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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Part 3: Delivering The Best Of The Best Amulets 2015 To You

Buddha Statue In Famous Temple - Wat Par Jao Sua

Before going into the next part, I will share the Questions & Answers from many of our members for the sake of those shy people out there -

Q1: How many pieces I have?
Answer: This batch of amulets I PREPARED*** Around 30 pieces......why I used "PREPARED"....maybe you can scroll down to the Info below... =D Let see who are the lucky lucky ones

Q2: Can I pre-order or verbal reserve it?
Answer: No No No verbal reservation, I PREPARED this special batch for those people who really need it...still the same replies...1st come 1st served~

Q3: Why am I SO SURE is good?
Answer: Oh My many people i helped ? or rather you count by recorded testimonials till date ? over 430.....BUT BUT its alright....I will show it to you all...with info I got from Thailand...Lastly don't trust my advice...please do not ask me......

Q4: I wearing one Phra Khun Paen already, can i still wear this batch of kp?
Answer: Surely you can, there are Thai people wearing 2-3 version of this batch of Phra Khun Paen in ONE chain, so nothing is wrong

New Q5: "Sounds Very Powerful?" Quoted from one question
Answer: All info provided is REAL & FACTUAL; Not just from rumors or fairy tales like many dealers spur...

New Q6: My Friend asked for it? can rent?
Answer: Strictly for my friends or members and their family members ; only the balance will be released to unknown

New Q7: Version & Pricings
Answer: All info will be informed on "launch date" and collection will be from the date of launch 

New Q8: Many members asked how to order or pay me on launch date?
Singapore Reservation mode payment to my "POSB SAVING - 026221870" , update me the REF No. once transferred.

Overseas Members/Credit Card Payment + Fee applies*** to my paypal account

New Q9: What can this batch of KP do? help me with my LOVE issues?
Answer: KP is not only for LOVE problems, a good piece of Phra Khun Paen can be wear and pray for many many enhancements...take a reference to the famous LP TIM, Wat Lahanrai's Kp....even old man are wearing....of course not for LOVE or good for MONEY luck and Businesses too

Enjoy the final part !!! As promised with video clips~ For those people who missed the PART 1 & Part 2 Information you can click the link embedded here !!!! If you have new questions, just drop me a message !!! Have fun 

Video Clips Of The Blessing Ceremony (Shorten Version)

Final Stage: Destroy Of The Mold

In every amulet making process, the final stage is to destroy all the molds used to pump the amulets. Why is this important? To prevent the amulets from remaking in future as all the holy materials are limited and those remakes won't be the same anymore or rather is simple fakes~

Archan destroy all the molds by himself

Special Stage: Archan applied Special Holy Powers*** On Our Amulets Upon my Request

Powerful & Holy White Powders passed down since King Rama V Period (Year 1868 onward)***

To make sure that I can make a difference to your life & deliver "The Best of the Best Amulets" for you, I seek the help of my favorite masters to do another round of blessings for Great Wealth, Metta & Boost Luck for the amulets !!!!!

Let See Who Are These Masters That Re-Blessed Our Amulets~

LP Piak, Senior Disciple Of LP Yaem (Wat Sam Ngam)

Archan Nikom (Famous For Charming & Wealth Luck Magic) 

LP Anek, Wat PreeDaRarm (Disciple Of LP Sawai & Current Abbot)

LP Perm, Wat Pom Gaew (Famous For His Phra Phrom Amulets, Disciple Of LP Doo)

hmmm  you can do a simple count....How many Masters & Rounds of Blessing are done to this batch of amulet Excluding Spiritual Masters invited to bless during the actual ceremony? hahaha

Your Favorite Section: Sharing Of Some Thai People's Testimonials (No Fairy Tales)

For Sharing Purposes Only~

We Love It ~ Thai People Believe In This Batch Of Amulets !!!

A picture speaks a thousand words~ you decide what you believe in life~ Of course hard work play an important role in our life too !!!

You can message me if you have any questions or I missed out any info that you wish to know~

Thank you very much~

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