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Monday, 23 October 2017

Powerful Phra Pidta (遮面佛) Magic Amulet Nur Phong Kaesorn (Mixture Of Flower Pollens & Holy Powders Version)

The Power To Choose Your Own Path

Smooth Sailing, Overcome Your Obstacles & Change Luck !!! Infused With Positive Energy To Calm Wearer

Tested & Proven Results !!! "The Pidta is like LP Toh's" Quoted from User

Owner Recommendation - "For those who wish to experience smooth sailing life without serious hiccups. Many of my Users felt is better than many old batches of amulets that cost Sgd 4-5k, do not waste your money on questionable items....this is your answer to better and smooth life"

1 Piece Available For Each Size

* Top Pick For Ladies/Kids *

Version 1 - Small Version - 1.8 cm Wide x 2.4 cm Height  (Similar To LP Toh's Pidta Yant Duang)

Version 2 - Big Version - 2.5 cm Wide x 3 cm Height (Similar To LP Toh's Yant Na - Victory)

*Top Pick For Man*

Version 3 - Jumbo Version - 3.2cm Wide x 4cm Height

Composition Of The Powerful Holy Materials:

  • LP Toh’s Old holy Phra Pidta's Powders
  • Sacred materials that kept for more than 33 years Include 896 flowers, 445 holy herbs, 132 holy trees - Dork Khoon, Dork Sanaeha, Dork Swat, Dork Ruk, Dork Wassana, Dork Gasa, Dork Moak, Dork Marum (all are name of flowers) and many other auspicious flower
  • Comprised with more than 108 kinds of sacred sedges, such as Wahn Mahasetti, Wahn Narngkwak, Wahn Rarng-ngern, Wahn Ruaythong (all are name of sacred sedges) and mixed with sacred powder, such as Ittijay Powder, Trinisihing Powder, Maharaj Powder, which he received from LP Toh.
  • Holy Powders From Incense Sticks From Holy Places
  • Holy Water from various temples
  • Holy Thread used for chanting from grand ceremony
  • Old Holy Powders From Sacred Old Amulets

Orbs Seen* During Empowerment Ceremony

Are You Wasting Your Time On Questionable* Amulets In The Market? Do You Know - We Have Over 1000 Recorded Magic Experiences & Testimonial Worldwide Since Founded In 2013

Helped Me A lot In Career & Debts All Cleared

After 2 Days...

and many many more...

Strongly blessed by LP ThongDum in year BE2553 for celebrated his 78 years old Birthday, and many top monks in Thailand joined to bless these Phra Pidta such as:









For Reference Only (Casing Not Included):

* Owner Recommendation - "For those who wish to have a smooth sailing life without serious hiccups. Many of my Close Friends & Users feel is better than many old batches of amulets that cost Sgd 4-5k, do not waste your money on questionable items....this is your answer to better and smooth life" *

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boosting Your Wealth Fetching, Business Luck & Gambling Luck Greatly
  • Enhances Your Loving-Kindness (Metta/Ren Yuan)
  • Boost Your Luck greatly ; Change from bad to good luck 
  • Smooth Sailing Luck; Overcome Your Obstacles In Life
  • Prevent Backstabbers/Evil People From Harming You
  • Avoid Any Unnecessary Troubles Or Legal Issues If Any*
  • Protection from Danger, Bad Influence and Evil 
Note: No Quick Temper Issues

LP ThongDum, Wat Tham TapainThong is a well respected guru monk in Lopburi, famous for his Metta and Mahalap amulets. LP Thongdam is a senior follower of LP Mum of Wat Prasat and also is a close disciple of the famous LP Toh from Wat Praduchimplee.

First monk who created style of Phra Khun Paen Paen Jowsup Jowsaneh in present time & popular for his knowledge in both holy Dharma and Visha. He has studied the art of making effective Phra Khun Paen amulets from Cambodia and Pidta from LP Toh, Wat Praduchimplee.

LP Maen is the current abbot of Wat Natangnok, born in 13 March B.E.2481 (C.E.1938) at Phatum Thani province. LP Maen was ordained at Wat Yai ChaiMongkol when LP Maen was 27 years old. LP Maen studied the magic from LP Jong’s method.

LP Poon is the present 7th Chief Monk of Wat Ban Pen. Venerable LP Thong Poon is also Amphur Sena Ayuddhaya, a Buddhist’s Monk District Officer of Sena, Ayuddhaya, Ven. LP supervise 37 Wat or temples in the district of Sena, Ayuddhaya.

LP Suea, Wat DonYai Phuean- Lineage Of LP Pae

LP Toh, Phra Pidta Phim (For Reference & illustration Only)

Jumbo Song Yant Duang, Nur Phong Bailan

Plod Ne Yant Na, Nur Phong Bailan


Sangajayana is a main major symbol of wealth, fortune and flourish. Sangajayana is highly worshiped by Thai people as a greatest fortune monk equally to Sivali. His real name is MahaGajayana or Gajayana, but most people like to call him Sangajayana. Buddhistic legend says Gajayana was a very good looking monk and so similar to Lord Buddha that many people frequently misidentified him as the Lord. Gajayana felt uncomfortable with that wrong identification. So he magically transfromed himself to be an ugly monk with a big potbelly, wishing to be looked ugly and different from the Lord. He was highly praised by people as a monk of humble consciousness with his high respect to the Lord. Then came the great fortune to Gajayana !! People gathered to make merit by offering him a great deal of food and many other needed things for monkhood. Such the occurrence was called in Bali-Thai word as Mahalarp (great fortune). Gajayana is one of the 80 greatest Arahants of Buddha time. He was ordained by Lord Buddha and also praised by the Lord as:

1) A greatest fortune monk equally to Arahant Sivali. In a long distance journey of Lord Buddha and a HIS big group of disciples if Sivali was busy for Dhamma teaching, Gajayana would be requested to go with the Lord for flourishing food stream for all monks.2) A greatest wisdom monk who could brief Lord Buddha’s teachings for easy understanding.

3) A monk of most good-looking appearance, this is thus caused him transforming himself to become an ugly potbelly monk thereafter. 

Arahant Gajayana was living his long life and passed away many years after Lord Buddha's passing.

Your Absolute Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!!! Highest Quality!!!

Siam Gallery’s Clients experienced Remarkable Improvements in life after trusting Siam Gallery. In life, we meet people that have evil intentions when we faced downturns or heart broken, despite not helping us they choose to cheat our money to purchase their amulets that will HARM us or are simply FAKES. Don’t be fooled by & waste your money on those questionable amulets…

Discover Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back For More?

Special Katha & Instructions Will Be Provided Upon Purchased If Any. (Siam Gallery Don't Provide Katha To Users that bought their Amulets from other IRRESPONSIBLE & UNETHICAL SOURCES)

All Amulets Are Limited, So Act Now !!! 100% Directly From Temples !!! Don’t Miss Out !!!

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