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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Interesting Facts - The Magic Of One Eye Coconut, Phra Rahu & LP Noi, Wat Si Sa Tong

Translated In English Version

Normal coconuts have 2 eyes & 1 mouth, compare to One* eye coconut only have 1 eye and 1 mouth.

One eye coconut is very rare and not all coconut trees can bare 1-eye coconuts. However, you can often find it if a particular coconut tree bare 1 eye coconut before.

1 eye coconut are suitable to be placed at shop fronts, offices and face the eye at the entrance of the location to attract wealth or clients.

In older times, Thai people believed that coconuts with no or single eye brings good luck. Such coconuts’ shell are used to make into amulets with Phra Rahu or deva images and are chanted with protection, wealth fetching, & career luck magic mantras.

Famous Master that used coconut shell to make amulets - LP Noi, Wat Si Sa Tong:

LP Noi, wat SriSaThong was born on 14 February 1892 and passed away on 10 Desember 1945 at the age of 53 year old. He studied magic from his father when he was young. He was ordained as a monk at the age of 21 at Wat GlarngKooWieng. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism.

LP Noi is a Laos’s monk. He is has been studied the art of making efficacious Phra RaHu statues from Laos. He was the first monk who created style of Phra RaHu in Thailand and popular for his knowledge in both Holy Dharma and Visha (magic).

Wat SriSaThong located at Nakorn Pathom Province, Thailand. It occurs from cooperation from many villagers. When it was under construction, they found Phra Thong in underground. Thus, people called “Wat HuaThong” In the reign of LP Noi Nawarat, this temple was very progress. Next, it was changed the name to be “Wat SriSaThong”. Nowadays, most of people worship Phra Rahoo at this temple.

Other Sources to wear Effective Phra Rahu made by Coconut shell - Lineage Of LP Noi, LP JUED:


General Enhancements & Effects Of Phra Rahu Amulets - 

Eat all of your bad luck
  • Get rid of backstabbers and gossip in workplace or industry (Esp. In Office Politics)
  • Protection from Dangers & Black Magic
  • Prosperity, Wealth Fetching and Business Luck 
  • Boost Your Luck Greatly; Change bad luck to good luck

The legend of Phra Rahu is a immortal giant in Thai myth. The creation of Phra Rahu is that Phra Rahu was created by magical drawing and words, "Suriyabuppa" (eclipse of the sun period) and "Chandrabuppa" (eclipse of the moon period). Both hermits created to sanctify Phra Rahu which taking the sun and the moon in his mouth. The two hermits made those things because they had foresight to know that human will face with grieves and danger in the future. And Phra Rahu could help people to free from those ones.

Worshipping Phra Rahu with only black colour foods, a list of 8 kinds of black foods and the meanings:

1. Black grapes means good business.
2. Black liqueur means courage to risk or invest.
3. Black coffee means you will get whatever you wish for.
4. Black jelly or Shoa Guay means patience and graceful thought.
5. Black beans mean progress.
6. Black sticky rice means wealth and love form family.
7. Black Thai cake means rewards, success and good luck.
8. Black fermented eggs mean successful contact or errands

Credits To All Online Sources~

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