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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Tao Maha Prom (Phra Phrom / 4 Face Buddha) Nur Phong Wan (White Holy Powders)

Consecrated By LP Gerd (The Direct Lineage Of LP Opasi, LP Suk, etc)

Powerful For Wishes Making, Boosting Your Businesses/Sales & Loving-Kindness

Last 1 Piece Available.

Size: 3 cm x 4 cm

Must Wear Above Waist Level

Background Of Phra Phrom (4 Face Buddha)

The Brahma is a four faced Deity who is facing in all four Cardinal directions, causing frends, helpful offers, customers and money to flow from all directions towards you. If you notice in Thailand, Brah,a statues are always placed at intersections or in places where public gatherings are. This is because the Brahma Deity shrine will attract people from all four directions, due to the immense Metta which radiates from an activated and truly involed Brahma Deity

Tao Maha Prom (Phra Phrom) amulet has 4 faces, 8 arms holding 7 items which are:
1) royal mace
2) bow
3) discus 
4) spoon 
5) scripture 
6) Look Prakam 
7) boiler

The eighth arm is for blessing to god, human and animal in the world.

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Superb Wealth Fetching, Gambling & Sales/Business Luck ; Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles (Maha Lap & Choke Lap)
  • Wish Fulfilling Magic; Pray For Any Wishes* & Be Helped; Change Bad To Good Luck
  • Positive energy to calm users & boast Morale/Confidence
  • Protection against harms & negative energies
Especially For Users:
  • For improving businesses, increasing sales and attracting more customers 
  • To do business talks and sealing/closing more DEALS/CONTRACTS 
  • To increase lucky fortunes
Holy Powders Mixed With Herbs & Flower Pollens

LP Gerd of Wat KowDin, ChaiNat province was born in 1932. LP BoonGert was ordained at the age of 20. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. He commenced studies in Visha(magic) and the art of making efficacious amulets from LP Gob of Wat KowSaRiGar and LP OPaSi. Both were Guru Monks in Thailand and popular for their knowledge in both holy Dharma and Visha. LP Gert eats only one meal in the morning. He can contact with all spirit.

LP Gerd is famous for his Phra Phrom, BiaGae and many other amulets. He has been well known as a monk who has been created efficacious amulets.

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