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Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Uluka Of The Goddess (King Of Heaven) Owl Magic Amulet

For Pre-Ordering Only: Subject To Availability

Part One: The Chinese Luminous Pearl "Yemengzhu” - The Legendary Gemstone That Glow In The Darkness

“Every kid in China knows the story of ‘The Legendary Luminous Pearl’. It is believed that touching a pearl will bring you great prosperity and good luck .

Very little is known about the giant green pearls of China. The few who actually have heard of these remarkable jewels refer to them as “Yemengzhu” and praise them to be rarities that bring good luck. They have been a part of Chinese legends for centuries, and people there believe that just touching them can bring great fortune and prosperity. But this kind of myths are all to common in a traditional country like China, and what makes Yemengzhu special has little to do with local lore.

Luminous pearls are wonders of the mineral world that shine in the dark without the help of ultraviolet light. This kind of Fluorite is so rare that western geology don’t even recognize its existence, and the Chinese only discovered the first one in 1982, at a Tungsten mine, in Guangdong. Since then, bigger and bigger deposits were discovered, and the largest one yet weighs 6 tons and is 1.6 meters in diameter. When it was discovered, it had an irregular shape, but was ground in the form of a sphere. The process took three years to complete, because of its tough nature, comparable to the finest grade of diamonds.

The largest luminous pearl is currently exhibited in Wenchang, China’s Hainan province, and has been appraised at 2.2 billion yuan ($331 million).

According To The Legends In China...

The First Emperor Of China, Qin Shi Huang's tomb was embedded with Luminous Pearl "Yemengzhu” to light the paths like the Lamps in the world after death.

The Empress of China, Wu Ze Tian also have Luminous Pearl "Yemengzhu”, many people believed that she became the first and only Empress of China because of the magical power of this pearl.

Part 2: Who is Uluka? The King of Heaven?

Goddess Lakshmi’s Vahana - Uluka

The Uluka (Owl) is Goddess Lakshmi’s vahana. In a spirit world, owls have variously symbolized dread, knowledge, wisdomThroughout many cultures, the symbolic meaning of owl deals with: intelligence, brilliance, perspective, intuition, quick-wit, independence, wisdom, protection, mystery and power. Thus the owl also served simultaneously as indicators of scarce native habits and their cultural and religious beliefs. The owl seems to be a multi-purpose symbol admitting both benevolent and malevolent interpretations. 

Myths represent them to represent higher states of being angels, spirits or vahanas. The owl was a symbol of solitude and depicted hermits in prayers.They were also agents of magic practices. Their association with the otherworld and its mysteries, the owl was thought to be cognizant of future events and became an emblem of wisdom also.

ULUKA: Lakhmi’s vahana owl is known as Uluka. Uluka is also another name for Lord Indra, the King of the Heavens, personifying wealth, power and glory. It is also a lesser known or unlikeliest vahana for the beautiful Goddess Lakshmi. So it would look like that the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is riding on the King of Heaven !

But Hindu symbolisms also carry spiritual message. It is a bird that sleeps during the day. Thus it is a symbol of avidya or darkness of ignorance. The daytime partial blindness is indicative of a sadhaka’s assumed blindness and tendency to seek secular instead of spiritual wealth. Symbolically, Goddess Lakshmi thus seeks one to open the eyes to the light of wisdom residing within us. She prompts you to have the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi, Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom and Speech.

Men are not all wakeful to the same thing. When the owl is compared to the sthitha prajna, the enlightened person described in Gita 2.69, the symbol means that Lakshmi is the mistress of spiritual wisdom. The disciplined yogi is awake at night. Lord Krishna states “That which is night to all beings, in that the disciplined man wakes; that in which all being wake, is night to the Atman-cognizing Muni.”

Goddess Lakshmi emerged with her other half, Goddess Alakshmi. Their differential characteristics are explained by Lakshmi being born from the brighter part of Brahma’s face and Alakshmi from the dark side of his back. Thus uluka sitting at Lakshmi’s feet, also symbolizes Alakshmi, the Goddess of Strife and her inauspicious nature. There are some writings to say that Lakshmi’s owl is known as Pechaka, the name mentioned in Lakshmi pujas, especially in Bengal. Pechaka also preys over tinier pests that cause damage to agricultural wealth.

Picture depictions, sculptures and arts show the owl sitting at Goddess Lakshmi’s feet or around the goddess in a benevolent form. It is shown as a pure and innocent bird. In the Tamil vernacular, the word ‘Aanthai’ refers to the positive aspect of an owl, whereas “kottan” refers to the negative characteristics. Sometimes these words are used correlatively and the differentiating aspects left to the domain of poets. ‘Aanthai pol jnanam’ means as wise as an owl; ‘kottan kuvuthal’ is indicative of owl screech to announce death.

Lakshmi’s owl symbolizes patience, intelligence and wisdom. It has the ability to foretell events. Uluka becomes Lakshmi’s vahana when she blesses with wealth and prosperity. The owl asks of Lakshmi’s devotees not to be trapped by wealth and its splendour. It then becomes a symbol of universal wisdom that warns about arrogance and indiscipline. When Lakshmi’s wealth is used by humans for adharmic activities, then one is said to be blinded.

Who Is Goddess LAKSHMI ???

The Goddess Of Wealth and Prosperity

Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, As the power and consort of Vishnu, the preserver, she is the power of multiplicity and the goddess of fortune, both of which are necessary for preservation. Sri or Lakshmi, depicted in the vedas, is the goddess of wealth and fortune, power and beauty. One may suppose that Sri and Lakshmi are two separate deities. Since their descriptions are so similar, one may conclude that the two represent the same deity. Some scholars believe that Sri was a pre-vedic deity connected with fertility, water and agriculture. She was later fused with Lakshmi, the vedic goddess of beauty. 

According to the puranas, she was incarnated as the daughter of the sage Bhrigu and his wife Khyati. She was later born out of Ksheer Sagar (ocean of milk) while being churned. Hence, her appellation, Ksheera Samudra Raja Kanya. As consort of Vishnu, she is born as his spouse whenever he incarnates. When Vishnu appeared as Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Krishna, she appeared as Padma or Kamala, Dharani, Sita and Rukmini, respectively. She is as inseparable from Vishnu as speech from meaning or knowledge from intellect, or good deeds from righteousness.

Vishnu represents all that is male and Lakshmi, all that is female. Lakshmi is enchantingly beautiful, and is standing on a lotus holding lotuses one in each of her hands and is called Padma, or Kamala. She is also adorned with a lotus garland. Often, elephants are shown on each side, emptying pitchers of water over her, the pitchers being presented by celestial maidens. She is variously described as dark, pink, golden, yellow or white. We attempt an explanation that is behind this highly symbolical picture. If Lakshmi is pictured as dark in complexion, it is to show that she is the consort of Vishnu, the dark god. If golden yellow, that shows her as the source of all wealth. If white, she represents the purest form of prakriti (nature) from which the universe developed. As she is the mother of all, the pinkish complexion reflects her compassion for creatures. 

Part 3: The Main Ingredients Of Uluka Amulets

Mixed With 5 Layers Of Holy Powders & Herbs

Layer 1 -
The white holy powder is produced from magic chalkboard powder of Heart Mantra Symbols. This Holy Powders was produced by writing and erasing the full Yants (Magic Symbols) on the board for many times repeatedly and collected for making the special amulets.

Layer 2 -
The black holy powder which is very difficult and rare to make.

The methods of making the holy black herbs powders: the charming and wealthy herbs must be planted on 15th April which is the special date - "The Day Of New Beginning, The Strongest Day For Any Magic Subjects To Be Performed"

Layer 3 -
The brown holy powders is the 109 type of soils from different lands containing special energies and power - The Lucky Number "9" in Thai means success, progress, and forward.

Layer 4 -
The gray holy powders is the magic powders collected from many Buddha images that pass through many blessing & chanting ceremonies and the incense (joss sticks) powders that people use to worship the Buddha from many places:

1) At Shrine of the City Pillar in Bangkok province

2) At Shrine in Lopburi province

3) Wat Phra Non Chakkrasi Worawihan (a huge Sukhothai-style reclining Buddha image) in Sing Buri province.

4) Temple in Phetchabun province

Layer 5 -
The yellow holy powders is most powerful charming powder collected following to the magic scriptures which listed more than 200 types of rare herbs & flowers, it take time many years to complete all the materials.

All Amulets Are Kept In The Holy Monk Alms Bowl For Empowering For Very Long Period To Make Sure The Level Of Power Is At The Highest Level And Strong For Use***

White Chanting Threads Are Linked To The Spiritual Teachers' Buchas For Their Blessings & Energies To Help The Owners Link Up With The Spiritually.

Worshipping To Uluka (King Of Heaven)

For Reference Only - Beautifully Encased In Waterproof Plastic (Not Inclusive*)

Highly Recommended !!! Must Wear Item For All~ Do Not Wait For Bad & Negative Situations To Come, Be Prepare At All Time

King Of Heaven (Uluka) Amulet can help his owner to overcome their unfortunate situations and changing them to more favourable outcomes - to detoxify and re-programme* your bad luck so that it is free from obstacles, mishaps, disasters and misfortunes (Smooth Sailing Path). To control and reduce all negative forces coming in your way and clear blocked pathways paving you to a smoother life. (Overcoming Your Obstacles)

For users facing a lot of office politics, evil people and backstabbers in life, Uluka can help to Suppress and Defeat All Opponents Against Or Harming You In Life & Turn Your Enemies Into Friends progressively. (Be Super Likeable In Your Social Circle)

Also known as the "God Of Wealth", Uluka can help his owner to attract and brings Wealth and Money Luck including Gambling and Investment LuckPlus He also guard against loss of wealth, loss of popularity, loss of life and loss of health, This means all your undertakings, family matters, projects, social life, financial portfolios can be overturned to a better and ideal status.

You will be protected and blessed by positive energies and with the ability to transform misfortune luck into everything that ends with triumph (Success In Life).

For Version 3 Golden Color*** Only - The Natural Energy & Power Emitting Out From The Luminous Pearl will guide and bring you out from very bad & negative state and brings improvements in your daily life like a Guidance Star which shine in darkness & unclear journey ahead especially in Economic Recession and Shrinking Growth.

Sneak Preview Of The Powerful * King Of Heaven* 's Magic Amulets

*Tested & Proven Results By Users In Thailand* The Fusion Of Great Money Luck & Charm !!!

Translated - After praying to the amulet, His customer decided to buy item from him. (This customer denied to buy from him before.)

Translated - Uluka is very powerful because he got good sale and feel that he get more energy after wearing.

Translated - The King Of Heaven (Uluka) helped him to attract customers all day all night until he could not sleep.

Translated - He got a big sale closing after he prayed with this amulet

Translated - The amulet helped her to sell items more easily. After she prayed, the customer contacted her to buy her items immediately.

Translated - When he was on the sky train, a pretty lady keep staying very near to him but they do not know each other.

Credits To All Original Sources For The Info

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