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Friday, 10 May 2019

Powerful Love Wax Of The Seven Heaven (Heart Wax) Magic Amulet - Be Charming, Desirable & Confidence

Discover The Legendary Love Wax ~ Be Charming. Desirable. Confidence.

Infused With Many Old Charming Herbs & Attraction Oil From Previous Era To Combine Into This Powerful Seven Heaven Love Wax

Especially For Capturing The Hearts Of Your Targets Quickly !!! Tested & Proven Results ~ No Doubts !!! Try It Today

New 2018 Version For Pre-Ordering Only !!! Subject To Availability



Size: 1.5cm wide x 1.8cm wide ~ Small Size

Simple & Easy To Wear Daily

Can Be Wear Above Or Below Waist

Ideal Magical Amulet For All Users - UNISEX/LGBT

Embedded With Wealthy Lucky Notes' Fragments* For Great Money Luck

100% Natural Herbs & Flowers Ingredients - No Offerings Required (No Spirit)

Lacking Charm ? Proven Results again & again~ Unable To Post All Testimonials Here.... Please Refer To Main Page For Testimonials

Note: Due To High Energy/Vibration, Some Users May Experience Dizziness*  & Need Few Days To Adjust~

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boosting Of Powerful Attraction, Charm & increase your Sex Appeal. (Bewitching and Enchanting Seductive Magnetism)
  • Enhances Your Convincing/Persuading Power & Negotiation
  • Superb Wealth Fetching, Gambling & Business Luck ; Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles (Maha Lap & Choke Lap)

Especially for Users:
  • To seek new partner or soul mate in life, want to be with the target in a shorter time frame or break the ice swiftly
  • To initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck
  • Reduce quarrels and conflicts with your partner
  • For Businesses/Sales Applications/Networking

(Please Take Note - Use it for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet.)

Special Consecration Methods & Materials Used (This Formula Delivers Miraculous Effects):
  • Mixed with concentrated green wax from old batch 1-3 to be the ingredients
  • Added all the legendary wax which are very famous and lot of experiences from the legendary charming magic teacher to make this green wax.
  • Various types of charming oil and herbs, charming tattoo oil of old magic teachers which Master collected for a long time, concentrated charming herb which was inherited more than 300 years
  • Recited the incantations for all materials of this green wax more than 15 years until the power is full.
  • Special incantation in this green wax until the wax can be grown by itself with weird shapes. Moreover, added with gold foils which wrote Yants more than 50,000 pieces to mix with this green wax because gold is a pure & natural mineral which will attract good things & Luck to come and gold is a thing which everyone want. 
  • Embedded with White Pearl, Salika Takrut and Mini Khun Paen Salika which made from Maha Sanay powder, charming pollen powder and concentrated important charming powder.
  • Wealthy Lucky Notes' Fragment
Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

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