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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Powerful Lucky Star (Dao) Magic Amulet "Every Day A Star Is Born" - 7 Day 7 Color

For Pre-Ordering Only: Back By Popular Demand

Don't Miss The Great Magic~ All Funds Will Be Refund If Out Of Stock. Thank You Very Much !!!

Your Destiny, Your Choice

Discover The Magical Power Of The Special Lucky Star Magic Amulets "Every Day A Star Is Born" Batch - 7 Day 7 Color

Infused With Special Magical Formula - The *Ultimate Holy Powders Of Truth* In This Batch Of Dao To Fully Power Up Our Luck To The Peak Of Our LIfe

Don't Let Your Lucky Stars* Slip Away

Ideal Item For Wish Fulling Magic Subject - All your wishes be helped & fulfilled. "Just think and you will get all you want"

Size: 2.5 x 2.6 cm

Can Wear Below Waist (Clip in Pocket/Bag)

Suitable For Everybody To Enhance & Support Their Destiny (All Genders / LGBT)

New Jumbo Size Available For Ordering - 2x Holy Powders Used

Size: 3 x 2.5 cm

By wearing your destined lucky color of Dao (Star) amulets & believed in it !!! You will be guided & supported in your life - Businesses/Sales, Wealth, Boosting of Good Luck, Smooth Sailing, Benefactors To Help You When You Have Troubles, Charm, etc....and most importantly to achieve your HIGHEST* WISHES that are yet to be achieve.

I always instruct you all - "Just pray with faith & believe, you be helped to get all you want"

Background Of This Version Of Magical Items

" In Khmer and Thai traditions, there is an astrological rule (which has influence from Hindu mythology) that assigns color for each day of the week.

The color is assigned based on the color of the God who protects the day or Navagraha. For example, the God of Sunday is Surya which has red color. These colors of the day are the traditional Thai birthday colors. For example, King Bhumibol was born on Monday, so on his birthday throughout Thailand will be decorated with yellow color. "

You can choose the color of the Dao (Lucky Star) based on your "Day Of Birth" to support your destiny & luck (Base Star) -

You can further support your destiny by the color of the companion day to have greater boost of energy & power from the combination of the "Double Star"- Dual Effects For Both Day Stated Below:
  • Sunday (Red) support Thursday (Orange)
  • Monday (Yellow) support Wednesday (Green)
  • Tuesday (Pink) support Friday (Light Blue)
  • Saturday (Purple) support Wednesday
Note: All Amulets Are Hand-Made & Crystals Embedded Are Random

Monday - Yellow

Tuesday - Pink

Wednesday (Day) - Green

Thursday - Orange

Friday - Light Blue

Saturday / Wednesday (Night Time) - Purple/Grey

Sunday - Red Color

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boost Your Luck Greatly; Change Bad To Good Luck (Detoxify*** Bad Luck & Negative Energies)
  • Boost Your Wealth Fetching, Windfall, Investment, Businesses & Sales Luck greatly
  • Career Progression in Corporate ladder & Gain Recognition in different aspects of life
  • Enhances Your Loving-Kindness (Ren Yuan/Metta), Charm and Attraction (Maha Saney)
  • Protection Against Harms & Dangers
    Especially for Users:
    • That are in very bad state (Business Failure, Unemployed, and etc.)
    • Maneuver your life smoothly against all tides; Combat resistance in differ aspects of life
    • Provide directional control against deviation (Guidance)
    Composition Of Holy Materials:
    • Holy Powders Inherited & Old Amulets Of LP Pinak
    • Heart Mantra Of Attraction & Charming Chalk Holy Powders
    • *The Ultimate Holy Powders Of Truth* - Only Added In This New Version
    • Mixed Holy Powders including Charming & Love Herbs & Flowers
    • Holy Gemstones & Rice
    • Silver Takrut For Wealth Fetching & Charm Yants

    The Legendary Master Of The Powerful Lucky Star Magical Subjects

    Ton Of Tested & Proven Results From Previous Generation Of Lucky Star Amulets ~ Your Miracles In Life!!!

    Good Luck !!! Thank You Very Much

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