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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Mini Size Wealth 3 Holy Metal Takrut For Wealth Fetching & Loving Kindness (Charisma)

Superb Takrut For Wealth Fetching & Loving Kindness (Charisma)

Ideal For Ladies & Mini Amulets' Lovers

1 Pcs left !!!

Size: 2 cm wide x 2.5 cm Height

Can Wear Below Waist ~ ( In Pocket/Bag )

Small Size: Easy To Wear

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Wealth Fetching, Boost Gambling & Business/Sales Luck; Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles ( Maha Lap & Choke Lap )
  • Enhance Your Metta (Loving-Kindness) & Charm
  • Protection against Danger & Negative Energy
Composition Of Holy Materials:
3 mini takruts gold, silver & copper rolled.

LP Pian Featured In Magazines

LP Pian studied magic from his father when he was young. He was ordained at the age of 49 at Wat GumPaeng, Lop Buri province. After that, LP Pian stayed with LP Pahn of Wat GrernGaTin for studying magic and vipassana meditation. LP Pahn is a Cambodian monk and popular for his knowledge in both holy Dharma and Visha (magic). LP Pian is one of the most famous present-time guru masters who have good knowledge in the magical arts amulets and Buddhist Dharma. His amulet is very famous in protection and wealth.

All general enhancements & effects are a basic guide for users to understand the general usages and energy base of each item.

I would like to re-emphasis all different magic amulets/charms/wax are made with different magic subjects and ingredients producing different level of energy to help the wearer to achieve their goals or needs in life.

For Example - Buddha XXX amulet contain different energy base as Buddha XYZ, although both have the same common name or category. Common mistake is to believe all amulets with same common name contain the same energy for enhancements.

Please use all my magic amulets for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet to harm others.

Experience The Magical Power Of Our Magic Amulets & Charms Today.

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