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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Useful Tips - The Great Yantra of 5 Buddhas: NA MO BUDH DHA YA







Who are those 5 Buddhas ?
  • Gakusandho Buddha
  • Gonakamano Buddha
  • Gassapo Buddha
  • Sakayamuni Kotama Buddha(the present-epoch Buddha)
  • Sri Ariyametrai Buddha (the next future Buddha)

The short names or initials of the 5 Buddhas are NA MO BUDH DHA YA.

The cores of many Thai Mantras or Khathas are of these Buddhas' initials.

How to use the Maha Yant ?

It's on your wishes. You can write this Maha Yant on a plain paper and post it on the front door to protect fire, evils, vicious spirits or ghosts, etc, or you can tattoo on your upper body for impenetrability or invulnerability purpose. It can be tattooed on the chest, the back, the neck, upper arms or wrists, aiming at safty from all dangers and impenetrability by formidable weapons - knife or gun; but be careful - don't let the Maha Yant touch with the improper thing such as lady's sexual organ or lady's napkin, etc. 

If you recite NA MO BUDH DHA YA, YA DHA BUDH MO NA ( forward and backward) with great Samadhi(Meditation) every day, the Yant and Khatha will be embedded in your body, then your flesh will resist bullets!! And if you recite with some special Mantra until it's fully imbibed in your flesh and bone, the gun will be misfired (the bullet will not come out), or the barrel of the gun will burst as soon as it's triggered !! This is the first-class Maha Ut (Maha= great, Ut=close, impenetrability).

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