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Friday, 18 April 2014

Interesting Facts – LP Doo, Wat Sakae

Guru Master Of Phra Phrom (4 Face Buddha) Amulets In The Last Era~

Archan Heng (Guru Master Of Phra Phrom Amulets)

Luang Phor Doo officially called “Phra Prompunyo”, was born on May 10th, B.E.2447, to the “Noosi” family, farmers in Uthai District, Ayudhaya Province.

He is without doubt probably the most popular monk amongst today's amulet collectors in Thailand. It appears as though he was destined to become both a successful and very famous monk. Even the day that he was born was one of the most important days in the Buddhist calendar, “Visakha Bucha Day”, a day to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha.

His parents Mr.Put and Mrs.Puang never were to see Luang Phor Doo grow to be a young man, as they both died before his 5th birthday. The orphaned child was raised by his grandmother and sisters, who later sent him to Wat Pradoosong Dharma were he was ordained a novice and educated.He remained at the temple until the age of 21 when he was ordained a monk at Wat Sakae on may 10th BE 2468 by Luang Phor Klun, former abbot of Wat Yatikaram, Luang Phor Chai, former abbot of Wat Klang Klongsrabua and Luang Phor Dae, former abbot of Wat Sakae.

Like most monks of his era, he was keen to educate himself by learning as many of the magic sciences as possible. He learnt both Dharma and magic sciences from many senior monks including Luang Phor Klun, Luang Phor Nueng, Luang Phor Chom, Luang Phor Rod and Luang Phor Pao. He also traveled extensivley  including many seasons spent in the jungles of Kanchanaburi and Suphanburi. It was recorded that at the time he was very interested in sacred tattooing, and almost every part of his anatomy is witness to that interest. As he grew older he became to realize that these scared markings were of no help to those in need of spiritual guidance, or indeed to escape the eternal circle of life. As a result he concentrated on meditation, developing his soul towards the ultimate goal of self purification and closer to Lord Buddha, he was taught these methods by LP Klun.

Luang Phor Doo was also educated by another senior monk of Wat Pra Yatikaram named Luang Phor Pao, who had taught him many magic sciences. it is through him that he learnt the secrets of creating efficacious amulets that would help protect his devotees from danger
Luang Phor Doo was very famous for his simple way of teaching Lord Buddha’s Dharma. He would always tell an easygoing story that could be easily understood and also help them reaching the true teachings of Lord Buddha.One of his most famous accounts was called “Kumarn Hoo-tum”, a story about a millionaire, who was so mean that he would not even contribute towards the care of his son “Kumarn Hoo-tum” who was seriously ill. Eventually his son died of his illness but because of the mercy of Lord Buddha, he received a powerful vision before death. This vision reminded the boy of Lord Buddha’s mercy towards all creatures. At the moment of his death he felt an overpowering respect for Lord Buddha, a result of which, he was reincarnated in heaven and renamed  “Mutta Khuntasi Dhepbutra”, blessed to remain there in eternity.

 “Just thinking of Lord Buddha’s mercy can bring much virtue, and you should remind yourself often of Lord Buddha, Dharma and Sangkha, in that way you will also find a path to heaven ”, said Luang Phor Doo. It is also recorded that around the year B.E.2500, Luang Phor Doo had dreamt that he ate three stars and after he woke he thought carefully about this vision and concluded that the three bright stars represented the Triple Gem (the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha).

Realising this, he began to recite the prayer of the refuge in the Triple Gem. He was extremely delighted by the experience and simultaneously reached complete confidence about holding onto the Triple Gem as the right method that leads the core of Buddhism. Henceforth, he determined to make meditation on the the Triple Gem (and the threefold refuge) a centrepiece of his meditation practice.

Luang Phor Doo has always welcomed any visitor regardless of class and background and he treated everybody equally. He never allowed his helpers to hold back guests or deny them entry. Luang Phor Doo was aware that many of his guests came a long way to see him to pay respect to him and to ask Dharma questions. If visitors were kept from meeting him at their convenience, they would be very disappointed. Luang Phor Doo showed loving kindness to his visitors and students. If they showed interest in mediation practice he was delighted to give them support and advice. He never grew tired of giving dharma talks to his followers.

Luang Phor Doo was not only a very patient man, but he also embodied the complete absence of arrogance. He was well-mannered all of his life and never treated anyone haughtily. Once Somdet Phra Buddhajarn (Seng) of Wat Suthat Thepwararam came to see him, one of the highest dignitaries in Thai Sangha, second only to the Supreme Patriarch, who is also perhaps better known as “Than Chao Khun Sangiam ”. He was one lent older than Luang Phor Doo and came to pay veneration to him. He also praised him as his teacher. When Chao Khun Sangiam finished paying respect to Luang Phor Doo he returned the gesture, and so they were paying respect to each other. It was a rare occurrence in a world that is dominated by power struggles, stubbornness, and arrogance.

From B.E.2527 Luang Phor Doo's health started to decline and he fell ill frequently because he allowed himself too little resting time. He welcomed guests and students from different parts of the country all the time. Even when he was seriously ill, he insisted on continuing this as usual. The monk who took care of Luang Phor Doo said that there were occasions when he was shivering and had to be carried to welcome visitors. Yet, he never complained and he never made anyone worry about him; he never even talked about his pain. Later in life he was examined by a physician who found that he suffered from heart disease and ordered him to rest and to seek treatment at the hospital. He refused it. At the end of 1989 he proclaimed several times that he would soon leave his physical body. Although he suffered intensely he maintained outward composure through patient meditation. His mind was unaffected and serene, so people did not notice that there was anything wrong with him.

On Tuesday, 16th January 1990 in the afternoon he talked to one of his students who was a Thai air force officer. During conversation his face glowed and he said: “I will no longer feel pain.” In the night of that day many followers came to visit him. Luang Phor Doo said: “there are no parts of my body that don't feel pain,” and he confirmed “I am leaving.” In his last words to his followers, he warned them not to be careless and not to neglect the dharma. He compared meditation practice to boxing: “Dharma practise is like a boxer in the ring. You have to start punching right away and don't fool around.” After that he retired to his kuti where he died peacefully on Wednesday, 17th January 1990 at the age of 85. On 20th April 1991 royal a funeral service was arranged in his honour. Luang Phor Doo spent 65 years of his life in robes. Though he is gone, his teaching lives on in the hearts and minds of his students.

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