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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Part 1 - Preparation Of Holy Materials For Making Of Powerful Amulets

Buddha Statue In Famous Temple - Wat Par Jao Sua

What Are Agent Made Amulets? How To Distinguish Between Temple Made & Agent Made?
Agent made amulets are items that are produce by AGENTS* that are mainly for EXPORT purposes using the names of famous temples & masters.

In Singapore & Malaysia context, we alway find these amulets in amulet shops, both online & in retails.

How to distinguish? What are the difference?
Most of the time, all these agent made items are produce in FACTORIES and not in TEMPLE. Eventually those items are still blessed by FAMOUS monks during a ceremony for photo taking sessions....some even use photoshop to do the amulets' catalogues to let people feel that all monks are presence for the blessing ceremony

Differences??? the composition of holy powders usually will be as little as 10percent or ZERO, many cases that those items are remake even after the guru monk passed away = not blessed at all !!!

How to distinguish ? Many and many dealers are selling those low priced items because the consumers like to have low pricing items with fancy catalogues or stories. NO WAY TO TELL....SAD CASE FOR NORMAL CONSUMER

Demand = Supply = Wearing Fancy Stones On You

So you must be wondering how temples or guru monks make amulets in the past???
Today, I will be sharing with you behind the scenes of making REAL & GOOD AMULETS in temple and materials added using old school methods passed down from the past generations.

Also not to forget!!!! In the past, making amulets are for GOOD CAUSES e.g. built temples in genuine & legitimate reasons not to built THEME PARKS , repair roads, etc etc SURELY not for commercial benefits.

“Buddha Pavilion” Batch -
This Batch was made to raise fund to built & repair the temple structures in Phetchaburi

Who are involved? Who Provided the holy materials??

Every Pieces Of Amulets Are Made & Chanted using powerful mystical & holy materials from 3 powerful monks of our current era -

Note: when "Powerful" are used in my context meaning REAL MAGIC OR AMULET that can produce results i.e. Help wearers and not in commercial sense such as famous due to many advertisements* 

LP Keaw ,Wat Poo Noi , Amnat Charoen province

Archan AO, Phetchabun province

LP Ya Kun Jun, Wat Par Jao Sua, Ubon Ratchathani province - His Phra Khun Paen Priced SGD1,000 - 4000 depending on Phim released since BE2557 (Year 2014)

During the blessing ceremonies, the powerful “3 Angels” are invited into the amulets to bless the wearers of the amulets with Smooth Sailing, Prosperity, Wealthy Luck & Charm -
  • The Angel named “Kamol Kan” that have over 100 years old of history in Myanmar 
  • The Angel named “Ka Mon” that Help Many Poor People To Become Rich, Change Bad Situations To Good, Help Singles To Find Their lovers and Fulfilled Their Wishes
  • The Angel of Wealthy named “Kun ya” was made famous recently in Thailand by LP Ya Kun Jun’s Phra Khun Paen Amulets, many Thai people experiences improvement in wealthy luck & charm
Interesting* Info about this batch of amulet are the " Combination of 3 type of legendary magic subjects" used in the consecration & chanting ceremonies:
  • Thai magic subject
  • Lao magic subject
  • Myanmar magic subject
Using traditional old methods for making this batch of amulets:

Stage 1: Master chanted & bless all the holy materials in 2 occasions during BE2557 before the amulets are pumping the amulets in shape

Note: All processes of making this batch of amulets are done by Temple (Non Factory Pump)

You must be wondering at this point of time - how many chanting ceremonies or no. of chanting are required? There are no fixed numbers or sequences prescribed as there are too many different school of magic subjects and also depending on the masters.

In this batch of amulets -> Stage 1: preparation stage of materials -> 2 times*
(however many many times of Chanting & Blessing done as these materials are kept for at least 10 years)

1st blessing ceremony to invite & inform all spiritual masters to bless all the holy materials:

Original Batch Of Phra Khun Paen By LP Jun

2nd blessing ceremony to re-bless all the holy materials with LP Ya Kun Jun's Holy Powders & Other Holy Mass:

Red Holy Powders From Myanmar

The Magical Charming Green Wax That Had Been Proved By Our Members

Holy Blue Mass & Powders From LP Ya Kun Jun, Wat Par Jao Sua

Inviting LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai To Bless The Materials For These Amulets

All materials used are holy, powerful & mystical substances which are very rare in current era and Masters spend time more than 10 years to collect & gather all these materials-
  • Holy powder from Somdej Toh, Wat Rakang
  • Holy powder from chamber and Phra Somdej Bangkunprom
  • Holy powder from Somdej Nopparut, Wat Parkaew During Ayutthaya period
  • Holy powder “Kasin Thart” referred to Lok U Dorn’s subject
  • Holy powders of LP Jun, Wat Par Jao Sua
  • Ma Room Ma Toom charming powder of LP Jun, Wat Par Jao Sua
  • Takrut Mahatart origin referred to Wat Ma Karm Tao subject
  • Holy meditation powder of LP Mun’s magical lineage
  • Charming and wealthy herbs powder of Archan Lhor Kankeaw
  • Powerful mystical herbs powder which inherited more than 300 years from Ayutthaya period
  • Powerful mystical herbs powder made from 200 types of herb by Phra Archan AO
  • Mahapiya holy powder referred to Myanmar subject
  • Holy powder in Larh pagoda from Tibet
  • Brick powder from Phra Tartphanom
  • Leklai from Sorn Kaew cliff
  • Phong Chindamanee inherited over than 100 years
  • Holy Soil from 7 countries, 7 millionaire’s houses, 7 markets, 7 watersides, 7 fields, 7 mountains
  • Pattamung holy powder, Trisinghae holy powder, Maharart holy powder, Itthaje holy powder, Putthakhun holy powder by Phra Archan AO
  • Chinnabunchorn wealthy holy powder by LP Keaw, Wat Poo Noi
  • Rasp powder of various Phra Kring from more than 100 temples since B.E. 2536-2557
  • Wealthy powders made from bank notes
  • Charming powder from Arjarn Pii (Mr.Samarn Jangjaroen)
  • Holy powder of Phra Somdej made by Arjarn Lek (Pajon Noirort)
  • Holy herb powder from Arjarn Kumsuay Saiplong
  • Sohrod powder from LP Keaw, Wat Poo Noi which inherited from Kruba Sritut
  • Holy powder of LP Doo, Wat Sakae which inherit to Phra Arjarn Aumpol
  • Holy wood powder of LP Kob, Wat Tum Kao Sa Li Ka and LP Opasee, Trai luck graveyard
  • Holy soil in shrine of LP Tuad from Kua Lar Kang Sar Ma Ley province
  • Holy joss stick powder of Godfather Saekong from Hongkong
  • Holy joss stick powder of Godmother Tubtim from Macao
  • Holy joss stick powder from various Shrines of the City Pillar around Thailand
  • Holy joss stich powder from various pagoda around Thailand
  • Holy Dik Diam wood powders
  • Black herb powder of LP Sarm
  • Black herb powder of Arjarn Phet
  • Black herb powder of Arjarn Sumrit
  • E Dum Noi herb of LP Jun, Wat Wang Wern
  • Phaya Karaweek Thepjumrang powder of LP Jun, Wat Dong Wai
  • Holy powder made from 19 kinds of Leklai by Archan Prasartporn
  • Mystical metals, magical stones, mystical fangs, mystical horns, mystical ivory, mystical coconut shells and mystical woods
  • many many more old holy materials

I will be sharing the information of this batch of powerful amulets in several parts as there are really too much information.

You can message me if you have any questions or I missed out any info~

Stay Tune For More Info~

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