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Monday, 2 March 2015

Interesting Facts - LP Jong, Wat Natangnok

One of the top 10 Guru monks of Thailand is Luang Phor Jong of Wat NaTangNok Temple, BangSai district, Ayuthaya province

He passed away on the Buddhist important MaKhaBuCha day of February 17th, B.E.2508, at the age of 93. Luang Phor Jong and Luang Phor Parn of Wat BangNomKho were close friends and respected each others high Dhamma practice. They had the same teachers, LP Soon of Wat BangPlaMoh and LP Paan of Wat PikulSokant. Even Luang Phor Parn who reached very high miraculous knowledges of "Apinya" and "Wipassana", spoke often of his admiration of Luang Phor Jong as a great monk.

There are many stories told about Luang Phor Jong. One evening as he was resting at the pier in front of his temple, a small group of men rowed across the canal. After securing their boat one said disrespectfully to Luang Phor Jong, "Luang Phor, would you guard my boat because I am told there are many thieves here." Luang Phor Jong gracefully acknowledged, " Alright, I'll guard your boat as mine...don't worry." The group of men came back to the pier at around midnight, they saw Luang Phor Jong still sitting alone at the pier. "Wow, how obedient, you're still sitting here for all these hours. I thank you for guarding my boat." Luang Phor Jong replied, "You ordered me to guard your boat and I did so as was requested." The following evening the men came to Luang Phor Jong's Kuti (monk's house) with flowers, incense and candles. They paid homage to Luang Phor Jong and remarked "We have come to apologize for ordering you to guard our boat. We were unaware you are Luang Phor Jong, so please forgive us for such a grievous sin. Please bestow your forgiveness." Luang Phor Jong responded, “You ordered me and I accepted your demand. This is no sin but from now forward never order any monk whomever they are as your servant." He then briefed them of Buddha's Dhamma. The men listened quietly and wept respectfully at Luang Phor Jong's feet.

Luang Phor Jong was known to be a great benefactor. For temples troubled by lack of Kutis, he would have his disciples dismantle their own and deliver to fellow temples in desperate need.

There are stories of thieves coming to Luang Phor’s temple to steal precious valuables. Luang Phor Jong would knowing and willingly provide such articles to the thieves while preaching that stealing a monk's few possessions was a great sin. As a result of his actions and teachings many thieves gave up stealing.

Luang Phor Parn, Wat BangNomKho and Luang Phor Jong

Luang Phor Parn of Wat BangNomKho very much admired and respected Luang Phor Jong. So much so that as example Luang Phor Parn taught his disciples that one should never beg from a monk of such high virtue as he would give willingly everything that was begged for. Whenever Laung Phor Parn performed religious ritual at his temple, he would invite Luang Phor Jong to join. Once Luang Phor Parn requested a disciple to bring Luang Phor Jong by motor boat to join a ceremony. Luang Phor Jong told the disciple to proceed back to the ceremony by way of boat and that he would join later. As soon as the disciple returned, he reported to Luang Phor Parn that Luang Phor Jong would come later. Luang Phor Parn laughed and pointed to Luang Phor Jong sitting in front of him. How did he come in such immediate time? There were many miles between the two temples. If walking this would take several hours. It was recorded that Luang Phor Jong reached the highest knowledge of "PatiSamPhiThaYan" which provids the the greatest ability to exercise miracles of all kinds. Whoever reaches this state will have comprehensive knowledge over all Tri Pitaka with ease to rush anywhere in short time.

Luang Phor Jong created many kinds of amulets in the period of WW II, such as medals, small statues, ivory-tusk Rajasihas, metal Ta Pian fish, takrut, yant and lip wax.

His amulets are recognized as very powerful in warding off dangers of any kind and wealth fetching luck-

Takrut Tone

Takrut Salika

and many more other items...

LP Maen, Direct Lineage Of LP Jong

LP Maen directly studied magical knowledge from LP Jong & he is the current abbot of Wat Natangnok.

During the mid of 2014, someone tried to steal the temple funding in the middle of the night but he was shocked and run off after he tried to break open the donation box. Strangely nobody in the temple hall on that night, temple committee found out the incident after watching the recorded video of the cctv.

Image Taken From CCTV

Credits To The Original Sources~

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