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Sunday, 19 August 2018

The Essentials For Quick & Efficacious Magic Enhancements & Effects: Magic Wax

Many Users are curious and doubtful about the mystery and secrets of magic wax and oil, many asked me are the magic wax real? how the magic wax works? and how come the results/effects is quicker than conventional amulets?

Q: Are the magic wax real?

A: Yes, All magic wax are real* and genuine magic item that are made from herbs & flowers that are empowered through empowerment ceremonies.

Q: How the magic wax works?

A: Magic wax or oil contains energy or vibration for specific usages e.g. charming NOT only by smell. otherwise we can use can perfume for such purposes.

Q: How come the results/effects is quicker than conventional amulets?

A: The materials used or energy infused in the magic wax are more concentrated and most of the time is of higher concentration.

Please PM If You Have any questions not covered here.

Note - Not all magic wax or oil are made of human ingredients like in HORROR MOVIES OR SCARY FAIRY TALES circulating in market. Most of the time the scary oil in market are made of animal oil e.g. Pig Oil...

2 Types Of Magic Wax:

For magic wax & oil, the best way to feel the power and effects is to chant the special mantra and apply on yourself or targets.

A) Self Application:

Sales & Businesses -

Salika Magic Subject - Sales & Businesses + Convincing:

B) Application On Targets/Objects:

Love Issues + Attraction & Charm -

Love Issues + Attraction & Charm -

Sharing Some Cases Of Tested & Proven Magic Experiences, Effects & Enhancements:

and tons of it....

Thank You For Reading & Good Luck To All

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