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Friday, 30 August 2019

Superb Phra Phrom (4 Face Buddha/富贵四面佛) Magic Amulet For Great Wealthy Luck & Success In Life

Empowered By 4 Great Guru Monks Of The Current Generation, LP Maen, LP Diu, LP Chamnan, LP Maha Surasak In The Same Consecration Ceremony And Re-Blessed By LP Perm !!!

Infused With 77* Pieces Of Powerful Old Version Of Takruts By LP Jong, The Top 10 Guru Monk Of Thailand

Highly Recommended For Wearing ~ Truly Made With Old Holy Mass !!!

Nur Thong Daeng (Copper) - Available Now !!! Don't Miss It ~

Size: 3 cm wide x 3.5 cm Height

Must Wear Above Waist Or Place At Altar To Pray Daily

All Have Serial No. At The Back Of Rian

Unboxing The Phra Phrom Rian =)

Beautiful Piece Cased In Waterproof Case (Not Included)

Tao Maha Prom (Phra Phrom) amulet has 4 faces, 8 arms holding 7 items which are:
1) royal mace
2) bow
3) discus
4) spoon
5) scripture
6) Look Prakam
7) boiler

The eighth arm is for blessing to god, human and animal in the world.

Tested & Proven Results !!!

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Ideal For Wishes Fulfilling Magic; Pray For Any Wishes* & Be Helped By The Great Power Of 4 Face Buddha (Phra Phrom)
  • Improves Your Prosperity Luck; Boosting Your Wealth Fetching, Gambling & Businesses/Sales Luck (Main/Side Wealth Luck)
  • Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles
  • Success & Winning in every aspects of your life (Career Progression/Studies)Change Bad To Good Luck
  • Positive energy to calm users & boast Morale/Confidence
  • Protection against dangers & negative energies
Especially For Users:
  • For improving businesses, increasing sales and attracting more customers
  • To increase lucky fortunes including lotteries luck
Maker Of Item:
LP Maen, Wat Natangnok

Grand Chanting Ceremony Chanted By:

  • LP Maen, Wat Natangnok
  • LP Diu, Wat Manee Chulakan
  • LP Chamnan, Wat Bang Goo Ti Thong
  • LP Maha Surasak, Wat Pradu
Re-Blessed By LP Perm, Wat Pom Gaew (Lineage Of LP Doo/LP See)

Composition Of Holy Materials:
Mixed With Many Holy Metals & Materials including Nur Thong Daeng With 77 pieces Old Takruts of LP Jong***

LP Maen is the current abbot of Wat Natangnok, born in 13 March B.E.2481 (C.E.1938) at Phatum Thani province. LP Maen was ordained at Wat Yai ChaiMongkol when LP Maen was 27 years old. LP Maen studied the magic from LP Jong’s method.

Be Blessed With Fusion Of The Great Magical Power From 6 Guru Monks~

One Of The Top 10 Guru Monks of Thailand's History~

Wat Natangnok

Grand Ceremony For This Batch Of Phra Phrom

Reason For Making This Batch Of Phra Phrom:
Currently, the market rate of geninue LP Jong's amulets are very very high and many remakes are selling in the market.

The PREVIOUS BATCH of Phra Phrom amulets was fully snatched by the locals. In order to let more disciples to be bless by LP Jong & LP Maen's great magical power, so LP Maen decided to create this batch.

Holy Materials Used:

" LP Maen added in "77 pieces old takruts of LP Jong" to make this batch of Phra Phom Rian

Huge crowd of Locals gathered during the release of the amulets during BE2557

Many Many Positive Energy & Experiences By Thai People:
 After releasing of this batch of amulets, Thai Disciples that wore this batch of amulets have many wonderful experiences such as winning lotteries & positive energy felt. "

Photographs taken at LP Perm's Temple, Wat Pom Gaew (BE2558)

LP Maen visiting LP Perm

LP Maen is the current abbot of Wat Natangnok, born in 13 March B.E.2481 (C.E.1938) at Phatum Thani province. LP Maen was ordained at Wat Yai ChaiMongkol when LP Maen was 27 years old. LP Maen studied the magic from LP Jong’s method.

LP Diu learnt great wicha from many masters including LP See/LP Doo of Wat Sakae, the maker of Famous Phra Phrom amulets.

LP Chamnan is a head abbot of Wat BangGuTiThong who also is the counsellor for many people. LP likes to solve other people’s problems. LP Chamnan amulets are precious that can name them as sacred and miraculous in Thailand.

LP Surasak ordained as Buddhist novice by LP Sud from Wat Galong that LP Sud was magical expert in the past then LP Maha Surasak went to study the magic with LP Yod at Wat Gaeow Jalearn who was expert to make holy thread. Moreover, LP Maha Surasak is expert in making “Takrut Maha Prab” and “Takrut Hua Jai Loka That”and there are many wonderful experiences from these Takruts. LP Maha Surasak make Takrut following LP Jai’s methods, Wat Sadet. LP Surasak said LP Jang who was former abbot of Wat Pradu is very well known magical expert in the past had close disciple is LP Yim from Wat Nong Bua, Kranchana Buri province. Moreover, LP Yim has close disciples are LP Jai from Wat Sadet and LP Plain from Wat Chai Chumpon Chana Songkram. In addition, LP Jai’s close disciple is LP Yod who is teacher of LP Maha Surasak.

LP Perm, Wat Pom Gaew is widely recognized as one of the Thailand's Guru Monks, practiced in the arts of meditation, telepathy and magical incantations. He is very famous in making Phra Phrom amulet as there are many miracle experiences. LP Perm studied meditation and magical incantations from many Guru Monks including the art of making efficacious Phra Phrom amulet and Takrut from LP Doo of Wat Sakae, a famous monk whose amulets were highly praised for their magic power.

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