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Friday, 3 June 2016

The New Generation Of Magic Ball Amulet: Ultimate Attraction, Charm & Lust Love Magic

For Pre-Order Only: Subject To Availability !!!

The New Generation Of Magic Ball Amulet Is Here !!! Feel The Difference Today. Live With Confidence

Are You Seeking For Extreme Attraction, Charm, Lust & Charisma Magic ??? Don't Miss It !!!

Made With Special Combination Of Love Medicine Holy Powders That Can Be Use To Make LOVE POTION* For Drinking (Optional)

"Please Take Note - High Energy/Vibration Magic Amulet: May Cause Dizziness Or Giddiness During Initial Use/Praying"

Size: Around 1 inch Diameter

Fully Hand-Made To Make Sure That The Power Is Strong Enough To Satisfy The User's Needs !!!

User can wear 2-3 pcs to combine the magic energy to the highest level

Every piece of magic ball amulet is hand-written with the Powerful Magic Symbols of *Mind Controlling, Hypnotize & Bewitched*

Suitable For All Users/Genders - LGBT/Unisex

100% Natural Herbs & Flowers

No Offerings Required

Embedded With Real Charming Herbs On Every Piece

According To The Legend:

This special magic spell was originated & created by a very powerful hermit. Not only ordinary human being will be hypnotised, even the angels will be influenced and hypnotised under the powerful magic spell.

The target's mind will be broken into 7 parts and cry until tears changed to blood if they are unable to see the owner's face.

Who Should Use The Ultimate Magic Ball ???

This magic ball amulet is suitable for all users and genders to use in different aspects of life from Basic level of Charisma...

Help Yourself Today !!!

to Highest Level of Attraction & Charming Magic...

help you to cure Broken relationship & marriage.

1) Users in Sales/Relationship Job & Businesses' Owner

2) Singles

3) Users in Broken Relationship Or Problematic Marriage Issues

4) Users who want to be in harmony with family and friends

5) Users who are seeking for New Opportunities, Jobs & Benefactors

6) Users who are not popular or likeable by colleagues, friends, family and wider aspects including reducing backstabbers, enemies...etc

*and many many...depending on your needs and problems.*

How To Use The Magic Amulet ???

Special Mantra Will Be Provided To The Owner Only:

1) Carry with you daily below or above waist level & pray for Extreme Attraction, Charm, Love & Boosting Of Sexual Appeal.


2) Optional - Can be use to make *Love Potion* for your targets for drinking* to make them fall in love with you (with Additional Instructions Provided) Or Can Grind* into powders form like below.

Final Warning To All Users: Please handle & use with due care !!! Do not abuse any magic energy & enhancements !!! Highly Dangerous To Abuse !!!

The Law Of Karma will applies to those who use it for wrong reasons !!!

Enlarged View Of The Magic Ball Amulet:

Composition Of 5 Main Holy Powders Inside Every Piece Of Ultimate Magic Ball:

1) Extreme Charming Holy Powders Level 9 - Made using special chalk powders which master write and erase magic symbols (Yants) repeatedly until the power is strong enough to be used.

2) Black Herbs Holy Powders  - The magic herbs must be watered using holy water everyday until the herbs grew up over 6 years and have herbal spirits remain inside. Special chanting rituals must be conducted before harvesting the herbs, and once the herbs were harvested, magic symbols (Yants) must be written on the root, leaf and stem before burning into the fire until all herbs were transformed to be powders form.

3) Everlasting Love Holy Powders - This magic love powder can make people live together in harmony, avoid people to argue and make the couple loving and be honest/truthful to each other.

4) Hermit's Holy Powders - The combination of various charming materials such as love medicine, charming herbs and mystical powder. This magic powders will support the owner to be charming in the other’s eyes. Moreover, this powder can protect the owner from bad spirits, and it will boost up the power for good spirits that remain inside spiritual amulets by the authority of hermit.

5) Khun Paen's Holy Powders - One of the legendary magic powders that are in white pearl color which are known to be secret love spell and not allow to spread in public due to the strong magic properties.

Composition Of 6 Main Magic Herbs Inside Every Piece Of Ultimate Magic Ball:

1) “Forever Through” Herbs is one of the well-known magic herb that will support the owner's destiny -  always have, always get, always happy and always good forever like as its name.

2) "Queen Of Wealth" Herbs is very good in enhancing your luck and wealth aspects. Whoever has this herb will not lack of money, supporters and benefactors.

3) “Golden Flower" Herbs - This powerful magic herb have strongly charming power that even the gods and angels will be controlled and bewitched.

4) "Sa Long" Herbs - This magic herb has sweet smell all around the stalk, leaf and root. Therefore, it was used to be an effective materials for making charming amulet that will support the owner to be sweet, attractive and charming aura.

5) "The Representation Of Buddha" Herbs - This holy herb is infused with high natural power to support the owner to have a better life. In the magic scriptures said that whoever plant this herbs will be face with happiness every night and every day.

6) "Elephant Breeding" Herbs - One of the most famous materials for making love and charming magic amulet in Thailand, There is a belief that when this herbs are transformed into powders form and scattered into the big water jar, whoever drank  the water in the jar will fall in love and give entire heart to the user.

and many many more powerful ingredients...

Enhance Our Life With Real Magical Amulets & Charms Since 2013 !!! Tested & Proven Results From Using The Previous Version Of Magic Ball Mini Size Amulets !!!

So Powerful...

General Enhancements, Effects & Usages:
  • Extreme Enhancements In Charisma (Ren Yuan/Loving-Kindness), Attraction ,Charm, Lust & Boosting your Sex Appeal (Maha Saney)
  • Pray For Your Wishes For Love, Charming & Convincing/Influencing Aspects
  • Sharpen Your Communication Power - Convincing & Influence (Enhance power of captivation and persuasion, ultimately resulting in better social and business relationships)
  • Maintain Your Good Luck Level For All Aspects In Daily Life- Luck Replenishment Magic Infused
and many many more...

Suitable For You:
  • Generation of fame and popularity and enhancement of relationship luck - Those who desires to be seen for their hard work
  • ideal for Business/Sales negotiation & networking
  • Igniting sparks of new love and romance for singles. It will bring about peach blossom luck for all.
  • who is attached and is waiting for marriage proposal.
  • A single to create popularity, attractiveness and fame. (be mr/ms popular in social circle)
  • Adding back a high dose of love back into an existing relationship. (Broken or problematic relationship)
  • To combat hostility, gossips, disputes, conflicts, lawsuits and quarrels in your family, office and social circle.
  • To improves human interaction and inter-relationships: You can carry this magic amulet to anywhere you encounter problems, to make those who are angry with you change their minds towards you and have affection for you.

Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

Good Luck !!! Thanks !!!

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