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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Bodyguard Magic Amulet *Queen Of Charm* For Charisma, Wishes & Protection

For Pre-Ordering Period Only: Limited Pieces !!! 1st Come 1st Served

For All Lovers Of Our Bodyguard Magic Amulets*

Subject To Availability

Protector Of Life. Queen Of Charm. Luck Replenishment

Infused With Powerful Magic Oil With Unique Properties To Boost Up & Multiple*** The Power Of Your Current Magic Amulets* & Wax* !!!

Time To Change Your Situation: Esp. For Users Who Are Always Bullied, Backstabbed, Overshadowed By Others In Their Social Circle Or Industry

Front Of Amulet

Size: 3 x 4 cm

Soaked In Magic Oil & Encased In Waterproof Case

Can Wear Below Waist Level (In Bag/Pocket)

Suitable For All (LGBT/UNISEX)

Back Of Amulet

Note: All User Can Combine The Usages Of Several Bodyguard Amulets For Greater Power, Protection & Enhancements

1 Bodyguard Amulet = 1 Protector/Guardian Angel

Composition Of All Materials:

1) The Legendary *Wan Sao Long* Charming Herbs (Queen Of All Magic Herbs) For Extreme Charisma, Charming & Attraction Power

2) Rare Magic Oil which have special magic energy and power to multiple the power of all your magic amulets and wax for example to boost *Charming* power will be stronger by 2 times,  Wealth & Good Luck magic power will be stronger by 2 times 

3) Added With Takrut & Empowered Lucky Money Notes' Fragments to Boost Your Money Luck & Prevent Unnecessary Loss Of Wealth


Wan Sao Long means “The herb that intimates ladies” It is an original Thai herb which grow in a very limited area in Thailand.

It is said in the old days when perfume was still not available that men always carry Wan Sao Long with them to generate the aromatic smell which is so powerful that it intimates ladies to love them.

It is also said and believed that Wan-Sao-Long is the tree of luck and prosperity. It will only grow with the lucky or prosperous persons.

Many gurus used this type of charming herbs as the main ingredients for making magic amulets for charming and good luck magic subjects.

General Effects, Enhancements & Usages:
  • Boosting Your Loving-kindness (Metta/Ren Yuan), Charm & Attraction Greatly
  • Boosting Your Windfall, Money, Wealthy & Good Luck Greatly
  • Wish Fulfilment Magic Subjects - Pray Your Wishes And Be Helped By Your Guardian Angel "Bodyguard"
  • Improves Your Businesses/Sales and Career Progression Luck
  • Enhance Your Authority/Influencing Power for Managerial positions 
  • Attract important people of higher power to your life to assist you in Life (Benefactors Luck)
  • Prevent & Overcome Backstabbers & Evil People from harming you
  • Great Protection For The Owner (Kongkrapan/Invulnerability) from Evil Energies, Black Magic & Enemies ; Evade From Dangers; Look after your assets e.g. family, house, car, kids etc
and many many more...

All general enhancements & effects are a basic guide for users to understand the general usages and energy base of each item.

I would like to re-emphasis all different magic amulets/charms/wax are made with different magic subjects and ingredients producing different level of energy to help the wearer to achieve their goals or needs in life.

For Example - Buddha XXX amulet contain different energy base as Buddha XYZ, although both have the same common name or category. Common mistake is to believe all amulets with same common name contain the same energy for enhancements.

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide From Previous Users Of *Similar *Bodyguard Magic Amulets !!! 

Enhancing Your Life Since 2013. Highest Quality Assurance & Guaranteed*

and many many more...

Released From:
Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand In The Year Of BE 2560

Good Luck To All !!!

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