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Friday, 29 July 2016

The Powerful Magic Candles Of *Destiny & Fate* (Good Luck, Windfall & Wealth Luck Enhancement Ritual)

STRICTLY FOR PRE-ORDERING: Subject To Availability*

Option 1 - Green Yellow Version


Option 2 - Red Version


In The World Of Magic, Miracles & Real Life Enhancements Do Exist & Happen If You Have Faith

Light Up Your Life Today !!!

The Magic Candles Ritual To Help You Quickly To Boost Your Wealth, Money, Good Luck, Remove & Overcome Your Obstacles In Life

Light Up The Magic Candles To Call & Attract Money & Good Luck Like A Magic Magnet

Tested & Proven Magic Ritual For True Believer Of Changing Destiny & Improving Their Life

Old Version

" Magic Candle Consist of 2 Long Candles & 1 Candle In One Set "

Special Magic Symbols of the "Heart Mantra Of Wealth" on the magic candles which will attract "Great Wealthy & Money Luck" to the Owner.

"Red Color Magic Candles Version"

Magic Candles Ritual Conducted During End Of Year 2016 - All Magic Candles Are The Same As Per Above Images

Magic candles rituals are used extensively in ancient Thai magical practices & even the western - To help people to boost their luck and overcome their obstacles in life.

Many people believe that magic candles can be used to attract energy and power for specific use if proper magic methods are used,

* These Candle are Blessed & Empowered With Special Magic Incantation Before Releasing To Worshipers !!!

Note - This is not normal candles that you can buy in shops.*

According To Original Information: Who Should Use ???

For Individuals:
Suitable for User who want to be Lucky, Wealthy And Rich because whenever the candle are lighted, it will open up the opportunities, good fortune and improve the destiny of the worshiper in shorter time frame. (Magic Ritual)

For Businesses Usage:
The shop/office can light the candles everyday when the operation starts for attracting more customers and sales to come into the shop/office everyday.

One Set of Magic Candles Consisted of 3 Piece:

1) Magic Candle to support your Destiny and Fate to be more lucky and enhance your over well being. (Luck Replenishment)

Magic Candle to Change your Destiny from bad to be good (Change Luck)

Magic Candle to Attract People, Customer Or The Specific Person You Wish For To Come To You (Benefactor Luck)

General Instructions - How To Use ???

(Strictly For Ritual Purposes - Lighting Up)

Step 1 - Pray Triple Gem & Light 3 candles together.

Note - The worshiper should light these candles 3 days continuously (3 Sets Required):

1) To Remove and Overcome all your Obstacles in life.

2) Attract Good Luck & Fortune to receive money & windfall luck.

Step 2 - After burning these magic candles for 3 days (In Step 1), you can light the candle once a week on Thursday*** to ensure smooth sailing and great fortune to come.

Best To Use Together With Magic Herbs For Holy Water Bath:

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Special Magic Subject For Changing & Improving Your Destiny By Reducing Negative Karmic Effects Of Your Past Life
  • Attract Mechanism Like A Wealth & Money Magnet - To Boost your Luck and Fortune tremendously
  • Change Bad To Good Luck; Overcome obstacles in life (Magnified Your Luck)
  • Enhances Your Loving-kindness & Charm (Metta & Maha Saney)
  • Superb Power securing Good fortune in Businesses/Sales, Wealthy fetching & Investment/Gambling luck
  • Help in Career advancements & opportunities; improves your BENEFACTOR'S Luck
Especially For You:
  • To reduce or stop obstacles or unexpected issues in life
  • To anticipate new financial territories and opportunities that can fuel your finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook
  • Pray Your Wishes & Be Helped.
Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

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