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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Powerful Phra Sivali Arahant Magic Amulet Plod Nee - Free Of Debts, Poverty & Boosting Of Wealthy Luck

Powerful Phra Sivali Arahant Magic Amulet Free Of Debts & Poverty Batch, Don't Miss.

Empower Your Life With Prosperity, Wealth Luck, Businesses & Sales Improvements, & Overcome Your Obstacles In Life.

Only 1 Piece Available !!!

Size: 2.5 x 4.8 cm

Must Wear Above Waist Level Or Worship At Home/Shop/Car

Best To Wear With LP Thongdum's Items - Phra Somdej Lang Mae Thorani, Phra Pidta & Phra Kaona

The Front Image Display Phra Sivali with:

Walking stick/Mai Tao symbolize support, assistance in times of need. It also means it isn’t easy to fall or topple.

Umbrella symbolize protection or shelter during unfavorable times. It also means that one is prepare to face any adversity in life.

Alms bowl symbolize ability to seek good living because when Phra Sivali opens his alms bowl, He will sure get offerings.

Bag symbolize ability to accumulate good things or ability to keep one belongings. 
At the base of Phra Sivali are rice harvest, fish, crab and prawn which symbolizes 
prosperity where one is filled with abundance of goods. 

At the back is Yant Nak Maha Setthi (Yant Millionaire), U A Ka Sa, Cha Bha Ka Sa, Na Cha Li Ti and Nak Mak Pak Tak

Yant Nak Maha Setthi is called Yant Millionaire

U A Ka Sa - these 4 combinations chanted in a sequence is called Hua Jai Setthi, Heart of Millionaire, Cha Bha Ka Sa, Na Cha Li Ti is commonly associated with monetary/money luck and Nak Mak Pak Tak represents completeness

The upper portion brown powderish element are holy earth from Khao Kulen, Cambodia.

The mid portion metal elements are Phra Kring Wat Suthat materials.

One piece of Khao Sarn Hin rice embedded.

The brownish sand-like elements at the lower portion are materials from Phra Ubosod of Wat Rakang.

Made from many precious pong/holy powder collected for many decades - It consist of holy powder and hair of many famous Wat and Ven. LPs including Ven. LP Pae Wat PhikunThong, Ven. LP Toh Wat PradooChimDee, Ven. LP Dam Wat Mai Naparam, Ven. LP Kasem and many others.

It also have powders from Mai Thep Tharo and Mai Ken Kannon ( Jackfruit tree ) - these woods are known for its efficacious effects on boosting one's luck. And it have Pratap Sivali (Phra Sivali's relics, a natural stone from cave) added to it.

Orbs Seen* During Empowerment Ceremony

Infused With Many Holy Materials Kept By Master Over 20 Years & Combined With Other Powerful Masses Collected From Different Parts Of The World Including India, Cambodia, Thailand & Etc.

Empowered By 8* Guru Masters On The Day Of Royal Ploughing Ceremony In The Year Of 2009

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Superb Windfall, Wealth Fetching & Sales/Business Luck ; Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles (Free And Never In Debts & Poverty)
  • Boosting your Luck greatly ; Change Bad To Good Luck
  • Be Successful & Guidance To The Right Path In Life
  • Enhances your Loving-Kindness (Ren Yuan/Metta) In Your Life; Benefactor Luck
  • Protection against Dangers & Negative energies

Composition Of Many Holy Materials:

Powders from Phra Ubosod of Wat Rakang
Pong from Wat Sampleom
Pong Ejitjitjay year 2513, a combination of pong and hair of more than 300 Ven. LP
Holy earth from Nakorn Wat
Holy earth from Nakorn Thon
Holy water from Tham Khao Kulen
Phra Sivali's Relics powdered form
Holy earth from India where Phra Sivali resides.
Mai Thep Tharo ( a kind of wood commonly use to make Jathukram, it symbolizes Thep/ heavenly celestials )
Mai Kaen Kannon ( jackfruit wood commonly known for its luck enhancing capabilities)
and many holy powders from previous generations

Ceremony: LP ThongDum strongly blessed this batch of amulets on 11 May 2009 - the day of Royal Ploughing Ceremony with the following the masters:

Luang Phor Poon,Wat Banpan
Luang Phor Sanae Chan,Wat Baan Nong Joed
Luang Phor Aeun,Wat Wung Dung Tai
Luang Phor Man,Wat Nah Tang Noe
Other 4 Monks From Wat Rakang

LP ThongDum, Wat Tham TapainThong is a well respected guru monk in Lopburi, famous for his Metta and Mahalap amulets. LP Thongdam is a senior follower of LP Mum of Wat Prasat and also is a close disciple of the famous LP Toh from Wat Praduchimplee.

First monk who created style of Phra Khun Paen Paen Jowsup Jowsaneh in present time & popular for his knowledge in both holy Dharma and Visha. He has studied the art of making effective Phra Khun Paen amulets from Cambodia and Pidta from LP Toh, Wat Praduchimplee.

LP Maen is the current abbot of Wat Natangnok, born in 13 March B.E.2481 (C.E.1938) at Phatum Thani province. LP Maen was ordained at Wat Yai ChaiMongkol when LP Maen was 27 years old. LP Maen studied the magic from LP Jong’s method.

LP Poon is the present 7th Chief Monk of Wat Ban Pen. Venerable LP Thong Poon is also Amphur Sena Ayuddhaya, a Buddhist’s Monk District Officer of Sena, Ayuddhaya, Ven. LP supervise 37 Wat or temples in the district of Sena, Ayuddhaya.

All general enhancements & effects are a basic guide for users to understand the general usages and energy base of each item.

I would like to re-emphasis all different magic amulets/charms/wax are made with different magic subjects and ingredients producing different level of energy to help the wearer to achieve their goals or needs in life.

For Example - Buddha XXX amulet contain different energy base as Buddha XYZ, although both have the same common name or category. Common mistake is to believe all amulets with same common name contain the same energy for enhancements.

Please use all my magic amulets for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet to harm others.

Experience The Magical Power Of Our Magic Amulets & Charms Today.

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