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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Special Lord Buddha Lang 12 Phra Lersi Magic Amulet For Good Luck, Enhance Your Positive Energy, Improving Your Concentration & Focusing Power

Fusion Of Lord Buddha + 12 Phra Lersi + Salika Birds + Drum

Get Blessed With Good Luck, Enhance Your Positive Energy, Improving Your Concentration & Focusing Power !!!


Front Of Amulet

Size: 3 x 4 cm

Encased In Micron Gold Color Frame From Temple

Must Wear Above Waist Level

Back Of Amulet - Image Of Drum And Salika Birds

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boost Your Luck Greatly, Change Bad To Good Luck
  • Enhancing Your Focusing Power & Balance Your Energy; Help in Learning
    • Successful In All Aspects that you are doing, Overcome all Obstacles & Barriers in life
    • Attract the right opportunities and people to you
    • Gain Respect & Leadership power (Authority & Convincing)
    • Sharpen Your Communication Power - Convincing & Influence (Enhance power of captivation and persuasion, ultimately resulting in better social and business relationships)
    • Protection against any dangers or negative energies
    Especially For Those - 
    • Easily distracted or cannot focus on specific subject ; require Guidance or Direction to improve your life
    • Students or Anyone who need to reduce learning cycle
    • Wearing too many barang or kmt amulets
    • To prevent evil influence or black magic
    • Benefit those who wants to stand out in a crowd and aiming to be famous*** in your industry
    • Generation of fame and popularity and enhancement of relationship luck - Those who desires to be seen for their hard work
    • ideal for Business/Sales negotiation & networking

    Composition Of Materials:
    Holy Metallic Alloy

    Tested & Proven Results From Similar Lersi Magic Amulets !!!

    and many more...

    All general enhancements & effects are a basic guide for users to understand the general usages and energy base of each item.

    I would like to re-emphasis all different magic amulets/charms/wax are made with different magic subjects and ingredients producing different level of energy to help the wearer to achieve their goals or needs in life.

    For Example - Buddha XXX amulet contain different energy base as Buddha XYZ, although both have the same common name or category. Common mistake is to believe all amulets with same common name contain the same energy for enhancements.

    Please use all my magic amulets for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet to harm others.

    Experience The Magical Power Of Our Magic Amulets & Charms Today.

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