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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

LP Nong, Wat Goh Bod - Powerful Phra Lersi Tafai Bucha

The Most Effective & Powerful Lersi Tafai Maker In Our Current Era ~ 

Get Blessed With Good Luck, Enhance Your Positive Energy, Improving Your Concentration & Focusing Power!!~ Even Get Boost In Sales & Businesses - Tested & Proven By User !!!

This Batch Of Items Are Made & Chanted 2 Years Before LP Nong Passed Away ~

1 Piece Only !!!

Note - LP Nong applied Holy White Powders On The Bucha

Size: 8 cm wide x 13 cm height

Tested & Proven Results!!!

Lersi Ta Fai is one of the most worshipped Lersi in Thailand. Lersi Ta Fai usually appears in Wai Kru ceremony. “Ta Fai” in Pu Lersi Ta Fai means “burning eye”. Lersi Ta Fai can burn bad things with his third eye on his forehead. That is where the word “Ta Fai” comes from.

His power is superb too. He can stop all evil power and he is kind to his all disciples. He can fulfill your wish that is good and realistic.

The power of Lersi Ta Fai can protect and help you when you are in trouble. His power will bring you good luck, good things, wealth, success, progress in a job or anything and prosperity. Moreover, his power will make anyone kind and have mercy on you. That is to say, Lersi Ta Fai’s power is great and help the worshipper almost all things.
General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boost Your Luck Greatly, Change Bad To Good Luck
  • Enhancing Your Focusing Power & Balance Your Energy; Help in Learning
    • Successful In All Aspects that you are doing, Overcome all Obstacles & Barriers in life
    • Boosting Your Businesses/Sales luck
    • Attract the right opportunities and people to you
    • Gain Respect & Leadership power (Authority & Convincing)
    • Protection against any dangers or negative energies
    Especially For Those:
    • Easily distracted or cannot focus on specific subject ; require Guidance or Direction to improve your life
    • Students or Anyone who need to reduce learning cycle
    • Wearing too many barang or kmt amulets
    • To prevent evil influence or black magic
    Maker Of Item:
    LP Nong, Wat Goh Bod

    Holy Materials Embedded At The Bottom Of Bucha:

    • Fragment Of LP Nong's Robe
    • Lersi Head Amulet
    • Blue Magic Gemstone
    • 3 Takruts

    LP Nong Putting Holy Powders

    LP Nong Passed Away On 26.07.2015~

    LP Nong was born in B.E. 2459 (C.E.1916) in Lop Buri Province. LP got ordained as a novice at the age of 12.  He learnt dharma and magic from his uncle, LP Derm of Wat NongPho. LP Nong has knowledge of magic, sacred tattooing and he is good at making efficacious amulets following LP Derm’s way. At the of Age 21, LP Nong went to be a soldier for 2 years. After that, he was ordained as a monk at age 23 at Wat OhPahSee, Bangkok.  Then he came back to Wat NongPho, Nakhon Sawan Province to look after LP Derm until LP Derm passed away in C.E. 1939. Later, people in Sakaeo Province requested him to be an abbot at Wat WangSiThong.  He accepted the request and has become an abbot until now.

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