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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Interesting Facts - LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai

Biography of LP Tim,Wat Lahanrai -

LP Tim was born in Ban Hua Tunnttabuon, Tambon Laharn, Ampher Bannkaii, Jungwat Rayong on the 16th June BE 2422 in the year of the Rabbit. He was named Tim, and his family name was Ngamsii. At the age of 17 his father, Kheh, sent to Tan Phor Singh to study, returning home at the age of 19 and was ordained as a monk at Wat Thatkaow on the 7th June BE 2499. He was ordained by Phrakru Kaow, Archan Singh and Archan Kehh and was given the religious name of Issaliko. After spending a year in Wat Thatkaow, he retreated in the forest for a period of three years, after which he went to Wat Narmathom in Chengwat Chonburi for two years. Luang Phor Tim learned Wijja (magic) with Ajahan Lod, Ajahn Lem and Ajahn Saii. He also studied with his Uncle Luang Phor Song Thao of Wat Kongchin. It was from this uncle that Luang phor Tim inherited a book of Wicha and Arkom. Luang Phor Tim became the Abbot of Wat Lahanrai where he was a strict and diligent practioner of the Dhamma. He was known to be a very good monk and possessed few worldly materials. In the hut where he stayed, he only had a pillow and a mat with no electricity. He lived a simple life. He passed away on the 18th October BE 2518 having spent 72 years in the Sangha.

Famous Amulets of LP Tim -

* Phra Khun Paen Guman Plaai* is one of the most famous amulets created by Luang Phor Tim of Wat Lahanarai. His amulets are very popular and expensive, but for good reason. A popular account has been well publicized around the internet. This is an updated and somewhat more accurate version. Phra Khun Paen Pong Plaai Guman of LP Tim Isarigo, a senior monk of Wat Lahanrai, Rayong province, is respected as one of the most sacred amulets consecrated in modern times. A genuine Phra Khun Paen Guman Plaai amulet is probably the hardest to find, and fakes abound everywhere. This amulet is well proven in Metta Mahaniyon, Metta Mahasaneh, business success etc. The actual methods used to create this amulet follow the ancient traditional ways. Only a few guru monks are known this century to be able to create such an amulet, namely Luang Phoo Tim himself, and Luang Phor Tae of Wat Sahm Ngam. The most popular series "the first block") containing both Pim Yai and Pim Lek, some with sacred takruts and others without. It is generally believed that LP Tim had asked a disciple to make the amulets for him and on a daily basis he would bring newly made amulets to the temple and then LP Tim would gradually recite the sacred spell for each and every amulet. Indeed it was recorded that 30-40 of the Pim Yai amulets and around 100-200 of the Pim Lek amulets were brought to him daily. The disciple responsible for making the amulets was known to have stated that only a single mould was created for both the Pim Lek and The Pim Yai amulets. LP Tim did not make further moulds and as such it's highly likely that only a single series of these amulets were ever created. Many dealers may claim to possess amulets that have originated from different series, but be warned you are most likely being deceived. One of the reasons that such a low quantity of these amulets were produced was no doubt due to the difficulty and danger associated in production. As stated previously it was well known amongst experts of the black magic sciences that only a few monks possessed the ancient knowledge required to produce such an amulet. Mr. Lap Choicharoen If lesser persons attempted such a process it is highly likely that they would themselves become possessed with demonic spirits or harmed in some way. Luang Phor Tae of Wat Sam Nagm was the only other living monk who possessed the knowledge.

Photographs of LP Tim's Famous Amulets (For Reference Only) -

Market Price For A Khun Phen:SGD$20-30k

Market Price For A LOOP OM PHONG PRAI KUMAN : SGD$1,000 - $1,500

How Phra Khun Phen Prai Kuman are made And Why Pong Plai Kuman Powder are Powerful ? 

In B.E.2513, a temple helper in Wat Lahanrai was informed by LP Tim that B.E.2514 was a great year to produce any amulets that come with highly efficiency. However, LP Tim needs a baby that died in her mother’s womb on a Tuesday and will be required to be buried or cremated on Saturday. The baby will need to be removed from her mother’s womb with a ritual. The ritual includes the use of a phayant (magic cloth) drawn by LP Tim, special khata (magic scripts) and a mit-mor (magic knife). The corpse of the baby will be a good stimulus for any magic creation that comes side by side with some other holy materials used.

In the quest of such requirement by LP Tim, the temple helper asked around and managed to find a pregnant lady that was died on Tuesday and arranged to be buried or cremated on Saturday. The family’s members was approached and explained on the purpose of performing the ritual. The Thais believe that if a pregnant lady dies in a tragic will carry with her grievances and turn into a vicious ghost, thus unable to rest in peace. This is the cause of bad karmas in her previous life. The family’s members accepted the proposal thinking that this would help to turn the decease’s bad karmas into good merits and benefit everybody as a whole.
The temple helper went ahead to remove the baby’s corpse out of her mother’s womb with instructions by LP Tim. It is written in many books that while the temple helper wrapped the baby’s corpse in the phayant and quickly went back to Wat Lahanrai, he could hear the voice of the mother’s ghost demanding the return of her baby.

The baby’s corpse was passed to LP Tim and LP Tim performed another ritual in the main hall of Wat Lahanrai. Ritual went on for many days and nights and once it was done, the temple helper was told to bake and grind them into powder. While during the grinding process, sparks were seen and this shocked the temple helper.
LP Tim picked a best date for the consecration ceremony and he invited LP Keow to participate. LP Keow was a bandit before he sought refuge in Buddhism. He was also a husband of 9 wives. All of his wives lived in harmony and LP Tim said that with LP Keow great metta, it would help very much in creating the magic powders. I guess that is why LP Tim’s amulets come with great metta effects.

During the ceremony, only magic powders were created. The powders were later used in the making of many amulets from B.E. 2515 to B.E. 2518.
Among all LP Tim’s amulets, the most famous belongs to his KPPK and there are 2 batches. The batch 1 were those that made by LP Tim himself and batch 2 were made by Wat Lahanrai’s committee.

Once his disciple questioned Luang Phor Tim on the reason why he chose to use the skull of a dead child in the process. He answered "When we plant a tree, we want to eat the fruits quickly. This is similar to wearing an amulet. We want the amulet to provide merit and protection. The Phra Khun Paen Guman Plaai amulet will provide merit from Lord Buddha and the power and protection will come from the Guman Plaai"

This is the White robe achan who when to collect the Phong Plai Kuman powder n the white cloth is the cloth used to wrap the bone/Phong Plai Kuman

Other Sources To Have A Khun Phen Plai Kuman & Loop Om -

LP Sakorn is a closest disciple of LP Tim, he learned so much incantations from his teacher. LP Sakorn lived with and served LP Tim since he was 15. He was ordained a monk in B.E. 2501, and learned incantations with LP Tim since then. It's in B.E. 2526, nine year after LP Tim passed away, LP Sakorn learned with LP Koon of Wat Banrai on extra incantations for some special amulet creation. 

LP Sakorn is a most important successor of LP Tim of Wat Laharnrai. When LP Tim was still alive he had publicly told that after his pass-away LP Sakorn would sit his place.

The LP Sakorn's KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman is now rare and it can well be used as a substitution KhunPaen to an expensive LP Tim's version with same efficacies and properties--especially on Metta and lady attractiveness.

The price for a LP Tim KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman is now so steep that can be reached 100,000 Baht for an item of beautiful and complete conditions, but for the LP Sakorn's version the price is so much cheaper, roughly more than 15 times lower. This is why the LP Sakorn's KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman & Loop Om is a smart choice for smart collectors.

Thanks To All Online Sources For Contributing To This Article.

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