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Monday, 1 July 2013

Interesting Facts – LP SAWAI, Wat Preedaram

Famous Master For Extreme Metta, Maha Saney & Protection 

LP Sawai born on Wednesday, 18th of January BE2464 in the Year of The Chicken at Barn LatChakkum, Ampher Bangsai in Ayutthaya. His father name Sear and his mother name Yim. His father also learned wichah (Ancient Art) and always performed eating glass after drinking section to show that he also have wicha Kongkhapan.
As Young Sawai watch his dad performed all the time make him very interested in learning wichah himself. 

When his dad passed away, Young Sawai had no place to stay and have to travel around to look for odd job to survive.
One day,he came across Wat Predaram while he were travelling and make his decision to stay in Wat Predaram and attend the school in the temple till he decided to become a novice monk at the temple and never leave the mookhood till the day LP Sawai attained Nibana.

LP Sawai started to learn wicha of Yant kongkhaopan Chathee, MahaUd, Metta Mahaniyom and also doing takrut from LP Phoon of Wat MaiPingKaew, after LP Sawai learned everything from LP Phoon, he went to studied under LP Ngern of Wat Predaram, then continue his journey to learned Sak Yant ( Ancient tattoo ), Phayant MahaYant Khumnert Narai ( famous Pha yant from LP Sawai with many proven incidents ) under Archan Yang in Pethburi.

Next, he went to continue his study under Archan SearYoiChuRot (a Big Time Money Lander/Mafia) who is also an expert in wicha Yant NakPhak ( draw metta oil on our forehead ) as LP Sawai like this wicha so much and later he used it as his Favourite Yant in most of his amulets. After he completed he went to LP Kao at Wat SuanSom, SamutSakorn to learn wichah PitThong on NakPhak. Then to Archan PinLotkongThan to learned wicha of making Good Palakit as Archan Pin is disciple to LP Lear Wat SaoChanNgor and LP Ee of Wat Sathahip. LP Sawai learned this art very successfully as he can use his palakit to cut the rainbow and while he chanted in the BartNamMon filled with water, the Palakit can swim around it. Many of his disciples saw LP Sawai performed before and they know how effective the Palakit consecrated by L.P.Sawai.

After that, LP Sawai continue his wicha study under Archan ChamTaKunSoong , a disciple to LP Cheam of Wat Takong to learned the Traditional Medical in Herbs. then LP Sawai went to see PhrakPaladThot of Wat WongSear to learned Calling Back Soul of the people who died drowning in the sea or river, using bamboo to act like a fishing rod, and pull back the soul, many people saw the bamboo bend like pulling in a big fish on the rod, it performed to call back the soul and guide them back to the right place where they belong. Then, LP went to learn the art of making Mercury Amulets for klaewklad under LP PraPanKanasing.

LP Sawai love to learn wicha and studied under LP Ngern Wat DonYaiHom, LP Noi Wat Sisathong and even with LP Roong of Wat ThaKrabuer.
LP Sawai also went Tudong around Esan area, Lopburi and Uttaradit area and lastly became the Abbot of Wat PreDaram.

Lp Sawai passed away in BE2543, his popular amulets are Tiger Palakits and Phra Khun Paen effective for Strong Metta, Maha Saney & Protection.  His famous Blessing include 108 gold foil blessing and holy flowers water for changing of luck.

Other Sources To Experience LP Sawai's magic amulets for EXTREME METTA, MAHA SANEY & PROTECTION  - 


LP Chom, Wat Klang Khun Paen  - disciple of LP Sawai and he successfully studied magic and making EFFECTIVE amulets from his master.

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