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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Powerful Phra Rahu (Heavenly Dog) Magic Amulet Engraved On One Eye Coconut

Powerful Phra Rahu Magic Amulet Made Of One Eye Coconut - One Of The Best Amulet To Cast Away Your Bad Luck, Overcome Obstacles & Prevent Backstabbers Around You From Harming You.

Consecrated By The Most Effective & Powerful Lersi Maker In Our Current Era (Tested & Proven Results By Our Members).

Engraved On Rare & Powerful Material " One Eye Coconut Shell"

Last Few Pieces From Old Collection, Subject To Availability.

Size: 2.6 cm wide x 4 cm height

Must Wear Above Waist

100% Holy & Positive Magic Amulet

Phra Rahu is also known and venerated for his capabilities in strengthening the worshipper’s power and converting even enemies into friends.

Wearing a Phra Rahu amulet from behind their back to prevent back stabbers.

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide:

General Enhancements & Effects: Phra Rahu will eat all of your bad luck:
  • Get rid of backstabbers and gossip in your office & industry
  • Prosperity, Wealth Fetching and Boosting Your Businesses/Sales Luck
  • Change bad thing to good thing; Overcome Obstacles & Bad Luck; Smooth Sailing Luck
  • Protection from dangers & evil spirits

Especially For Those:
  • When you become victim of gossip in the office or indutry
  • When you become a victim of jealousy and politics
  • Put a stop to competitors or trouble making enemies wishing to drown you.
Composition Of Materials:
Phra Rahu Image & Yantra engraved on One Eye Coconut Shell

LP Nong Reblessing & Putting Holy Powders On Our Items

LP Nong Passed Away On 26.07.2015

LP Nong was born in B.E. 2459 (C.E.1916) in Lop Buri Province. LP got ordained as a novice at the age of 12. He learnt dharma and magic from his uncle, LP Derm of Wat NongPho. LP Nong has knowledge of magic, sacred tattooing and he is good at making efficacious amulets following LP Derm’s way. At the of Age 21, LP Nong went to be a soldier for 2 years. After that, he was ordained as a monk at age 23 at Wat OhPahSee, Bangkok. Then he came back to Wat NongPho, Nakhon Sawan Province to look after LP Derm until LP Derm passed away in C.E. 1939. Later, people in Sakaeo Province requested him to be an abbot at Wat WangSiThong. He accepted the request and has become an abbot until now.

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