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Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Legendary Mystical Creature - Special Sihuhata Magic Amulet For Great Money, Windfall Luck & Prosperity

Money. Wealth. Windfall.

Special SiHuHaTa or Thep In (5 Eyes & 4 Ears) is the Legendary Mystical Creature - Form of Phra Indra, the Heavenly King.

According To Legend, SiHuHaTa like to feed on burning charcoal of which it's excrement turned to Real Gold which brought a lot of Good Fortune to the Owner

1 Piece Of Special Holy Metallic Version For Special Believer !!! Small Size Yet High Energy Infused***

Size: 1.5 x 2 cm

Mini Size Item

100% Holy Amulet

Can Wear Above Or Below Waist Level (In Pocket/Bag)

"Sihuhata" is a transcription of Thai vocabulary which means "Four Ears Five Eyes". Sihuhata is a monkey-faced deity.

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boosting Your Wealth Fetching, Sales/Businesses, Sales & Windfall/Investment/Gambling Luck Greatly
  • Change Your Luck From Bad To Good ; Smooth Sailing In All Aspect of Your Life
  • Protection Against Evil & Dangers

Especially For:
User to fuel his/her finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook

The Legendary Creature - Sihuhata "4 Ears 5 Eyes Monkey"

According to Thai legend, a boy from an impoverished family was told by his dying father that after his father's death the boy should put his dead body in remote mountains; after the body decomposed to bones, the boy must take the bones home to worship, set traps at the direction pointed by bones, and feed the animal caught by the trap.

The boy followed his father's instructions when the day came. He was surprised to find a being with four ears and five eyes in the trap he set. The boy believed it was the reincarnation of his father, thus named it "Sihuhata," and brought it home. However, Sihuhata didn't take any rice nor water prepared by the boy for a long period of time. When winter came, the boy burned charcoal for heat. To his surprise, the starving Sihuhata began eating the charcoal. More incredibly, the excrement of Sihuhata were all turned into gold. The boy, as a result, became rich all at once.

By wearing and worshiping Sihuhata amulets - people will find themselves obtain better wealth fortune, including both direct and indirect wealth (windfall), such as winning more in gambling and stock-investing. Change of luck is another effect brought by Sihuhata; people will surely feel their lives become smoother and business become more prosperous.

In addition, with four ears and five eyes, Sihuhata will help people see more clearly, get news faster, and understand better.

In Buddhism, the four ears and five eyes of Sihuhata are interpreted as the representation of the Four Immeasurables (Brahmavihara) and the Five Precepts respectively.

Four Immeasurables (Brahmavihara): Metta (loving-kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (empathetic joy), and Upeksha (equanimity).

Famous Master, Kruba Boon Yang Blessing Sihuhata Bucha.

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