Attraction & Charm Magic....

News Articles Online -

If This Person Have Real Magic...He Do Not Have To Even Cheat And Rape Ladies....So Please Beware Of Such Master(s) In Your Country....

Fake Amulets Are Everywhere, Do Beware !!! Many Are Selling In Retail Shops And Online...

My Core Consultation System To Help My Clients:




Useful Links - 

Law Of Karma Ebook By LP Jarun Quoted From The Book - "We must make merit for ourselves.  Do not wait for your horoscope to bring good fortune.  We cannot be lucky from doing nothing.  Everything comes from our actions.  This is the Law of Karma."

Liao Fan's 4 Lessons, Destiny can be changed through proper cultivation of kindness and humility. Thus one should not be bound by fate, but by one's own actions.

Ultimate Rule Of Thumb For Using/Wearing Geninue Magic Amulets:

  • Wear With Faith & Respect For All Amulets & Buddha.
  • Donate to temples or help needy to gain merits. (Monetary/Non-Monetary)
  • If possible, please follow the 5 Buddha Precepts.
  • Wear Real Amulets that are consecrated by reputable masters. (Many amulets we seen in market now are factory Re-makes and are fakes) 
  • Seek Proper Advices Before Getting & Wear Amulets From Reputable Masters Only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Which Amulets Are The Most Powerful ? Most Effective ?

Are You Looking For The Most Powerful Amulets??? Beware of the scammers around us.

Joke Of The Day - Do You Believe ??? This is a piece of Doraemon* magic amulet ??? Selling in Singapore for SGD$388+++, Seller* claimed this amulet can bring "gambling luck"

" Every amulets works differently on every individuals, so Amulet XXX works on User XXX successfully, doesn't mean it will have same effects for everyone. All my testimonials are for reference purposes. I will advise you accordingly to your issues or needs and fix the issues together"

Q2: How To Choose Amulets? Which Amulets is the best for me?

I always advise our members to choose based on the follow factors - 

1) For Specific enhancements, usages or even to solve what problems e.g. for career, love, etc (Most Important).

2) Affinity meaning the first impression of the appearances & whether you like the images and can wear accordingly.

3) Recently, many people are asking whether higher the costs the more powerful the amulets is ? Answer to you - NO !!!! I can advise amulets of low cost to enhance your needs.

4) Choosing amulets based on news or hearsay speculating on amulet forums/stories/fake news regarding how powerful is certain amulets is not advisable. e.g. The Jatukam & Butterfly fever.

Recently, Many Facebook live video selling fake amulets in real gold framing is very common nowadays and fake bidding to push pricing up. Do not be greedy and think low price is equal to real amulets...all these sellers know how to manipulate the pricing using fake user accounts online.

Note - Different masters make/chant different type of amulets using different magic subjects, materials, & chanting.

Wearing Amulets Can Be Simple As Wearing Keychain

Simple !!! On Office's Lanyard..

Yes, there are some restrictions -

- Don't bring amulets with you when you go to the low and improper place such as a brothel, nightclub,etc…

- Don't wear amulets when doing sexual activities.

- Don't go underneath the improper things such as the lady's skirt or someone's shoes, except you are on the inevitably compulsory environment such as going under a bridge or working in a skyscraper, etc.

Note: You can wear your amulets when you go toilet  but don't drop the amulets into toliet bowl ( If required remove it and leave it somewhere on higher level )

For Takruts :

" Takrut or better known as ‘Tangkai’ by other culture is a well-known talisman of Thai origin for a long time. It is a holy scripture texts in the form of summarized Yant mantra written onto a sheet of lead, silver, copper or even gold. The inscribed Yant is written on it and then crafted according to arcane sciences and deep meditation by the guru monk or Archan before they are handed out to devotees. Takrut scroll can be easily distinguished with its rolled up form with sacred Yant scripts written on the scroll. "

No Restrictions. Most Takruts can be wore below waist level, but some must be wore above waist. 

For Sak Yants (Yantra Tattoo) - 

Don't let anybody step on/over the Yants or images. 

However, Please Take Note Of Who Is The Person*** Doing The Tattoo On Your Body...

Q3: Katha/Mantra Chanting ?

Optional, If you are instructed to chant any mantra.

( Not All Amulets have specific mantra/katha to be chanted, if don't have just chant Katha Namo Tassa Or Other Buddha Chanting )

"Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa" x 3 times

There are no specific timing or auspicious timing for chanting of mantra, but normally we chant in the morning or when we wear the magic amulets.

Explanation Info @

Note - If we don't chant or forget to chant, nothing bad will happen to you.(No Harm)

Q4: Where is the place to place my amulets? ( You Don't Have To Wear Amulets To Sleep )

Put on a shelf, altar or any high place.

Do not put them on the top of your bed, except you are single or sleep alone. If you want to keep them in your bed room, please put them in a higher and clean drawer.

Hanging Of 4 Face Budda Amulet In Car For Your Protection

Wear My Magic Amulets With Ease & Power !!! Not With Hassle*

Q5: Cannot Eat Beef ? Or Any Food ?

No Restrictions unless you are Hindu or Praying To Guan Yin Goddess

Q6: Do We need to re-blessed an amulet after hanging for many years?

No need to do that. But if you have a Buddha amulet on your neck, it's a must to abstain from doing evils.

And if you wholeheartedly pay respect to the Buddha as if he is still alive, he will exactly protect you and bless you a great success.

Q7: Some Shops or Dealers told me to re-charge power? or Doing Blessings Everytime?

No need to re-charge ! Amulets are not battery and Real Amulets consecrated by top masters don't need to re-charge by any others 

You can head down to REAL Temples, I don't think any monk will ask you do rituals for blessing...the most they will spray holy water on you to bless you good luck !!!

Q8: How many Amulets should I wear ?

There are no rules that how many amulets you should or can wear on neck, normally people will wear 1,3,5, on. ( 2 amulets won't fight with each other, they have better things to do e.g. to bless other devotees ) 

In Thailand, Lucky Number is "9" 

You can wear unlimited numbers of amulets for those kept in pocket or bag.

Q9: Wearing Buddha/Mainstream Amulets With " Barangs e.g. Bone or Spirits " ?

Please wear below Buddha & Mainstream Amulets Or USE another necklace if need to wear above waist.

Q10: Wear Amulets ABOVE or BELOW or Around Waist? 

Some amulets stated to wear ABOVE waist and usually are Buddha/Deva Images, do not wear below waist unless with special reasons e.g. bringing to wrapping*

You Can Try Today !!! Ideal Way To Wear Your Magic Amulets Around Your Waist Level

Q11: My Amulets have cracks or broken into pieces or drop inside water ? Can I still wear ?

Yes, you still can wear amulets with slight cracks esp. Old Amulets normally have slight cosmetic damages.

No, if your magic amulets or magic wax are soaked in dirty water.

If you amulets suddenly crack or broken into pieces inside casing, Please take note that certain events might happens e.g. prevent you from accidents or people harming you or black magic or energy.

Q12: How I handle Amulets that I no longer wear or don't wish to keep at home e.g. broken amulets, barangs ?

You may pass those amulets to any Thai Temples. In Singapore, you can refer to the addresses in my useful tips article @

Is this amulet for male or female or same gender ?

Most amulets are Unisex/LGBT, unless stated for special usage.

Q13: Can I wear amulets if I'm Non-Buddhist ?

Yes, you can. 

Teachings of Buddhism are borderless and teaches us to do goods. 

You are not require to change religions if you wish to seek help from magical amulets and charms.

Q14: Can I wear amulets to Temples or Church ?

Yes, you can bring to any place of worship.

Q15: For Females, Can I wear my amulets during Period ?

Yes, you can !!! You will be protect & bless even during your uncomfortable days (period)

Thai Lady Wearing Phra Khun Paen Amulet

Q16: I have very bad luck or misfortunes for many years or some said they have bad palm (e.g. Flowery Palm,etc) ? Can I Still Wear Amulets? Does It Works?

Yes, You Can !!! If you seek for the better luck or reduce the negative luck, you surely can wear items to enhance your life. However, the wearer must have a positive mindset in order to improve their luck and then solve their issues in life.

Q17: My Amulets Don't Works ? No Effects ? Wear More Amulets to boast? Or Some People Blamed Amulets When They Are UNLUCKY E.g. Some users said previously they wore items that cause unsmooth luck to them ?

Answer - NO SUCH THING !!! Thai Holy Amulets will help All Users in different aspects such as improve Charm or Metta progressively unless is a fake piece, but Thai Amulets will not or will never give you FAIRY TALES effects or HARM USERS !!!

My Stated General Enhancements & Effects are stated in different items' information to guide my users to know what the main usages of these items, not all users may experience same results. (WE NEED TO WEAR It BEFORE KNOWING THE TRUE EFFECTS & ONLY TRY IF YOU HAVE TRUST & BELIEVE IN MY ITEMS)

Q18: Is Amulets Packed In Temple Box Surely 100% Genuine?

Answer - NO !!! Many Fakes Amulets Provide Plastic Box Too...Don't be Silly and Naive

Q19: Some amulets have certificate = 100% Genuine?

Answer - NO !!! If you want beautiful certificates, you can print with your printer with templates too.

Fake/Remade Amulets With Cards To Prove That The Amulets Are Genuine... 

Q20: Why Your Magic Amulets Do Not Work OR Became Not Effective After A While ?

Under the primary condition that If your magic amulets are from trustable source & are real or genuine amulets 

1) User are not realistic, greedy & narrow minded for more & more effects once they feel some energy or enhancements (Overly Obsessed)

2) User do not make any or enough merits (Donations/Helping Others)

3) User have evil intentions & Used the items for wrong usages e.g. used on married targets & etc

4) User do not listen to the proper instructions & advises for the amulets/items they are wearing

5) Uses have incompatible amulets/items that reduce or cancel each other (Seek Proper Advice On How To Arrange)

6) User have totally wrong belief & doing excessive rituals, blessing sessions or fortune telling & do not understand that enhancements in life requires time and our inputs

7) User felt that they have the MOST POWERFUL ITEMS and forgotten on all the advices prior to the enhancements.

8) User do not know or understand or respect that they are wearing magic amulets with energies infused. For example - Many parents are forcing their children to wear magic amulets without telling or teaching them the basic information of how to wear and handle the amulets with respect and praying.

Note: For Protection Amulets -  Please Don't Ask You Friends To Use A Knife To Chop You. Amulets are not meant to be tested as TOY, Protection only happen at the right moment.

Money Won't Fall From Sky

Normally, Real Experiences Or Effects Or Energy Blending will take minimum*** of 2 weeks or even longer to see improvements or changes of your issues

Also, Different person may experiences differently (that for sure).

Some users are wondering everyday when their magical amulets or wax will work?

 Your life still need to not doubt or worry whether is it working or helping you...pray and wear with faith is the key to success in life !!!

I Believe in Miracles but NOT FAIRY TALES....

Amulets Can Help You But Cannot Fly ~

Let Fairy Tales Continues in Walt Disney...

Marvel Heroes Will Only Be In Movies & Cartoons...

Q21) History & What is Amulet ? Basic Information

Amulet & talisman (佛牌) can be dated all the way back to early civilization. They are believed to bring great luck and protection to the wearer. Thai Amulet (泰国佛牌) is a type of amulet (佛牌) centered around Buddhist philosophy and culture. Oftentimes amulets (佛牌) will have different Buddhist images including the Buddha (释迦牟尼佛), Guan-In(观四音菩萨), Phra Somdej 崇迪佛牌), Phra Pidta (必打佛牌), Phra Sivali, images of past famous monks and sometimes even the makers of the Thai Amulet (泰国佛牌). Thai amulet (泰国佛牌) is usually blessed and consecrated by monks in a Buddhist temple distributed to worshipers and supporters in exchange for donations. These donations are further used towards raising funds and other charity work including school donations, building of hospitals, building of temples, donations given to under privileged people, fund raising for temple and etc… In general, Thai amulets (泰国佛牌) not only bring people faith in Buddhism, but also spread an overall positive energy to the community and people involved.

The culture of Amulet (佛牌) in Thailand began even before Buddhism was introduced at around the 12th century. Ancient Thai tribal people collected and worshiped amulets (佛牌) that were consecrated by shaping of different stones, clay, soil and other materials that were present during that era. When Buddhism was officially introduced in Thailand, Buddhist Thai monks adapted to this amulet(佛牌) making culture and applied it towards the Thai version of Buddhism. Thai amulet (泰国佛牌)started to gain popularity at around the 1800s during King Rama V era. During that time, a very well known powerful monk named Somdej Toh of Wat Rakhang consecrated what Thai people believed to be the most powerful amulet produced named Phra Somdej (崇迪佛牌).The Phra Somdej (崇迪佛牌)is still one of the most Buddhist image on Thai amulets (泰国佛牌), but the most powerful Phra Somdej (崇迪佛牌)is still ones consecrated by the originator Somdej Toh.The most famous and valuable Thai amulet (泰国佛牌)are called ‘BenjaPakee’(佛牌全五行). This is a collection set of 5 Thai amulet including Phra Somdej of Wat Rahkang, Phra Rod, Phra Nang Phaya, Phra Phong Suparn and Phra Soomgor.

Wikipedia Links:

Let Be Realistic And Be Human Beings On Earth* !!! Real Enhancements & Energies Exist In Daily Life To Enhance Yourself to be better for our highest goods, To Overcome Your Troubles & Obstacles in life and Lastly Protection.

Scam Alerts !!!

Let use our common sense, Who on Earth will write " ESSAY " of reviews except the dealers themselves....don't be fooled by those words....

Useful Articles To Identify Fake Review/Testimonials -


Qns - Recently, many people was conned $1288,$688,588,288 from ONLINE SELLER that told them differ in pricing mean more or less powerful ? Who are those sellers?

Answers - No such thing, all pricing are based on the actual value of the amulets and scarcity !!! unless that seller is a conman !!!

Qns - Identifying those cheaters? scams? (Info Given By Users Who Got Cheated Before)

Those sellers will tell you that their item can solve almost everything***, recently they advised people to wear their fake Phra Ngan (PLASTIC MADE) even for health enhancements and issues...

Many people believed that Fengshui masters, dealers selling religious products, etc will have a good heart* and will not sell fake items to scam people, however there are many famous scammers around us based in Singapore, Thailand & even in Western Parts Of The World. So Be Careful & BEWARE !!!

Who are they?

Some don't meet clients (Solely hiding behind their BLACK HEART WEBSITE) & if you asked them to meet you they won't. Recently found out that this seller used PO BOX ADDRESS for rejected amulets...

Please beware of scammers/shops/fake amulets:

(Just do a simple google/facebook search with the master/shop name for the list below)

1) All sort of Phra Ngans - For lotteries winnings....and solve every problems you have -> Facebook SELLER

2) Mae Per - Solve every problems -> Facebook SELLER

3) Indian Master Selling Questionable Amulets, High Costing Ritual & Blessing Packages -> Located in Whampoa / Boon Keng area, Singapore

4) Shop that heavy promoting and advertising amulets made by Questionable Masters using blessing methods that are linked to females rituals.

5) Seller selling FAKE "CENTIPEDE Or Cobra PEARL or stones or amulets"...promising you to strike lotteries, gambling luck and be rich...all these PEARLS are actually crystal balls or glass balls and can be ordered via china sites e.g. Taobao or Alibaba in bulk or single piece for sgd $0.20... -> Many FAKE centipede pearl sellers are selling in Singapore's app or site such as -> do not be greedy in lotteries or fast magic -> if sure win the seller will not sell you...

Examples >>>

News Article "Fake COBRA pearl seller In India get caught !!!" - Read @

6) Hight Price Jadeite pendant from Feng Shui masters - Sample as below:

This piece cost SGD$1988...high price from famous* Singapore Fengshui master priced at $28,000 or higher up to $200,000

and many more fakes and scams around the world.....

Q22 - Why Thai People Don't Wear Barangs ie. NMP (Human Oil), Forehead Bones, Negative Spirits (Except Kumantong/Golden Doll/Thep) ???

Answer to above:

"There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch" by Milton Friedman

Beware and Be Cautious* of what amulets you are getting, Barangs such as NMP or any spirits - bones if not empowered properly will not bring you far in long term & the side effects after that...

Some sellers are telling you that Buddha/God amulets cannot help you in certain issues? I do not wish to comment about that - Let my real users' experiences be the proof to you....

Note - Soils from cemetery or Pong Prai Powders are considered materials which contains "Ying" Energy, and doesn't mean the amulets that contains such materials contain spirits and ghosts inside. Important Factor Depending on the makers of the amulets***

Q23: Recently, my users in Singapore are asking me why their friend are offering to their amulets with the wine, beer, food, cigarettes (smoking), and etc ?

Answer: Those offerings mentioned above basically offering to spirits {ghosts) and not to Buddha/God.

The energy source of Thai Amulets ?

The 3 source of energy are namely the Heaven, Earth & People –

Heaven – Buddha/Devas
Earth – Materials used
People – masters who consecrated the amulets

Donate More To Help Needy !!!

Thank You & Good Luck To All Reader Of This Page

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Credits To All Online Sources.

You can contribute to the list of scammed cases of fake amulets or fake masters ~ do merits by preventing other people from falling into renting fakes or junk thai amulets!!!

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