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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Special Phra Chao Sua (富贵靠山佛) Magic Amulet Golden Color For Great Wealth, Windfall & Money Luck Enhancements

Empower Your Life With Great Wealth, Windfall & Money Luck Enhancements !!!

Tested Worldwide With Proven Results. See Real Prosperity In Your Life Today

All Holy Materials Used In This Batch Of Phra Chao Sua Are Consecrated For Total Duration Of 3 Years For Chanting Before Releasing Of This Batch Of Phra Chao Sua Amulets

"Able To Sell Off My Stuff That Are Listed For 6 Mths Ago After Wearing The Phra Chao Sua" Quoted From Happy User~

Last 1 Pcs* Subject To Availability.

Highly Recommended To Prepare Yourself For Greater Challenges In Life !!!

Size: 1.8 cm wide x 2.8 cm height

Must Wear Above Waist Level

Small Size For Easy Wearing.

Back With "Lord Vishnu" Image

Info On Phra Chao Sua's Magic Amulets:

Phra Chao Sua which literally means “Buddha on a Mountain”. It was highly sought after by the people especially the Chinese whom had considered Phra Chao Sua as an auspicious meaning in Chinese Teochew describe as " Wealth Mountain" . 

Thais believe Phra Chao Sua amulet can bring Wealth, Good luck, Prosperity, Good businesses and fortune 

This amulet is infused with special magic subjects to bring great lucky fortunes in commerce, professional advancement, social success, riches and treasures accumulation through direct and indirect sources (wages, business sales, lottery wins, gifts, windfalls)

This Is Not An Era For Losers !!!

Only For Winners !!! Especially For Serious Users Who Are Seeking Your Highest Level Of Life Enhancements & Overall Well Being !!!

At Siam Gallery, “We believe in sourcing the best, so you don’t have to worry. We only provide magic amulets we’re proud of”.

Magic Amulets With Tested & Proven Results Worldwide:

Protection Against Negativity

Unexpected money

More work

more controlled

my first time

and many many more...

Lord Vishnu relaxing in Kshira Sagar, the milky ocean. Taking cue from Lord Vishnu, he presents to us the highest ideal of how the mind of an aspirant should be, unaffected and serene at all times.

For Reference Purpose: Old Version Of Phra Chao Sua In Gold Casing

All Holy Materials Used In This Batch Of Phra Chao Sua Are Consecrated From BE 2554 To BE 2557 (Total Duration - 3 Years Of Chanting Before Releasing Of This Batch Of Phra Chao Sua)

According to the picture above, you can see blue*** aura from the Phra Chao Sua amulet. Blue aura are considered the greatest & one of the most powerful aura.

Photographs From Chanting Ceremony For This Batch Of Phra Chao Sua:

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Superb Wealth Fetching, Windfall, Gambling & Business Luck ; Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles (Maha Lap & Choke Lap)
  • Enhance Your Authority/Influencing Power for Managerial positions (Gain Strong Backing) 
  • Boosting Your Good Luck Greatly; Change Bad to Good Luck
  • Protection against Dangers & Negative energy (Evade From Harm)
Especially For Users:
  • For improving businesses, increasing sales and attracting more customers
  • To do business talks and seal more DEALS/CONTRACTS 
  • To increase lucky fortunes (e.g. 4D/TOTO/INVESTMENTS)
Composition Of Holy Materials:
  • Mixed With Many Types of Old Holy Metals From Old Buddha Bucha

Experience The Magical Power Of Our Magic Amulets & Charms Today.

Your Absolute Satisfaction Is Guaranteed !!! Highest Quality !!!

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