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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Best Of Wish Fulfilling Amulet - Powerful Lucky Star (Special Batch Polaris - The Northern Star) Soaked With * LP Pinak's Magic Oil *

Use The Star Of The Northern To Be Your Guardian Star For Navigation & Find The True Directions Of Your Life~ 

Special Edition* Star Soaked In Legendary Guru Master, LP Pinak's Charming Oil To Enhance The Charming & Attraction Energy !!! Highly Recommended !!!

Prepare Yourself For Challenges Ahead In The Brand New Year !!!

For Pre-Ordering Only~ Subject To Availability !!!

"Owner's Recommendation - Excellent item for Users to pray for their wishes and for Work Progression/Businesses/Sales"

Size: 3 cm wide x 3.5 cm Height~ Small Size Amulet

Can Wear Below Waist (Clip in Pocket/Bag)~ No Offerings required

Why named "Northern Star Batch"?
In olden days when there are no GPS System, Sailors or those people who are lost use the "Northern Star" as a guiding star to help them navigate out to the right direction. 

In Life, We might be lost at times & requires guidance to find solutions. This batch of Lucky Star amulet are made and chanted with special magic subjects to help people who seeking energies to bring them out from very bad state or seeking improvements in their daily life

Note - Necklace Not Inclusive

" Satisfied User wrapped the star in REAL GOLD FRAME after many many good enhancements in her life"

Ton Of Tested & Proven Results~ Powerful~ This Is The Magic Amulet To Create Miracles In Your Life!!!

Another Satisfied Client Cased In Real Gold Case 

Be The Brightest Star & Raise To The Highest Point!!! Empowered Your Life With The Legendary Magic Subjects Of LP Pinak, The Maker Of Famous & Powerful Lucky Star In Thailand

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boost Your Luck Greatly; Change Bad To Good Luck (Detoxify*** Bad Luck & Negative Energies)
  • Ideal For Wish Fulling Magic Subject - All your wishes be helped & fulfilled. "Just think and you will get all you want"
  • Enhances Your Loving-Kindness (Ren Yuan/Metta), Charm and Attraction (Maha Saney)
  • Career Progression in Corporate ladder & Gain Recognition in different aspects of life
  • Boost Your Wealth Fetching, Businesses & Sales Luck greatly
  • Protection against dangers & negative energies

    Especially for Users:
    • That are in very bad state (Business Failure, Unemployed, and etc.)
    • Maneuver your life smoothly against all tides 
    • Combat resistance in differ aspects of life
    • Provide directional control against deviation (Guidance)

    • Old Star Amulets' Holy Powders of LP Pinak*
    • Mixed Holy Powders including Charming & Love herbs & flowers
    • Holy Gemstones
    • Silver Takrut For Wealth Fetching & Charm Yants

    The Legendary Master Of The Powerful Lucky Star Magical Subjects

    Your Absolute Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!!! Highest Quality!!!

    Siam Gallery’s Clients experienced Remarkable Improvements in life after trusting Siam Gallery. In life, we meet people that have evil intentions when we faced downturns or heart broken, despite not helping us they choose to cheat our money to purchase their amulets that will HARM us or are simply FAKES. Don’t be fooled by & waste your money on those questionable amulets…

    Discover Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back For More?

    Special Katha & Instructions Will Be Provided Upon Purchased If Any. (Siam Gallery Don't Provide Katha To Users that bought their Amulets from other IRRESPONSIBLE & UNETHICAL SOURCES)

    All Amulets Are Limited, So Act Now !!! 100% Directly From Temples !!! Don’t Miss Out !!!

    Subject To Courier Fee, Shipping Worldwide & Case Wrapping Fee (Optional)

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