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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Powerful Magic Ball Amulet For Extreme Charisma, Attraction & Sex Appeal - Lust For Love Version

The Lust For Love Magic Subject: Feel The Power Within!!!

Wish To Hypnotize Your Lover's Heart and Rekindle The Love, Devotion and Attention?

Especially For You To Boost Great Charm, Hypnotize & Convincing Power, Be A Winner Today !!!

*Highly Recommended For All Users To Power Up Their Items* - This Powerful Magic Ball Will Do Wonders For You !!!

"The Charm So Powerful..." Quoted From User's Experiences

3 Peces Found For Pre-Ordering Only: Subject To Availability !!!

Note - Every piece of magic ball may looks different due to the composition of the holy metallic alloy.

Front Of The Magic Ball

Size: 0.7 cm diameter

Small & Compact Size For Easy Wearing

Suitable For Unisex/LGBT

Use it for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet

For Best Results & Enhancements: Combine With Takrut Maha Saney Lust For Love And Phra Ngan Amulets

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide: Be The Happy User

The Charm So Powerful...

Side View Of The Magic Ball

Can Wear Below Or Above Waist Level

Simple To Use -  Just go through your necklace or rope and ready to enhance your love & love life

For Reference Only: Pandora & Modification Not Included

Wear The Magic Ball With Ease Today !!!

Composition Of Materials:

Melted Mixed Alloy Of Holy Metals & Soaked In Special "Lust For Love Attraction Oil" For Very Long Period Of Time To Absorb The Power.

For Reference - Encased In Waterproof Casing

How To Use The Magic Ball Amulet - According To The Old Magic Spell Book:

Chant and Pray With The Special Mantra 

Different Set Of Mantra For Attracting Males Or Females Target

1) For Specific Targeting - The magic energy can be use to hypnotize the target’s mind to influence them and make them listen to you more (Boosting of your convincing power)

2) For Overall Charming & Attraction Power - Hypnotize Everyone To Put Their Attention & Focus On You, Hypnotize Everyone Around You To Fall In Love With You, and Hypnotize People Feeling To Surrender Because Of Your Charm & Charisma

3) For Additional Boost Of Power For All Your Attraction's Magic Amulets & Charms - Wear With Your Maha Saney Items To Enhance The Energy To The Highest Level Of Your Destiny

Special 2 in 1:Charming & Attraction Power + Convincing & Influencing !!!

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boosting Of Your Metta (Ren Yuan/Loving-Kindness), Attraction ,Charm, Boosting your Sex Appeal (Maha Saney)
  • Gain Benefactors To Help You In Daily Life & Be More Charismatic For Use In All Aspects In Life
  • Pray For Your Wishes For Love & Charming Related Aspects
  • Success in Negotiation (Convincing Power), Influencing & Persuasion ~ Boosting Your Communication Power Greatly

Especially For Those: 
  • To Be Super Popular In Your Social Circle!!! Be Attractive and Charming for both opposite sex (UNISEX/LGBT) 
  • Single, always a LOSER in LOVE LIFE and wish to attract a SOUL MATE 
  • Enhance your current relationship for those who always had ISSUES with their lovers or problematic relationships (To make your partner love you again*** - Experiences feelings of hopelessness regarding the survival of marriage)
  • In Customer Service/Sales/Business Owners to handle NASTY Clients or Built Rapport** fast (Networking Usages)

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide From Previous Version Of Magic Ball Amulets:

Experience The Magical Power Of Our Magic Amulets & Charms Today.

Your Absolute Satisfaction Is Guaranteed !!! Highest Quality !!!

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