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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Magical Wax Of Ganesha/Phra Pikanet - Great Power For Wealthy Luck, Charming & Wisdom

The Phra Pikanet Magic Wax For Quick Boost & Enhancements !!!

Infused With 3 in 1 Magic Power Of Wealthy, Charm & Wisdom Energies.

" The Elephant Wax Really Powerful " Quoted From Satisfied User

For Pre-Ordering Only !!! Subject To Availability.

SOLD OUT. Thanks.

Added With Amulet Inside The Wax Casing - The Lord Of Success & Destroyer Of Evils And Obstacle

Size: 3 cm Diameter

* Can Be Combine With Seven Moon Magic Wax For Higher Power & Enhancements *

No Offerings Required (100% Holy Item With No Spirits)

Especially For Those Searching For Catalyst & Breakthrough In Your Life~ Ton Of Proven Results For Boosting Of Good Luck, Wealth, and Businesses During Crisis & Stagnant Period Of Your Life !!!

Note: Please Use it for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet

How To Use This Magic Wax ???

(Special Usages With Mantra Provided For User)
  • Pray Your Wishes & Tap On Your Body - When applied over your skin, you will attract Good Luck/Things & be very attractive to everyone or your targets (Be Super Likeable & Lucky)
    • Carry With You Or Praying To it Daily For The Great Energies & Blessing From Ganesha (Cased up for easy wearing after the wax finished)
    • When applied on your products, shops, contracts, gifts, marketing materials, namecards & etc, your target audience will be attracted to those items & to boost your businesses & sales

    * Tested & Proven Results World Wide From Magical Wax Of Ganesha *

    Winning Of Lotteries 2 Times In 1 Week !!! Seeking For More !!!

    Be Super Loveable !!!

    and many many more...

    Mixture Of Many Powerful & Rare Materials:

    1) Over 100 years old Elephant Placenta (One Of The Powerful Materials Used In Making Ancient Amulets For Great Money Luck & Charm) got from a special elephant- 

    Most of the time, the elephant will eat all its placenta after giving birth to a baby elephant, but this special elephant want to give a special gift to her owner and leave the placenta behind. The mahout kept the placenta carefully in the safe place because it is a very valuable treasure (more valuable than gold for the family). Over the years, this old elephant placenta was passed down to many generations in the mahout’s family as family heirloom.

    2) The second elephant placenta was given by Ac Pi, The Current Generation's Famous Maker of Powerful Hand-Made HoonPaYon Amulets

    3) The elephant Lasso (Special Rope For Capturing Elephant) -

    Made from 3 Special Rope which consisted of Thundered*** Rare White Buffalo (male) skin and the others 2 rope are made of White buffalo (female) skin. The mahout will recite the incantation to the elephant lasso and pay respect to their mahout's spiritual teacher. The elephant lasso can be use to catch any wild forest elephant easily. (It is very strange that even the fetters (Metal Chain) could not restrain the power of wild elephant, however this special elephant lasso can catch and calm down any elephant easily).

    5) Embedded with Ganesh/Pikanet Amulet (The Lord Of Success & Destroyer Of Evils And Obstacle) Made Of Holy Metals

    6) Added With Silver, Copper Takrut & Lucky Money Note Fragments With Magical Subjects To Boost Your Wealthy Luck & Charm

    7) Mixed With Natural Bee Wax & Holy Herbs/Flowers

    General Enhancements & Effects:
    • Be Successful in different aspects of your life & Overcome Obstacles & Challenges (Victory)
    • Boosting Your Loving-kindness (Metta) & Charm greatly (Be Super Lovable in Your Social Circle)
    • Enhancing Your Wealth Fetching & Business/Sales Luck, Gambling Luck. Secure Good fortune to Prosperity (Ideal For Windfall Luck & Attracting Customers & Opportunities To You)
    • Enhancing Your Wisdom, Learning & Focusing Power
    • Enhancing Your Convincing/Persuading Power & Negotiation
    Especially For Those:
    • Users In Sales/Customer Service Line Or Running Businesses
    • Seeking Guidance & Directions In Life
    Released From:
    Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

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