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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Powerful Divine Sword (Magic Dagger) Magic Amulet Made Of Pure Lek Lai Magic Gemstone For Positive Energy, Extreme Protection & Good Luck

You Can Feel The Power Within This Special Divine Sword (Magic Dagger) Made Of 100% Pure Lek Lai Gemstones.

Positive Energy. Extreme Protection. Good Luck

One Of The Most Powerful Divine Weapon - Especially For Great Magic Power To Suppress All Your Enemies, Evil & Obstacles In Life.

1 Piece Only !!! 1st Come 1st Served.

Size: 0.5 x 4.5 cm

Small Size Version

100% Infused With Positive Energy

This Magic Dagger can be carried as an amulet, or be used ritually. As a ritual item, can be used for a multitude of purposes, and has many different magical effects. It can be used to emanate magic, or to absorb energies, such as to draw out negative flux, illnesses and viruses for healing, use to stir holy water with the use of incantations, or to use in the same way as a ritual wand or knife to banish demons and evil spirits, or to bestow blessings through using to emanate, evoke, or even to inscribe spells and sacred Yantra on the devotee.

The Body Of The Amulet Is Fully Engraved With Magic Symbols (Yants)

How to use?

Pray The Mantra Daily

1) Can Wear Above Or Below Waist Level


2) Place at your home/office/shop/car for worshipping daily

The Pure Divine Sword that represents jnana (knowledge), which is created from vidya (translated variously as wisdom, knowledge, science, learning, scholarship, philosophy), its sheath is avidya (ignorance or illusion)

Great Power For True Believer: This Divine Sword Will Help The Owner To Defeat All Your Opponents Or Harming You In Life & Turn Your Enemies Into Friends

Background Info Of The Magic Amulet:

In ancient, The Divine Sword is the personal weapon of Gods & Kings.

From the records of old scriptures, this holy weapon hold great power and can raise the Luck, Charisma & Authority aura of the owner. This sword can be used to eliminate your enemies - no matter that enemy is human or ghost and no matter that enemy is visible or invisible.

All your enemies will surrender themselves to despair. Moreover, this sword can protect the owner from ghost, demon, black magic,etc.

Holy Lek Lai Gemstone

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide From Magical Lek Lai Gemstones, We Only Provide The Best To Our Users!!!

Enhanced User From Switzerland

and many many more...

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boosting Your Luck To The Peak Of Your Destiny; Change Bad To Good Luck
  • Ideal For Wish Fulling Magic Subject - All your wishes be helped & fulfilled. "Just Pray* and you will be helped"
  • Career Progression in Corporate Ladder & Gain Recognition in different aspects of life (Benefactor Luck & New Opportunities Coming To Your Life)
  • Boost Your Wealth Fetching, Businesses, Sales, & Investment/Gambling Luck greatly
  • Boost Your Confidence & Positive Energy For Daily Life
  • Always succeed in business or workplace (Victory) & turnaround from bad situation; Change luck from bad to good ; Overcome Obstacles and Failures in life
  • Balancing Your Seven Chakra & Energy Flow In Our Body (Positive & Holy Energy)
  • Prevent & Reduce backstabbers from harming you; Extreme Protection against negative energies, black magic & dangers (Invulnerability)
Especially for Users:
  • That are in very bad state (Business Failure, Unemployed, and etc.)
  • Maneuver your life smoothly against all tides
  • Combat resistance in differ aspects of life; Provide directional control against deviation (Guidance)
  • To excel in their industry/businesses & progress to the next level in your life (Attain Higher Achievements & Greater heights in your fortune and career)
  • To Attract New Opportunities and Fresh Stream Of Prosperous Luck

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