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Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Eye Of Goddess "Power Of Clairvoyance" For Your Body's Energy, Wish Fulfillment & Sixth Sense Magic Subjects

Bringing You Another Unique & Powerful Magic Amulet - The Eye Of Goddess

Especially For You To Seek Great Enhancements Power & Energy Of Wisdom*, Prosperity, Spiritual Protection, Good Health & Energy, to increase Sixth Sense, Physical Protection against Danger & Harm

If You Are Not Progressing Then You Are Regressing

For Pre-Ordering Only: Subject To Availability !!! Please PM For More Info

High Energy & Power Infused For Life Enhancements !!!

Front Of Amulet

Size: 4.8 x 3 cm

How To Use?

1) Chant The Special Mantra Provided

2) Can Be Wear Above Or Below Waist Level Daily

General Enhancements, Effects & Energies:

  • Boosting Your Luck Greatly To The Peak Of Your Destiny; Change Bad To Good Luck; Luck Replenishing Magic
  • Ideal For Wish Fulfilling Magic Subject - All your wishes be helped & fulfilled. "Just Pray* and You will be helped"
  • Enhances Your Loving-Kindness (Ren Yuan/Metta), Charisma and Attraction (Maha Saney)
  • Career Progression in Corporate Ladder & Gain Recognition in different aspects of life (Benefactor Luck & New Opportunities Coming To Your Life)
  • Boost Your Wealth Fetching, Businesses, Sales, & Investment/Gambling/Windfall Luck greatly
  • Enhances & Promote Your Body's Positive Energy & Health
  • Protection against Harm, Dangers & Negative Energies (Physical/Spiritual)
and many more enhancements yet to be discover...

Especially for Users:
  • That are in very bad state (Business Failure, Unemployed, and etc.)
  • Maneuver your life smoothly against all tides; Combat resistance in differ aspects of life
  • Provide directional control against deviation (Guidance)
  • Unique feature of the Eye amulet is that it will assist owner to uncover his/her hidden Psychic Abilities
  • Enhances Your Sixth Sense* for businesses, can feel people who harbor Evil intentions and many other aspects
  • Students/Kids are encouraged to wear as its good for study and learning. (Improving Focusing and Concentration power) or users require critical thinking
  • Adults wear for clear vision/directions in life and can enhance foresight (for businesses, careers, etc)

The Combination Of Many Powerful Holy & Magic Materials:

1) The Pupil* Of The Magic Eye is made with natural crystal “Lapis Lazuli”, the mystic stone that has special natural power and is widely use as amulets & charms in ancient time.

Specially *Empowered & Recited An Incantation* to make the piece of Lapis* become more powerful for the Owner in blessing of *Health and Protection From Negativity Around The Area*.

Info On Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

In ancient times Lapis Lazuli was most highly regarded because of its beautiful color and the valuable ultramarine dye derived from it. Its name comes from the Latin lapis, "stone," and the Persian lazhuward, "blue." It is rock formed by multiple minerals, mostly Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite, and is a rich medium to royal blue with gold flecks (pyrites). Lower-grade Lapis is lighter blue with more white than gold flecks, and is sometimes called denim Lapis.

Lapis Lazuli was among the most highly prized tribute paid to Egypt, obtained from the oldest mines in the world, worked from around 4000 B.C. and still in use today. Referenced in the Old Testament as sapphire (unknown in that part of the ancient world), Lapis Lazuli is most likely the fifth stone in the original breastplate of the High Priest, as well as those of later times. [Kunz, 293-294]

The golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen was richly inlaid with Lapis, as were other burial ornaments of Egyptian kings and queens. It was used extensively in scarabs, pendants and other jewelry, and ground into powder for dyes, eye shadow and medicinal elixirs. [Simmons, 227] In the dry, barren land of the Egyptians, this deep cobalt blue color was a spiritual contrast to their arid desert hues. The gold flecks were like stars in their night-time sky and by meditating on these colors they felt supernatural forces would transform their lives. The garments of priests and royalty were dyed with Lapis to indicate their status as gods themselves. [Raphaell, 141]

2) The Iris* Of The Magic Eye is covered with the Magic Powders From The Chinese Luminous Pearl "Yemengzhu” - The Legendary Gemstone That Glow In The Darkness

More Info >>>

The Natural Energy & Power Emitting Out From The Luminous Pearl will guide the Owner and bring you out from very bad & negative state and brings improvements in your daily life like a Guidance Star which shine in darkness & unclear journey ahead especially in Economic Recession and Shrinking Growth.

3) The Sclera* Of The Magic Eye is made and engraved from "Goddess Of Sea's Powerful Relics"

This Legendary & Rare Material Have Very Strong Magic Power For Spiritual Connection & Linkage With Angels Of Masaya For Praying Of Wishes & Seek Spiritual Help To Boost Your Charming Power.

4) The Magic Eye Is Soaked In The Special Vision*** (Third Eye) Magic Oil:

Vision* Oil has a great reputation for helping someone open up their third eye to increase their own intuitive energy.

It’s a perfect oil to work with when your goal is to increase your own psychic awarenessIt’s reputed to be a powerful aid for Clairvoyance, which is the act of “seeing” and/or “perceiving” intuitive information.

Vision oil is known to help people tune into a higher energy level. If you find yourself overwhelmed or unable to make clear decisions, Vision oil is known for it's ability to help someone gain insight into what they may need to do next.

According to the info recorded in the Magic Spell Book:

" The Vision Magic Oil contain special power which will help the Owner "to see the things or events that normal people cannot see" - Enhances and Develop Your Sixth Sense*

The alleged ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through extrasensory perception. Including good or bad events in future, opportunities, lotteries, etc."

5) 3 Special Hand Written Takruts Embedded At The Back Of The Magic Eye For Additional Blessing & Power For Good Luck/Wealth/Money Luck Enhancements

For Reference Only - The Ancient Symbol Of Third Eye

Tested & Proven Results From Using Similar Materials & Magic Amulets:

Help In Windfall Luck !!!

Charming Everybody?

Changed Spouse's Attitude

Change Nasty People Into Friends*

and many more....

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