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Friday, 24 May 2019

Powerful Phra Ngan (Female) Super Mini Version Amulet To Expel All Negativity, Remove/Reduce Bad Luck & Wish Fulfilling Magic Subjects

Powerful Phra Ngan (Mae Ngan - Female Version) Magic Amulet

Tested & Proven Worldwide Magic Subject To Bless & Help The Wearer To Enhance Wealthy, Money Luck & Expel All Negativity, Remove/Reduce Bad Luck & Wish Fulfilling Magic Subjects

"I prayed one night before, the following day she came to my desk & chatted with me..eventually asked me for dinner date"  & "One Word - Powerful" Quoted From Our Satisfied Users Worldwide From Previous Version Of Phra Ngan (Mini).

For Pre-Ordering Only. Subject To Availability

No Need Casing~ Can Clip On To Wear

Can Wear Below Waist (Clip in Pocket/Bag)

Size: 0.8 cm wide x 1.4 cm Height

Super Mini Size

No Offering Required

" Owner's Recommendation: Mini Phra Ngan had proven itself many times with many users,so if anyone wish to feel great magical energy can try this mini amulet !!!

The Powerful Phra Ngan and Mae Ngan stay together with each other will boost the power of both amulet to the highest level !!!

Mae Ngan is the representative of god which can expel all negative things, reduce bad luck, increase charm, attract customer, call money and fulfill wish.

Wish To Experience Magical Effects In Life? Read Our Tested & Proven Results~ Delivering The Best To My Users !!! (Old Version Of Phra Ngan Mini Version)

1 Amulet Equal To 1 Angel

Magic !!! Wish Come True Even Not In The Same Country*

And Many More...

Story Of Phra Ngan:

Phra Ngan is the evolutional form of a decorative Buddha image which depicts the Lord subduing Phya Chompoo(Mara) who was arogant for his great wealth. Once Phya Chompoo met the Lord , he arrogantly paid no respect to him. He thought that no one could compare to him on the wealth. Lord Buddha, a former wealthy prince, used his miraculous power create a mountain of treasures much more than Phya Chompoo' s and transform his body to be the greatest emperor, fully decorated with precious jewels. Phya Chompoo was so frightend with the Lord's great power and yielded to him. The Lord taught him that being an emperor did not mean far more better than others because that one still face with sufferings and the death, and that a best human being is one who could destroy all evils in his mind and attain Nipphan(Niravan)-no rebirth again. By the Lord's teaching, Phya Chom poo enlightened the truth and requested for an ordination from the Lord, and the Lord gave him a benevolence.

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Pray for any wishes & Phra Ngan will help you to fulfil Quickly (Love, Relationship, Businesses, Sales, All Aspects Of Our Life)
  • Boost Your Loving-kindness, Charm, Attraction & Increase Your Sex Appeal ( Metta & Maha Saney ) To The Highest Level
  • Boosting Of Your Wealth Fetching, Businesses, Sales & Gambling Luck; Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles ( Maha Lap & Choke Lap )
  • Special Detoxifying*** To Expel Your Bad lucks & Energy From Your Body* ; For Changing Bad To Good Luck
  • Protection against Dangers & Harm

Special Method For Detoxifying* Will Taught To True Owner Of The Amulet

Special Combination***: Wear this Special Takrut Maha Saney together with Phra Ngan Series - the power from both of Phra Ngan and Takrut will be combined to the highest level for great charm & attraction (Maha Saney) >>>

Composition Of Holy Materials:
  • Made from various kinds of holy metal such as the concentrated material that left from making Mae Ngan 1st batch and 2nd batch (Old Version)
  • Special Coins in the wedding ceremony
  • Antique Phra Ngans melted many wealthy and lucky Yants

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