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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

LP Nuam, Wat PoShi Jarean – Special Phra Khun Paen

Chanted By Many Guru Monks Of the Previous Generation ~ Mixed With A lot Of Old Holy Powders !!!

Strongly Blessed For 5 Months By LP Nuam In Year BE2551~

Many Top Monks joined the blessing included LP Tim, LP Kalong, LP Thongsuk, LP Aum

Size: 3 cm wide x 5 cm Height

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Enhance Your Metta (Loving-Kindess), Attraction & Charm (Maha Saney) greatly
  • Boost Your Wealth fetching, Business & Gambling luck (e.g. 4D/TOTO)
  • Easily find good opportunities in life; Victory in different aspects of life
  • Protection against dangers & harm 
Materials: Mixed 108 Type of flowers, herbs & other Old holy powders

Must Wear Above Waist ~

LP Nuam Featured In Magazines

LP Nuam was born at Ban Krang district and ordained monk when he was 20 years old at Wat Ban Krang. LP Nuam studied magic and Buddhism from LP To, who also from Wat Ban Krang and built Wat Poshijarean. There was miracle stories about LP Nuam, doctors confirmed LP Nuam is died of sickness but LP Nuam regained alive after one day and making doctors very confuse. LP Nuam is famous for his Phra Khun Paen amulets, Fighting Fish amulets, Takruts and others. He is very good in Buddhism and had supernatural power.

LP Kalong has studied making SeePhueng amulet from Arjarn Plak who was famous magical nonprofessional of Khmer in 1952. LP Kalong is one of the famous guru monks who have supernatural of statement command power. That is because he has a fang in the middle of palate. Before his birth, Bang, an old man living opposite was fishing in the night. He saw a Lersi holding a young child’s hand that walked into the house. He entered priesthood when he was 20 years old at Wat Nabun. He has been studied the art of making efficacious Narayana amulet from LP Nieng of Wat NahBoon and from LP Thong of Wat TaNodLuang. He practiced the same way as LP Sook of Pakklong Makhamthao Temple in Chainat. In fact, he became the Reverend Father Sook’s disciple at the same time as Khun Klaklangpachon, a close subordinate of His Royal Chumporn. Regarding Wat Suthatthepwararam, the Reverend Father Kalong followed LP Niam of Wat Nabun to attend a sacred ceremony to celebrate the Buddha image “Prabuddhachinnarat Indo-China” at Wat Suthat in 1942. It was there that he had a chance to meet the Patriarch Pae of Wat Suthat, Bankok. Afterwards, he studied the art of smelting metals and how to smelt new metals. He also studied the scriptures and the sacred art of creating the Pra Kring amulet from the Lord Mongkonmuni (Sonthi). He studied with the Reverend Father Chamlong (passed away in 1997). LP Kalong was the best disciple and a confidant of the Lord Wisuthacharn or the Lord Pae, (passed away in 2001) who was the direct disciple of the Patriarch Pae. LP Kalong passed away in 13th Sunday September B.E. 2552 (C.E.2009) in a hospital.

LP Tim of Wat PhraKhao, Ayutthaya province was born in March C.E.1913. LP Tim was first ordained a monk at Wat PiKut by three month. He returned on 10 April 1948 when he was ordained for a second time. LP Sang from Wat Namtao was the officiator at his second ordination. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. He studied Vipassana Meditation with LP Jong of Wat NahTaangNauk, LP Sodh of Wat Paknam who is the master of the Vijja Dhammakave Approach and Arjar Ju who is knows everything and could forecast the future. He went Tudong in the deep jungle and cemetery alone to gain knowledge, to build up good karma and to know the teaching of Buddha. LP Tim is one of the top guru monks of the present era. He is well known and popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha (supernatural arts). LP Tim remained at Wat Piku after his ordination but finally moved in 1949 to Wat Prakhao. At that time, Master Ting Buddhasiri was the abbot. Every day, many people go to meet LP Tim. They need his help and they believe LP Tim has power securing good fortune in business.

LP Tim passed away in 2009, the age is 96 year old.

Siam Gallery’s Clients had wonderful experiences and Improvements in life after wearing our amulets. I hope you can be blessed by our amulets today.

What they told us …

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