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Monday, 15 August 2016

Special Magic Amulet Of "Power Of Reflection" For Luck Replenishment, Success & Protection

For Pre-Ordering Only: Pm For More Info !!! Don't Miss The Great Magic

Luck Replenishment. Success. Reverse Negativity

Especially For Users Who Always Complain Or Feel Negative Energies, Evil Spirits & Seeking Extreme Protection Against Black Magic*

The Legendary Magic Subjects For Its Power To Reflect Dangers and Dark influences, as well as assist in improving Karma, Good Luck and Prosperity.

* To reflect and send back - Any ill wishers who try to harm the wearer will find the energy is reflected back to its sender, sending it back from whence it came. *

Size: 2 x 3 cm

Small & Compact Size - For Easy Carrying

Can Wear Below Waist Level (In Pocket/Bag)

Sealed In Waterproof Case

At Siam Gallery, “We believe in sourcing the best, so you don’t have to worry. We only provide magic amulets we’re proud of”.

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Background Info Of This Magic Subject:

According old magic book, whoever carrying this magic amulet and pray/chant the special mantra daily, all the negative energy & bad lucks (be it is visible or invisible things/energies) will self-destruct and be destroyed.

Front Of Amulet

Most importantly, when evil people want to harm the owner of this magic amulet, the magic subject will reflect & reverse all black magic or bad things back to the evil person because this is the essence of the magic subject of "Power Of Reflection"

Back Of Amulet

You can proceed with any form of undertaking irrespective of whether the year's fortune is good or bad for him (according to his bazi or zodiac luck)

With the Power Of Reflection magic amulet , you will experience a smooth path uninterrupted by setbacks, bad luck or sufferings.

You will be injected with a dose of immunity to bad luck or misfortune. When you are at your lowest point of a cross road, this magic amulet will help the owner to experience a reversal from shock where things will turnaround for the better.

Your wish will materialize where you see successful outcome from your endeavour and to ensure that good luck is always shining at your constellation, as it provides immunity for zodiacs which are pre-destined to suffer from problems due to the yearly changes to our destiny/bazi.

Infused With High Positive Energy Using Power Of Lord Buddha's Scriptures

It help to protect you against fortune reversal, transforms bad luck into good luck rapidly and magnifies good luck into even better luck. If you have been facing hardship for a while, this magic amulet actually generates better health luck, wealth luck, relationship luck and good fortune in all areas of your life.

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boosting Your Good Luck; Change Bad to Good Luck (Luck Replenishment Magic)
  • Boosting Your Wealth Fetching, Money, Windfall, Sales, Business Luck Greatly
  • Holy & Positive Energy To Calm User & Boost Confidence Level
  • Attract Benefactors & New Opportunities To The Wearer
  • Overcoming Your Obstacles/Hiccups In Life; Smooth Sailing Luck
  • Special Protection Magic Subject against dangers, negative energy & black magic (Reflect/Reverse Back All Negativity If Any)
and many many more...

Composition Of Holy Materials:
  • Silver Takrut With Hand Written Symbols (Yants) For "Power Of Reflection" Magic Subjects
  • Robe Of Monk & Lucky Money Notes To Boost Your Loving-Kindness, Windfall & Money Luck
  • Holy Powders Of Phra Buddha & Millionaire Mantra Holy Powders
Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

What They Told Us?

Your Absolute Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!!! Highest Quality Since 2013 !!!

Siam Gallery’s Clients experienced Remarkable Improvements in life after trusting Siam Gallery. In life, we meet people that have evil intentions when we faced downturns or heart broken, despite not helping us they choose to cheat our money to purchase their amulets that will HARM us or are simply FAKES. Don’t be fooled by & waste your money on those questionable amulets…

Special Katha & Instructions Will Be Provided Upon Purchased If Any. (Siam Gallery Don't Provide Katha To Users that bought their Amulets from other IRRESPONSIBLE & UNETHICAL SOURCES)

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