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Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Powerful Brahma *Opening The Universe* Magic Amulet - The Highest Of All Gods

For Pre-Order Period Only: Subject To Availability*

Strictly For True Believers Who Have Faith In My Magic Amulets:

The Highest Of Gods that are in charge and take care of everything in the world

Not For Users Using Magic Amulets For The Sake Of Using And Following The Naive Crowd In Market Believing In Paid Blessings From Questionable Masters Especially In Singapore & China.

Note - Please do not think you are invincible and feel you are the best after wearing the Brahma amulets, I will never help those users who are ungrateful and do evils using my magic items including excessive gambling,womanising, etc... This is not a new god amulets popping out of nowhere as this similar series of Brahma amulets e.g. the previous old locket versions are in my gallery since 2013.

Thank You Very Much.

Note - Special Customised Pure Silver Stand Can Be Added (Not Inclusive)

Special Magic Symbols Are Added On The Back Of The Silver Stand

The Great Brahma Holding 8 Magic Objects In His Hands (Extracted From The Original Bucha)

Composition Of Holy Materials:

Made Up Of Holy Metallic Alloy Fused With Lek Lai Gemstones, Mercury & Gold.

Due to complexity in making the amulets especially during the mixing all the magic ingredients, every piece of Brahma amulets looks difference from each other if you look under the magnifying glass.

This is also the difference between standard metallic amulets mass made in factory and my magic amulets infused with real magic materials and energy.

Basic Information Of Magic Amulet:

Size: 1 cm Width x 1.5 cm Height

Compact SIze For Easy Wearing Daily

Must Wear Above Waist Level


Worship At Home/Office/Shop/Car

Please Take Note - User Need To Follow The Buddha 5 Precepts When Wearing This Brahma Magic Amulets: (Remove During Drinking)

All Proper Instructions & Mantra For Praying Will Provided To The Owner Only

Wikipedia Basic information on Brahma - (For Reference only - Info are not comprehensive)

General Enhancements, Effects & Usages:
  • Powerful God For High Level Wish Fulfilling Magic - Pray For Any Wishes* & Be Helped

  • Superb Windfall, Wealth Fetching, Gambling & Businesses/Sales Luck

  • Support Your Destiny* & Base Luck (Horoscope Enhancer & Strengthen Your Weaknesses)

  • Change Bad To Good Luck; Overcoming turbulence in our destiny (Smooth Sailing Luck)

  • Boost Your Loving-Kindness & Charisma (Metta/Ren Yuan) greatly

  • Protection against Dangers, Harm & Negativity

Released From:
In The Year Of BE2560, Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

Sharing Of More Amulets' Photographs: (Not Inclusive Of Encasement)

Nicely Encased In Silver Frame !!!

Sealed In Waterproof Case !!!

Sealed In Real Gold Case

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is This Phra Phrom Or 4 Face Buddha's Amulet ? No, this Is a similar form of god image amulet.

2) Size - Very compact size for wearing: 1 cm x 1.5 cm

3) Myths & Untrue Information In Market such as not everybody can wear or pray to 4 Face buddha or Brahma -> NOT TRUE !!!

4) Any Restrictions ? Basic rules of wearing amulets applies + Strictly follow the 5 Buddha Precepts !!! No Drinking When Wearing This Magic Brahma Amulet***

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