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Friday, 21 December 2018

Powerful Phra Nang Phaya (Image Of Buddha) Magic Amulet Special Batch Made Using Elephant's Old Materials - The Symbol of Royalty, Power and Grandness

Phra Nang Phaya Magic Amulet - The Symbol of Royalty, Power and Grandness

Made Using Special Magic Spells & Old Ingredients To Enhance Your Destiny, Boosting Your Businesses, Sales, Money, Good Luck, Attracting Soul Mate/Lovers

Last 1 Pieces. 1st Come 1st Served.

Front Of Amulet

Size: 2.3 cm wide x 3.5 cm Height

Must Wear Above Waist Level

Made From Special Magic Ingredients For Making High Energy Amulets

Added With Many Powerful Charming Herbs & Concentrated Wax Of Seven Heaven With Blessing Of Wealth/Money Luck, Attraction & Smooth Sailing Magical Subjects!!!

You Can Encased The Buddha In Pure Silver Casing (For Reference Only - Not Inclusive)

Tested & Proven Results...

For Businesses & Debts (Combination With Lucky Star Amulet) - Ever since I got my nang phaya from you, business for my "xxx" had been relatively good automatically...

Smooth Sailing Luck

New Job Opportunity (Combination Of Phra Nang Phaya & Lucky Star Amulet)

And Many Many More...

What Elephant (Chang) symbolizes?

The elephants were used in warfare by chinese during ancient times. In fact, during the reign of Kang Xi, the King of Siam had sent a number of tribute elephants as gifts to the Chinese emperor. The elephant in white color is the purest of all form and is believed by many to be the incarnation of future Buddha. 

In fact, it is known to be one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. In some countries like Indochina and India, only the Kings are allowed to ride on the elephant. It is the symbol of Royalty, Power and Grandness.

The elephant also takes away troubles and is a protective symbol. It is a sacred animal in Thailand and India, and is used to represent loyalty, wisdom, longevity and elegance. It is a symbol of good luck and excellent fortune.

Buddha Image Engraved From Special Tooth Material Symbolise - "Ability To Eat Whatever That Comes Your Way" - Which means this will benefit those who are in sales and doing business.

Back Of Amulet

Embedded With Mini Phra Khun Paen, Magical Charming Herbs, Woods & Special Green Charm Wax

Note - Not Inclusive Of Necklace

Background Info Of Phra Nang Phaya:

Phra Nang Phaya were created during of Ayuttaya era, Phitsanulok province. The major discovered are from Wat Nang Phaya around B.E.2444. The temple was said to be built for merits making to his Queen, the mother of King Naresuan, the Thai people given name "Queen of Thailand amulets". Phra Nang Phaya are very famous for strong blessing with good luck, attractiveness and respectful from all others, also power on charm and safe from all dangers.

Wat Nang Phaya

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Extremely Strong Metta (Ren Yuan/Loving-Kindness), Attraction & Charisma
  • Boost Your Wealth, Businesses/Sales & Windfall/Investment Luck Greatly
  • Successful in every aspects that you do; Change Bad to Good luck; Overcome Obstacles
  • Enhancing Convincing & Persuading Power
  • Protection from Harm and Dangers
Especially For Users:
  • For improving businesses, increasing sales and attracting more customer; To do business talks and seal more DEALS/CONTRACTS
  • To seek new partner or soul mate in life, want to be with the target in a shorter time frame or break the ice swiftly
  • To initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck; Reduce quarrels and conflicts with your partner
  • For Businesses/Sales Applications/Networking
Composition Of Holy Materials:
  • Special Material: Tooth Of Chang* - "Thai people believe that the tooth can bring money luck & improve their life "
  • Mini Phra Khun Paen For Opposite Sex/Same Sex Attraction(LGBT)
  • Rare Tao Wan Long Magic Herbs & Woods
  • Powerful Concentrated Green Charming Wax - Added gold foils which wrote Yants more than 50,000 pieces to mix with this green wax because gold is a pure & natural mineral which will attract good things & Luck to come and gold is a thing which everyone want
Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

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