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Monday, 20 May 2013

Kruba Noi, Wat Si Don Moon - Superb Takrut Ka Sa Ton

Materials – Special Black Wood.

Effects – Extreme Protection, Prevent Danger and against all negative energy.

This Pim (model) is measuring 0.8 Cm Wide x 3.5 Cm High.

Miracles by this Magic Takrut Kasaton –

Case 1 –

This accident happened at ChiangMai province. One woman was driving a motorbike with her one year old son. While she was making a U turn and drove her bike across the road, a pickup drove straight towards them with high speed without stopping. It had missed them with no occurrence of accident. It was a very close shave. She believed strongly the reason for their safety was because of the power of takrut KASATON , created by KB Noi of Wat Sri Don Moon, she wore on her neck.

Case 2 –

Mr.ThongKam JaiTon is 65 years old and he lives in Chiangmai province. He said that he went to see a doctor to check up his body. A doctor tried to put hypodermic syringe into his stomach. But it was broken. The doctor tried many times but do not know what the reason. Mr.Thongkam remembered that he had wear a Takrut KASATON of KB Noi. As he realized what could be the reason, he took it off. After that, it was when the doctor could put hypodermic syringe into his stomach smoothly and without much difficulties. Mr.Thongkam began to believe that this takrut is so powerful.

Case 3 –

On 19 September 2007, a miracle happened to Mr.Tavorn NaJak a 59 years old man who was a member of SaiNoi Local Administration. He lived in Phrae province. A criminal used a shot gun to shoot 5 times at him. A bullet went passed just above his head and shaved his hair. His hair slipped off  and the rest was disarranged. But he was not wounded from this event. He later revealed that he got this takrut KASATON in B.E.2532. He wear this takrut all the time. He believed that this was because of takrut KASATON of KB Noi. After that, he met KB Noi immediately and related this event to KB Noi. After hearing, KB Noi chanted mantra and blow at his head.

Kruba Noi is a renowned master in Chiang Mai - northern Thailand. When Kruba Noi was born, his body was wrapped in umbilical cord. According Northern Thailand legend, he will be a Buddhist monk and the successor of Buddha. When he was 7 years old, he has been sent to temple to learnt Dharma with Kruba Pad. Therefore he ordained as a monk in year BE2507 by name - Noi when he was 20 years old. He went to learnt many Dhamma and Visha from 9 Top masters - Kruba Pad, Kruba Inn Giao, Kruba Unreng, Kruba Pahomma, Kruba Chao Srivichai, Kruba Ladatid, Kruba Kanban, Kruba Chaiyawongsa, and Phraku Salagoonma .

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